創業 - 創業中國、第十三届“春晖杯”

2018 Inno-China Entrepreneurship Competition is now accepting applications!
If you are a entrepreneur in "DEEP TECHNOLOGY" and If you are interested in launching your venture or expand your business in Shanghai, the most vigorous city in China. Then come and join the 2018 Inno-China Entrepreneurship Competition!
Since 2013, Inno-China has held four successful “Inno-China” competitions and accepted over 500 entries in total. More than 50% of entrepreneurs are Ph.D.. Through our event, not a few entries have reached financing resource from ¥ 500,000 to ¥ 10,000,000. Starting from 2015,“Inno-China”began its global expansion, and successfully opened two regional contests in Boston and Hong Kong. In 2016, we have preliminarily achieved globalized network which includes more than 10 cities in 4 continents.

2.  Send BP to community@mitchief.org and label ”Inno-China 2018” in the subject line.
3.  Qualified teams will be notified with detailed competition schedule through email

May 10, 2018 23:59 EST

1. Core technology barrier; Intention to develop business in China; Financing demand within half a year;
2. Technology Field: Advanced Manufacturing Technology ( Mechanical Automation 、 Electronic Technology、New Material、New Energy, etc)、Medical Devices、 Medical Diagnostics, etc
3. The core team is comprised by one to five members and the average age is under age of 40;

4. The team members should be the initial inventor of the project’s core technology; if the project involves any patent, the team members should be the patent inventor and have to receive patent licensing within six months after the registration.

1. The most potential award, the best innovation award, the best style award, the most cooperation value award, and other cash awards;
2. Support from Investment fund. Have the opportunity to get angel investment;
3. Exposure on traditional major Chinese media, get real-time coverage of media in science and technology innovation industry;
4. Free professional business training:Including policy preaching, sandbox training, famous enterprises training salons, etc.
5. Allowance for travel fare, food, and accommodation during the competition;
6. Free 6-month incubation services provided by the host organizer, including office space, business development, IP consultation, and tax support, etc.
7. Access to the industrial resource of Yangtze River Delta Region.

·   First Round:Initial screening
·   Second Round:This is not a knock-out round. Some of the teams will be invited to the final competition.
·   Third Round: Final. The Final is base on invitation only. Teams qualified for the Final will be invited to“Inno-China 2018”Final and training events in Shanghai.
(including but not limited to business plan training, China’s entrepreneurial policies training, financing docking, and company visiting tour).

Guided by:
-Shanghai Jiading District Government
-Overseas Chinese Affairs of Shanghai

-Shanghai Jiading Advanced Technology Innovation & Business Incubator,
-Shanghai Jiading Business Incubator
-Shanghai YuRen Capital

2.  Send BP to community@mitchief.org and label ”Inno-China 2017” in the subject line.
3.  Qualified teams will be notified with detailed competition schedule through email
As a non-profit student organization at MIT, MIT-CHIEF is the first student group dedicated to connecting entrepreneurial communities in the United States and China. Since its founding, MIT-CHIEF has hosted numerous events, including the China Trip and the Business Plan Contestand Annual Conference, to build entrepreneurial networks and connections between the US and China. This year, we will launch several new series of events including Co-Founder’s JourneyTech-EXPO, and Community Services. We will connect you with new domestic and international resources to inspire your boundless innovation ideas.

 ◆ 网上报名:2018420日至731日,在线报名网址为“春晖杯”中国留学人员创新创业大赛官方网站:http://cyds.cscse.edu.cn。在此期间,主办和协办单位宣传、动员、培训和项目征集阶段,参赛者准备和撰写商业计划书。
 ◆ 专家评审:20188-9春晖杯创业大赛组委会在国内组织专家对参赛项目进行评审;确定入围项目;进行为期7天的公示。
 ◆ 项目评奖:纽约领区入围项目将评选出一、二等奖若干。
 ◆ 颁奖仪式及项目对接大会:20181012日(暂定),中国驻纽约总领事馆将为获得北美赛区(纽约领区)一、二等奖的入围项目颁奖,并邀请国内高新技术开发区、留学人员创业园、大学科技园、风险投资机构、高校和企业以及其他用人单位代表参加,打造项目对接、人才洽谈和科技合作三位一体的服务平台。
◆ 回国参加相关活动:201812月下旬,中国驻纽约总领事馆教育组将组织北美赛区(纽约领区)所有入围项目代表回国参加春晖杯创业大赛颁奖典礼和大型对接活动,到国内相关地区进行项目落地考察、对接洽谈活动。
◆ “春晖杯创业大赛北美赛区(纽约领区)联系人:中国驻纽约总领事馆教育组王文华领事、科技组冯虎领事。电话:(212244-9392  80071506,电子邮箱:whwang1618@gmail.comfenghu0921@gmail.com

