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麻州州長、財長、總檢察長聯名指派Jordan M. Maynard為麻州賭博局委員

              (Boston Orange 編譯) 麻州州長查理貝克 (Charlie Baker) 、財政長高柏珂 (Deb B. Goldberg) ,和麻州總檢察長奚莉 (Maura Healey) 連袂宣佈,指派Jordan M. Maynard成為麻州賭博局委員。

              根據法令,有2名委員是由州長、總檢察長及財政長的大多數票來指派的。Jordan M. Maynard最近曾擔任州長辦公室的首席秘書,將出任賭博局指定給具有和賭博相關法律及政策議題經驗者的席位。

              麻州賭博局 (The Massachusetts Gaming Commission) 201111月,在麻州設立擴大的賭博局法案通過後成立的,共有5名委員的獨立機構,負責麻州所有賭博場所的發展及管理,挑選,牌照,監管及規範等流程。這機構的經營費用由麻州賭博業支付,而不是麻州稅款。


              州長辦公室在新聞稿中形容Jordan M. Maynard是一名律師,從20192月起曾擔任州長辦公室的秘書長,董事及委員會主席。在這些工作上,他曾監管800名麻州各個董事會、委員會的董事及委員的指派及招募,在麻州各部會內安插資深官員。


              在新冠病毒大流行期間,他曾在2020年的37月,擔任麻州州長辦公室駐華府主任。在2018年選舉期間,他是麻州勝利 (MassVictory)的全麻州主任,他也是2019年貝克/白莉朵政府就職委員會副主任。在那之前,他曾擔任麻州專業牌照局 (現為職業牌照局)的一名外部事務經理,參與分屬150多個行業及專業的58萬人的牌照發放及規範工作。

              在加入州政府工作前,他是一名民事律師,他也是東肯塔基州的第一代大學畢業生,或有藝術史學士學位,2010年再取得Morehead州立大學的政府學學位,2013年取得北肯塔基大學Salmon P. Chase法學院的法學博士學位。他和太太住在西洛士百利。

Governor Baker, Treasurer Goldberg and Attorney General Healey Appoint Jordan M. Maynard to the Massachusetts Gaming Commission

BOSTON – Today, Governor Charlie Baker, Treasurer Deborah B. Goldberg and Attorney General Maura Healey announced the appointment of Jordan M. Maynard to the Massachusetts Gaming Commission (MGC). Per statute, two commissioners are appointed by a majority vote of the Governor, Attorney General and Treasurer. Attorney Maynard has most recently served as Chief Secretary for the Office of the Governor and will fill a seat designated for an individual with experience in legal and policy issues related to gaming.

 “Jordan Maynard is a committed public servant who has led our administration’s effort to appoint qualified leaders to critical positions across state government, including many key roles related to gaming policy, giving him valuable experience that will serve him well on the Gaming Commission” said Governor Charlie Baker. “From his work to secure critical PPE during the pandemic to his commitment to diversity and excellence in recruiting public servants, the Commonwealth benefitted enormously from his service, and I know he will have a positive impact on the important work of the Gaming Commission.” 

“Throughout his time working for our office and prior, Jordan Maynard has demonstrated a strong commitment to serving his fellow residents,” said Lt. Governor Karyn Polito. “His experience recruiting qualified leaders to address critical matters to the gaming industry will be a valuable asset for the Commission and we look forward to his contributions to its important work.” 

“As a dedicated public servant and an attorney, Jordan Maynard has the skills and experience needed to serve effectively on the Gaming Commission,” said Attorney General Maura Healey. “I look forward to continuing to work with Jordan in this new role and his fellow Commissioners as the Massachusetts gaming industry continues to evolve.” 

“I am pleased to appoint Jordan Maynard to the Commission, and I am confident that his commitment to public service will ensure that all aspects of gaming in Massachusetts are fair, equitable, and inclusive,” said State Treasurer Deborah B. Goldberg. “Jordan’s life experience as well as his work in the Governor’s Office, is a great foundation for the job ahead, and we are grateful for the expertise that he will provide to support the gaming industry across our state.” 

“I have been grateful for the opportunity to serve the Commonwealth by working to recruit a diverse array of qualified leaders to serve in state government over the past several years, and I am humbled to be able to continue my service as a member of the Gaming Commission,” said Jordan Maynard. “I am deeply appreciative to Governor Baker, Attorney General Healey and Treasurer Goldberg for this opportunity, and I look forward to working with my fellow Commission members and staff to support the important work of the Gaming Commission.” 

The Massachusetts Gaming Commission was created after “An Act Establishing Expanded Gaming in the Commonwealth” was signed into law on November 22, 2011. The Commission is a five member independent body that is responsible for developing and managing the process to select, license, oversee, and regulate all expanded gaming facilities in the Commonwealth. The costs associated with operating the state’s gaming commission are paid for by the gaming industry and not by Massachusetts tax dollars. 

The Chair of the Commission is appointed by the Governor; one member is appointed by the Attorney General (whose appointee must have a background in criminal investigations and law enforcement); and one member is chosen by the State Treasurer (whose appointee must be proficient in corporate finance and securities). The remaining two commissioners are appointed by a majority vote of the same three constitutional officers. Learn more about the Gaming Commission. 

About Jordan M. Maynard 

Jordan M. Maynard is an attorney who has served as Chief Secretary and Director of Boards and Commission for the Office of the Governor since February 2019. In this capacity, he has overseen appointments for over 800 state boards and commissions and recruited and placed senior officials across the administration. Under his tenure, the Baker-Polito Administration recruited a record number of diverse appointees to boards and commissions over a three year period. In this role, Maynard worked extensively on issues related to gaming policy, and oversaw multiple appointments to the Gaming Commission. He also worked closely with the Commission’s leadership on appointments to the Gaming Policy Advisory Committee, including the Committee Chair and multiple appointments focused on public health and addiction issues. 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Maynard also served as the Washington, DC Director for the Office of the Governor from March-July 2020. In this capacity, he worked to coordinate state agencies’ interactions with the federal government and supported the procurement of millions of pieces of PPE for the Commonwealth. Before serving in the Office of the Governor, Maynard worked as statewide director for MassVictory during the 2018 election and as the Deputy Director of the Baker-Polito 2019 Inaugural Committee. Prior to that, Maynard served the Commonwealth at the Division of Professional Licensure (today the Division of Occupational Licensure) as an external affairs manager, where he worked closely with board and commission members on licensing and regulating over 580,000 individuals across 150 trades and professions.     

Before entering state service, Maynard worked as a civil attorney, including as an advocate for individuals with disabilities before the Social Security Administration. Maynard is a first-generation college graduate from eastern Kentucky who earned his Bachelor of Arts in History and Government from Morehead State University in 2010 and his Juris Doctorate from the Northern Kentucky University’s Salmon P. Chase College of Law in 2013. He lives in West Roxbury with his wife.

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