◆ 大赛要求报名参赛者为目前在外学习或工作(有海外学习经历)的中国留学人员,需具有学士及以上学位且拥有回国创新创业项目。已获得美国国籍或长期居留证件以及港澳台地区的在美留学人员均可报名参赛。
◆ 每位参赛留学人员限报一个项目。
◆ 无论希望在国内任何地方创业,均可报名。   
◆ 请在报名网站首页选择北美赛区填写相关信息。
◆ 在线报名及信息查询网址:http://cyds.cscse.edu.cn
◆ 对报名参赛者不收取任何费用。
◆ 大赛不再接收往届入围者报名参赛,若往届入围者有新的创业项目并希望借助大赛组委会进行有效宣传,可通过邮件与大赛组委会办公室联系。

◆ 具有较高创新水平和较强市场竞争力以及较好的潜在经济效益和社会效益。
◆ 具有高技术、高附加值、节能降耗、有利环境保护的科技创新项目或创意。行业领域可划分为:电子信息;生物、医药;资源与环境;光机电一体化;新材料;新能源与高效节能;科技农业;现代服务业、文化创意及其他高新技术领域。


Xinkai Fu, On Behalf of MIT CEO

Let Us Know How MIT-CHIEF Can Help You Boost Your Startup
View this email in your browser
Dear entrepreurers,
As you know, MIT-China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum (MIT-CHIEF) is devoted to contribute to the local startup community in all perspectives possible. In addition to the our traditional programs (China Trip, Co-founder's Journey, Annual Conference, and year-round seminars on cutting-edge technologies in various fields), we are further exploring possibilities of how we can help startups in their early stages. 
But before we do that, we would first love to hear what you want most—the questions that keep you awake at night. We want to help you to solve those problems. We invite you to take the MIT-CHIEF Startup Survey, which consists 10 questions and takes about 3.5 min to finish. The aim for this survey is to help us to figure out how we can tailor events to maximize the actual benefit to you. 

Link to the MIT-CHIEF Startup Survey:
The survey opens for 2 weeks and will close on May 6th, 2018

The survey is ANONYMOUS and does not solicit any proprietary information of your startup, in order to receive truthful response that create a safe environment for you to tell us what you need. So please feel free to leave any comments. At the end of the survey, you also have the option to leave your contact information if you want to get in touch with us personally to talk about the challenges you have and meet other entrepreneurs with the similar situations.
We look forward to your response.

MIT-CHIEF Community Team
Application Link
As a non-profit student organization at MIT, MIT-CHIEF is one of the first student groups dedicated to connecting entrepreneurial communities in the United States and China. Since 2011, MIT-CHIEF has hosted numerous events, including the China InitiativeBusiness Plan Contest and Annual Conference, to build entrepreneurial networks and connections between the US and China. This year, we will launch several new series of events including Co-Founder’s JourneyTech-EXPO, and Community Services. We will connect you with new domestic and international resources to inspire your boundless innovation ideas.

【MIT CEO】科学家的创业之路:对话百济神州创始人王晓东院士

MIT CEO(麻省理工学院华人创业者协会)有幸邀请到了北京生命科学研究所所长、百济神州(BeiGene)创始人、美国科学院院士、中国科学院外籍院士王晓东教授,来到MIT分享他多年的学术研究和创业心得。

04/17/2018 周二3:30-5:00点

04/17/2018 周二5:00-6:30点

MIT building E25-111
45 Carleton Street
Cambridge, MA 02139




Application for MIT-CHIEF China Initiative Program 2018

Dear Entrepreneurs:

Greetings from the executive team of MIT-CHIEF (MIT-China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum). We hope you had a fruitful and progressive calendar year.

The 2018 MIT-CHIEF China Initiatives Program application is officially open and we sincerely invite you to apply. Our Chinese Initiative Program includes two projects, China Trip and Co-Founder Journey, which provide a unique opportunity for US-based entrepreneurs to get involved in the Chinese entrepreneurial community and to explore market opportunities in China. Participants will have a chance to meet and connect with government officials, industry leaders, and potential investors.

Since 2013, around 85 startups from North America have joined our annual China Trip and Co-Founder’s Journey, visiting cities including Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Suzhou, Nanjing, Tianjin, Wuxi, Qingdao and Hong Kong. They have gotten more than 100 million CNY investment to date. More than 10 teams managed to land in venture parks in China; 5 teams got million-level investment directly from the trip; over 80% of the teams are still collaborating with the venture parks closely. In addition, 2 teams from Y-combinator and 6 awarded teams from MassChallenge joined previous China Trip program.   

For MIT-CHIEF 2018 China Initiatives Program, we will admit up to 15 startup teams for China Trip programs and 10 startup teams for Co-Founder’s Journey to join the trip with one representative per team. Spoken Chinese is not required but highly recommended. Travel-related expenses (i.e., transportation, accommodation and meals) will be covered. Details of the two projects are given as follows:

China Trip Program
 6/23 - 7/6 (Temporary Date)
Destinations: Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Hangzhou
Description: China Trip Program focuses more on the pitch opportunities, Chinese incubators/accelerators onsite visit and investors matching. Startups in all industries and all stages are welcome to apply.

Co-Founder's Journey (CFJ)
6/23 - 7/6 (Temporary Date)
Destinations: Shenzhen, Hong Kong (Pearl River Delta)
Description: CFJ focuses more on startup teams with certain supply chain demand, such as prototype construction or product manufacturing. The trip takes forms of the international conference, prototype-construction, general factory tour, one-on-one consulting, pitch and panels, and other interactive programs. All industries and all stage of startups are welcome to apply for.

* The priority deadline of application is April 10th, 2018 and the final deadline is April 23rd, 2018.
* You don’t need to apply for specific China Trip program or Co-Founder’s Journey Program. Our executive board would choose the program that fits you the best. Please note that all applications are reviewed on a rolling basis, so we recommend you to apply early.
* The event is highly subsidized by our sponsors. We will reimburse up to $1,500 for international airfare each team. Local accommodation, domestic transportation, and group activities are also fully covered.

If you have any questions, please contact us via email: chinainit@mitchief.org. Thank you very much for your attention and we look forward to hearing back from you.

MIT-CHIEF China Initiative Executive Team
China Initiative Program Application
MIT-CHIEF & Harvard浪潮之巅区块链大会”——区块链的商业、监管与科技
47MIT-CHIEF 哈佛商学院比特币区块链数字货币俱乐部哈佛法学院区块链俱乐部携手近20位行业大咖,邀请大家拨开迷雾,从价值、监管、技术、创新四个方面一起探讨区块链与数字货币的未来


201847 9:00AM - 5:00PM EST

(所有购票资金将经由Circle Pay系统100%返现)


Amber Baldet
Blockchain Program Lead, J.P.Morgan

Andy Bromberg
Co-Founder/CEO, CoinList

Anil Advani
Managing Partner, Inventus Law

Bennett Collen
CEO, Cognate

Caitlin Long
President, Symbiont

David Yermack
Professor, NYU Stern

Evan Schwartz

Ignacio Fuentes Ribas
Research Scholar, MIT Sloan

Jennifer Jiang
Director of Boston Z-Park Fintech Center

Joe Raczynski
Technologist and Futurist, Thomson Reuters Legal

Joshua Klayman
Wall Street Blockchain Alliance

Kendrick Nyugen
Co-Founder/CEO, Republic

Lee SchneiderMcDermott
Lawyer, McDermott Will and Emery

Miha Grcar
Head of Business Development, Bitcamp

Milan Koch
Managing Partner, Alphablock

Ryne Miller
Sullivan and Cromwell

(所有购票资金将经由Circle Pay系统100%返现)



Circle是一家P2P支付技术公司,于201310月创立。Circle的移动支付平台Circle Pay允许用户持有,发送和接收传统法定货币。


MIT-China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum
MIT-China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum


 本期HMS-CSSA创业沙龙请到了启明创投(Qiming Venture Partners

的管理合伙人梁颖宇(Nisa Leung



Nisa Leung (梁颖宇) is a Managing Partner of Qiming Venture Partners and leading its health care investments. Qiming Venture Partners is a leading investment firm in China which currently manages over USD 3 billion in assets and investment in over 240 companies. 

Nisa was named Venture Capital Professional of the Year by Asian Venture Capital Journal in 2017 and Top 3 Best Female Venture Capitalist by Forbes in 2018. She currently sits on the board of Gan & Lee Pharmaceutical, Zai Lab (NASDAQ: ZLAB), Nurotron, Venus MedTech, Goodwill Information Technology, dMed, LIH Rehabilitation, CanSino Biotechnology and Berry Genomics (SZSE:000710). Her other investments include Acea Biosciences, Aeonmed Medical, CITIC Pharmaceuticals (acquired by Shanghai Pharmaceutical HKSE: 02607), Crown Bioscience (GTSM: 6554), Origene Technologies (acquired by VCAN Bio SHSE: 600645), Richen, Wuxi Leiming, Chain Medical Labs, Suzhou Qiagen, New Horizon Bio and Jacobio.

Nisa earned her MBA from Stanford Graduate School of Business and a BS from Cornell University. She is currently visiting lecturer at Harvard Law School, a founding member and Vice Chair of PhIRDA Investment Committee, member of Committee on Hong Kong Innovation and Technology (I&T) Development and Re-Industrialization, advisor of Our Hong Kong Foundation, founder of Venture Investors Alliance of Hong Kong, council member of HKUST Business School and serves on the Board of Governors of the Hotchkiss School.



You are invited to join the above event on 3/21/2018.

 Please register via this link: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/boston-division-innovation-entrepreneurship-international-competition-tickets-42733996534?aff=es2    

 If you'd like, you may also register through MIT CHIEF's EventBrite page: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/the-second-china-innovation-entrepreneurship-international-competition-tickets-43379724925?aff=es2

第二届国际赛波士顿区分赛 火热报名中

2018-02-15 EGIcapital

第二届中国深圳创新创业大赛第二届国际赛波士顿区分赛 火热报名中

·2018年3月21日哈佛医学院Martin Conference Center隆重举办
· 顶尖学者如Robert Langer的演讲
· 顶尖中美投资者、策略伙伴、领域巨擘,三种愿望一次满足

       EGI Capital是一个在波士顿剑桥市的风投和私募基金,主要投资种子期和后期新创公司,领域涵盖资料信息科技和健康照护的新创公司。EGI Capital的Co-Founder Dr. Charles Hsu拥有麻省理工学院计算机工程博士学位、管理学硕士学位及哈佛大学法律学位,并有累积超过二十年业界及多次成功创业的经验,更曾在麻省理工学院任教、”MIT科技评论”中文版撰写。
      中国(深圳)创新创业大赛第二届“国际赛”(下称“第二届双创赛”),由中华人民共和国科学技术部、中华人民共和国国家外国专家局指导,深圳市人民政府主办,其波士顿分赛区赛事由EGI Capital承办。大赛旨在积极响应“大众创业、万众创新”的号召,深入实施创新驱动发展,集聚海外高端人才优质项目,整合创新创业资源,助力深圳建设国际科技产业创新中心。

1. 互联网和移动互联网
2. 电子科技
3. 生物与生命科技
4. 先进制造和材料
5. 能源(含节能环保)



       我们竭诚地邀请各路英雄豪杰,不管是新创团队或听众,和我们一起共襄盛举。 此场盛会适合拥有改变世界野心了解趋势变化的每一个小伙伴!



 2018-01-12 源创力 源创力离岸创新中心




创业团队还将获得“国际市场开拓大礼包”—— 东方富海、松禾资本、深创投和达晨创投等多达34家知名创投机构,设立209亿创投资金池对接国际优质创业项目。源创力作为连接海外资源,在国际创新链重大节点布局,构建国际化源头创新生态圈的非盈利机构之一,也将为高端人才及项目落地深圳提供高品质的服务,让优秀项目、人才、团队在深发展无后顾之忧


Do you have a big idea? Do you want to launch it and be mentored by seasoned professionals along the way? Do you want to compete for the $100K Grand Prize and one of seven $10K runner up awards

Submit your business model before March 31st here and you may get a chance to boost your start-up over April 2018.

The competition will have the following milestones:

March 31, 11:59PM: applications close
April 13: quarter-finalists announced
May 7 - 8: semi-finals
May 14: finals

How to apply?
Fill the online form before March 31st here. 

Who can apply?
To apply, you need to form a team including at least one MIT-affiliated student or staff. You do not need to have participated in PITCH or ACCELERATE to apply to LAUNCH.
For more information

Sign-up to our newsletter, visit our website or drop us an email.

Hello Entrepreneurs,
MIT-CHIEF (MIT-CHINA Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum) is hosting the Second China(Shenzhen) Innovation & Entrepreneurship International competition (Boston Division) on March 21. The competition focuses on advanced technology from multiple fields including Life Science, Information Technology and so on. A venture capital pool of RMB 20.9 Billion has been set up by 34 investment institutions and the Prize for each Division is over RMB 300,000(~$50,000). A single team can win RMB1,400,000(~$220,000) maximum of cash prize. Division winners will have the opportunity to pitch at the Finals in Shenzhen in late April. 
Event Brochure

Application Deadline: 
Feb 28, 2018

1) Send Business Plan to community@mitchief.org 
2) Register through the application link
Please note that you need to complete both steps to be qualified for the contest
For questions and details, please contact community@mitchief.org
As a non-profit student organization at MIT, MIT-CHIEF is the first student group dedicated to connecting entrepreneurial communities in the United States and China. Since its founding, MIT-CHIEF has hosted numerous events, including the China Trip and the Business Plan Contestand Annual Conference, to build entrepreneurial networks and connections between the US and China. This year, we will launch several new series of events including Co-Founder’s JourneyTech-EXPO, and Community Services. We will connect you with new domestic and international resources to inspire your boundless innovation ideas.

MIT-CHIEF Introduction

Founded in 2011, MIT-CHIEF is a non-profit student group registered at MIT. Our mission is to promote intellectual exchange and collaboration between China and the U.S. in technologies, innovation and entrepreneurship. Our volunteers include passionate and dedicated individuals from both within and outside MIT.
2018 Team Description

The MIT-CHIEF Startup Community Team is the fuel tank behind MIT-CHIEF. Our goal is to discover new startups in Greater Boston area and bring them as part of the MIT-CHIEF family. We also connect early-stage startups with mentors to help them kick off their project. Throughout the year, we hold various events, such as entrepreneurship-focused seminars, training programs and community locally meet-ups.

China Initiative Team aims at connecting the resources between China and MIT innovations. In the coming year, we are going to hold two major events:
- China Trip (中国行), held annually since 2013, is a fully-sponsored trip for early-stage entrepreneurs to explore business opportunities in China. Participating entrepreneurs will engage and connect with government officials, industry leaders and local investors. 
- Co-Founder’s Journey (明珠计划), a collaborative program with MIT Hong Kong Innovation Node, was launched in 2017, aiming at connecting MIT innovations to enterprises and  world-class hardware and Fintech resources in China Pearl River Delta Region (Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province).

The MIT-CHIEF Contest Team is a core team of MIT-CHIEF dedicated to connecting startups, investors and innovators in the greater Boston area with big events. In this year, we will host various featured events including but not limited to Tech Show and the annual MIT-CHIEF business plan contest. Our goal is to attract more excellent startups and to increase our influence through these events.

The team of branding is dedicated to promoting the image and to marketing the perception of MIT-CHIEF. We are bonding with partners, connecting with sponsors and targeting our fellows. Our goals are to improve the communications with resources from all backgrounds and expand our influence in high-tech industries.
Deadline:   Feb 24th 11:59pm
Application Website:

Application Form
We are looking for enthusiastic individuals to join our 2018 Executive Board. People with diverse background and culture are all welcomed as long as you have comprehensive skill setsexcellent communication skills and a good sense of responsibility. With a brand new program to be launched this year, we can serve better as a bridge between China and the USA in innovation and entrepreneurship area. In a nutshell, MIT-CHIEF is the place where amazing things happens and we are looking forward to sharing those cheerful moments with you!

Harvard China Pitch 2018

Pitch us your idea, and get...
$75k Cash Prize
Direct Investment
Feedback from Top VCs
Media Exposure


Sponsor: ZhenFund, GGV Capital

    About Harvard College China Forum

    Founded in 1997, Harvard College China Forum is North America’s leading student-run conference about China. Dedicated to promoting a constructive dialogue on the challenges, trends, and issues affecting China, the Forum engages leaders in business, academia, and politics in discourse that offers insights and generates new ideas.

    Since 2015, Harvard College China Forum has featured Harvard China Pitch, a competition that enables entrepreneurs interested in the Chinese market to showcase their business plans and raise funds during the conference. The competition also helps investors presiding as judges discover new investment opportunities and share their opinions on new trends in entrepreneurship. The competition is open to a global audience, especially those interested in the Chinese market.




    Tentative Calendar

    February 16, 2018      Registration opens 报名开始
    March 16, 2018          Proposal submission deadline 商业计划书提交截止
    March 24, 2018          Finalist announcement 官方公布决赛组名单
    April 8, 2018               Finalist pitches at HCF 2018 创业大赛决赛

    All finalists will be invited to present in front of all judges and 1000+ audience at Harvard Business School on April 8, 2018 (Sunday).

    How to Participate

    To register, complete our online form by 11:59 pm EDT on March 16, at http://bit.ly/hccfpitch Please contact us at pitch@harvardchina.org if you have any questions.

    Guidance on Written Proposals

    Proposals must meet the following requirements:
    • Contains at most eight pages (in either English or Simplified Chinese) in the format of PPT (saved as PDF). The PDF file should be named in the format Group Name+BP (e.g. Top Tech+BP). Additional pages will not be read, and teams that violate these requirements may be disqualified.
    • The following questions are intended to guide your thinking, but they are not strictly required. Please structure your proposal in a way that allows you to best present your idea and address the most important issues. 


    • 商业计划为幻灯片形式(保存成PDF文件),文件名命名为团队名称+商业计划,以简体中文或英文完成,最多不可超过八页;超过八页的部分不会被纳入评分考量,犯规队伍可能被直接取消参赛资格
    • 我们列出了一些可能的要点以帮助参赛队伍思考;以下要点均非必须,各队伍可自行采取最适合呈现想法,切中要害的形式组织商业计划 

    Sample Overview of Proposals 建议内容

    现存问题 (Problem)
    解决方案 (Solution)
    目标人群和价值定位 (Customer Profile and Value Proposition)
    市场竞争 (Competitive Landscape)
    商业模式 (Business Model)
    发展前景 (Potential Growth and Impact, including TAM and financials)


    As finalists of Harvard China Pitch, you will be able to present your ideas on an unparalleled platform in front of judges who are top investors from China and the U.S. The judges may choose to invest directly in companies of interest.

    Some of the judges are:
    Bob Xu Xiaoping       Founder, ZhenFund
    Hans Tung                Managing Partner, GGV Capital
    Yu Cheng                  Partner, Morningside
    David Tang               Partner and Managing Director, Nokia Growth Partners
    Anna Fang                Partner and CEO, Zhenjiang
    Max Hong                 Founding Partner, Silicon Valley Future Capital



    徐小平       真格基金创始人
    童士豪        GGV纪源资本管理合伙人
    程宇           晨兴资本合伙人
    邓元鋆       诺基亚成长基金管理合伙人
    方爱之       真格基金合伙人兼CEO
    洪淼           硅谷未来资本创始合伙人

    Prizes 奖项设置

    1st Place         $40,000
    2nd Place       $25,000
    3rd Place        $10,000

    一等奖            $40,000
    二等奖            $25,000
    三等奖            $10,000

    Sponsor: ZhenFund, GGV Capital
    鸣谢 真格基金 GGV纪源资本 荣誉赞助本次哈佛中国论坛创业大赛奖金

    On top of the cash prizes, judges and investors from the audience may choose to directly invest in finalist teams.

    Contact Us

    Please contact us at pitch@harvardchina.org if you have any questions. We are looking forward to hearing from you! 

    What Our Participants Say

    What Harvard China Pitch offers to startups is first and foremost its global influence. The XtalPi team is very grateful to have been given the opportunity to present our idea at the competition. We received invaluable feedbacks from top-notch investors, which are very helpful to the development of our company in the future. After the Forum we were promptly invested by HCP judges ZhenFund and FreeS. Organizers of the Forum were extremely thoughtful throughout the process, from arranging rehearsals before, coordinating media coverage at, to organizing recruiting events after the competition.

    — Frank Wen,  Founder and CEO of XtalPi (Winner of Harvard China Pitch 2016



    论坛组织方安排的非常周到,包括pitch前的试讲, 大赛结束后的媒体报道宣传, 还安排了招聘的机会。总之我们和论坛组织方成为了好朋友。


    XtalPi, 创始人兼CEO 

    Follow us on Wechat by scanning this QR code or searching "harvardchina" to receive the latest updates.

    If you have questions regarding the conference, you can also send us a message via Wechat. Our staff will respond to you shortly.
    If  you're interested in recruiting or sponsorship opportunities, please contact sponsorship.hccf@gmail.com

    Hi there,
    We are excited to announce that 2018 Silicon Valley Entrepreneur Festival (SVEF) will be hosted on May 02 at Santa Clara Convention Center this year! 
    Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs Festival is one of the largest international conferences held annually that focuses on innovation and entrepreneurship. The first Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs Festival was launched in 2016 by Hanhai Holdings Group, Ding Ding TV, and the China-US Summit with the support from Ministry of Science & Technology of China, Bay Area Council, and the Consulate General of China in San Francisco. The mission of the conference is to establish a platform to facilitate engagement between investors and entrepreneurs from all over the world, and to showcase brand influence on a global stage.
    The objectives of SVEF
    • Become a valuable platform for engagement between industry leaders, investors and entrepreneurs
    • Establish a channel connecting innovations in the US and capital from China and around the world
    • An event for technology media to explore and report the latest trends in technology and business
    The distinct features of SVEF
    • Multi-cultural, multi-ethnic, and multi-disciplinary technological innovation, entrepreneurship without borders
    • Direct interaction between China’s innovation and global entrepreneurship, and the win-win partnerships between the two countries
    Impact of SVEF
    Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs Festival is held annually. The previous two years, SVEF has garnered broad recognition and support. More than 2000 people have attended the festival, including influential politicians, entrepreneurs, investors, and industry leaders. More than 200 notable researchers, investors, and entrepreneurs gave insightful and inspiring speeches. The conferences also featured 20 keynote speeches, 16 panel discussions, and 4 startup company competitions involving over 1000 projects. Over 500 guests came from China to participate various activities during the previous two Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs Festivals. The 500 guests included delegates from government agencies, entrepreneurs and investors. Eight High Tech Zones such as Chengdu Hi Tech Zone made presentations. Through presenting and participating in panel sessions, more than 100 companies such as AliCloud, GeJu Business School got the opportunity to connect with other influential businesses that lead to business opportunities.
    At SVEF, the global thought-leaders have analyzed the technology trends. The previous two SVEF covered topics in the challenges and opportunities in AR/VR, precision medicine, big data & cloud computing, artificial intelligence & automated driving technology, cleantech & new materials, IoT, cross-border investment, M&A, global entrepreneurship ecosystems, opportunities in city-city partnership, and leadership of women entrepreneurs, etc. More than 200 speakers were featured in the main events, including
    • Luo Lingquan, Consul Generate of People’s Republic China in San Francisco
    • Jim Wunderman, Chairman of the Bay Area Council
    • Professor Shoucheng Zhang, Professor of Physics at Stanford University, Discoverer of “Angel Particles”, and Nobel Prize Nominee
    • Dr. Regis B. Kelly, Member of National Academy of Engineering, Director of QB3
    • Professor Yi Cui, Professor of Materials Science and Engineering Stanford University
    • Stuart Evans, Distinguished Service Professor at Carnegie Mellon University
    • Dayong Hong, Vice Chancellor of Renmin University
    • Luke Kowalski, Vice President of Corporation Archetecture, Oracle
    • Steve Hoffman, Founder and Capital of Founders Space
    • Min Zeng, Executive Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer, Alibaba Group
    • Adam Draper, Founder and Managing Partner, Boost VC
    • Dr. Jun Wu, Founding Partner of Amino Capital, Author of Best Sellers On Top of Tides and Beauty of Mathematics
    SVEF has become a platform for attendees and companies engage with each other for business opportunities. SVEF has opened a new era of globalization and partnerships between organizations across the Pacific. Representatives from more than a dozen Chinese cities met with their American counterparts, which led establishment of overseas innovation center in Silicon Valley. Hundreds of startup companies connected with investors from all over the world for successful fundraising. SVEF has assisted over 100 companies such as Alibaba, Silicon Valley Bank, Fudan Micro, RAVV, and GeJu to accelerate the expansion to global markets.
    SVEF has been extensively covered by global media. Each SVEF has received live coverage from over 100 media partners, new social media outlets, and livestreaming services. Nearly 1000 media have reported SVEF activities. It provided excellent opportunities for brand exposure on a global stage.
    About 2018 SVEF
    The 3rd Annual Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs Festival will kick off on May 2nd, 2018. The theme of this year will be “Global Innovation & Entrepreneurship and Cross-border Incubation & Investment”. We are going to cover hot topics such as, artificial intelligence, life sciences, big data, blockchain, intellectual property, etc. The program includes keynote speeches, fireside chats, panel sessions, and startup demos. We are expecting over 1000 influential industry leaders, renowned experts & researchers, successful investors & entrepreneurs, as well as heads of leading technology incubators & accelerator, and members from global media outlets. The confirmed speakers include the Honorable Consul General Mr. Luo Linquan, Bay Area Council CEO Mr. Jim Wunderman, the Founder of Fortinet & Member of the National Academy of Engineering & 2018 Chairman of the Committee of 100 Mr. Xie Qing, Pricilla Chan and Mark Zuckerberg Distinguished Professor at UCSF Dr. Atul Butte, and the Vice President of Tesla Mr. Robin Ren.
    A series of activities have been planned in this upcoming SVEF from May 1st to May 3rd. The China-US Intellectual Property Summit invited leading IP law authorities from China and the US, high ranking IP judges, top rated IP attorneys to have in depth discussions on the wide-ranging cross-border IP issues. The Incubation & Investment Forum and the Global Capital Summit are specially tailored events to facilitate collaborations and partnerships between investors and entrepreneurs.
    2018 SVEF Agenda
    2018 SVEF Sponsorship Package
    Associate Sponsor (USD 60,000)   
    • Name one of the afternoon summits 
    • Opportunity to give opening remark at the summit
    • LOGO on all promotional materials (Top position)
    • INSERT materials in the Attendee Gift Bag
    • Verbal acknowledgement of sponsorship by Moderators in the morning and afternoon sessions
    • 10-minute promotional video during coffee break (video provided by the sponsor)
    • VIP Dinner passes
    • 1 PREMIUM booth space in the Exhibitor Hall
    • 20 VIP passes and 20 Event passes
    • FULL PAGE AD in our event brochure (Top Position)
    Panel Sponsor (USD 30,000)    
    • Right to co-organize one of the afternoon panels
    • Opportunity to give opening remark at the panel
    • LOGO on all promotional materials
    • Verbal acknowledgement of sponsorship by Moderators in the morning and afternoon sessions
    • VIP Dinner passes
    • 1 FREE booth space in the Exhibitor Hall
    • 10 VIP passes and 10 Event passes
    • l   1/2 AD in our event brochure
    General Sponsor (USD 20,000) 
    • LOGO on all promotional materials
    • Verbal acknowledgement of sponsorship by Moderators in the morning and afternoon sessions
    • VIP Dinner passes
    • 1 FREE booth space in the Exhibitor Hall
    • 6 VIP passes and 6 Event passes
    • 1/4 AD in our event brochure
     Company Sponsor (USD 5,000)  
    • LOGO on all promotional materials
    • 1 FREE booth space in the Exhibitor Hall
    • 3 VIP passes and 3 Event passes
    • 1/8 AD in our event brochure
    Exhibitor Sponsor (USD 2,000)
    • 2 FREE booth space in the Exhibitor Hall2 Event passes
    Regardless you are executives from corporations, entrepreneurs with innovative ideas or experienced investors, we welcome you all to join our stage.
    Please send an email to dan.zhang@hanhaiinvestment.com. The SVEF Committee will contact candidates that meets our best interests.
    To thank you for your support for Hanhai Investment, we have an exclusive offer for you to join this great event. 
    Get the 30% OFF! There is very limited time at this price available, so purchase your early bird tickets now!
    Any Questions? 
    Please contact: info@hanhaiinvestment.com

    不谋而俱起 · 不约而同会 - 2018 MIT-CHIEF 招新宣讲会



    2018 MIT-CHIEF Info-Session

    2018年2月13号 7:00-8:00 PM

    MIT Stata Center, Room 155
    32 Vassar Street, Cambrige



    Lead of BPC


    Cam Med LLC联合创始人兼CTO,目前正在开发世界上第一款柔性贴片泵Evopump,用于控释一种或者多种通过皮下注射的药物。公司曾获MassChallenge 2014金奖、CASIS大奖,2015麻州生命科学研究中心基金,2017年新英格兰儿科设备联盟基金。



    MIT博士毕业后创办Woobo Inc.,致力于机器人和人工智能在家庭娱乐和教育方面的应用开发,已完成2轮累计2.4M融资。

    Woobo Inc. 于2017年底完成众筹3000台预售,预计于今年年中拓展全球业务及量产销售。


    2017 MIT-CHIEF 联席主席

    Giaran Inc. 早期创始团队
    Shiseido Americas
    International relations &Project Manager

    自2015加入MIT-CHIEF参与多个初创业团队。在麻省理工斯隆管理学院担任研究员,从事创新创业相关领域的研究。Giaran通过计算机视觉大数据AI技术驱动,打造深度学习,数据挖掘完善美妆客户的精准化和定制化体验。 去年10月, Giaran被Shiseido Americas 收购,将Giaran技术与Shiseido集团各大品牌结合,推向全球市场。


    2016 MIT-CHIEF 联席主席

    orimagi 团队创始人兼CEO

    与伍斯特理工学院机器人系的教授Cagads Onal共同创立Orimagi。致力于将前沿的机器人技术带进人们的生活。目前基于折纸机器人技术,Orimagi希望通过技术将艺术整合到STEM教育当中,来搭建儿童科技教育的平台,培养下一代科技创新人才。团队曾获得哈佛中国论坛创业大赛第二名,哈佛教育论坛创业论坛第三名。Maker faire editor's choice award.


    我们是MIT-CHIEF, 我们扎根于麻省理工学院,辐射整个北美及亚洲,致力于建设与发展创业创新孵化生态圈



    MIT-China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum
    MIT-China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum

    2018 MIT 亚洲商业论坛早鸟票开售 | 重磅嘉宾联袂打造史上最强阵容

    2018-01-11 MIT 亚洲商业论坛 MIT亚洲商业论坛ABC
    麻省理工亚洲商业论坛(MIT Asia Business Conference,ABC) 早鸟票开售啦!优惠票数量有限先抢先得!扫描文末二维码立刻购票!https://www.eventbrite.com/e/2018-mit-asia-business-conference-tickets-40718176161

    MIT ABC 亚洲商业论坛将于2018年3月3日在MIT Media Lab 与大家见面。今年MIT ABC的阵容可谓是空前强大!我们有幸邀请到了阿里巴巴北美地区总裁Lee McCabe, 以及真格基金合伙人, Google中国CMO, 蒋为作为keynote speakers。论坛内容讲围绕Innovative Asia 展开为你带来AI, Big Data, 投资,医疗,快消,以及创业方面的前沿创新资讯! 更有机会与来自亚洲各地的公司高层network交流思想。如此资源丰富的论坛怎能错过!
    Ziyu Gong, 今日头条全球市场运营主管
    Neeraj Hora, 野村证券(Nomura) 北美创新与投资领导人
    Kate Xiong, 前蚂蚁金服Senior Director, First RiceCapital 创始人
    Yining Zhao, Veritas Genetics 创始人
    Yvonne Lau, 利豐企业发展SVP
    Jing Tan, 优步中国创始人团队之一
    Edith Yeung, 500Startups 中国地区合伙人
    Sue Xu, AminoCapital 合伙人
    Will Graylin, Samsung Pay 高管

    201833, 我们在MIT Media Lab不见不散!

    麻省理工亚洲商业论坛(MIT Asia Business Conference, ABC)是全美最大的聚焦亚洲商业发展由学生组织的论坛之一。我们致力于打造一个大波士顿地区乃至美东地区的商业论坛以分享亚洲高速的商业发展历程、现阶段发展动态以及未来发展趋势。

    在过去的论坛中,MIT ABC每年都吸引了20多位来自亚洲不同国家和地区的各行业领军人物作为会议嘉宾,向400多位参会者分享他们的视野和经验。我们希望通过论坛,可以让更多的人了解并置身于亚洲新生代多方位的商业与科技发展之中,让世界看到亚洲发展在世界经济中的推动和主导作用。

    获取更多的资讯,请访问我们的官方网站:http://mitasiabusinessconference.com/ 以及脸书:https://www.facebook.com/MITABConference 

    Happy New Year of 2018, as well as the Lunar New Year of the Dog! I would like to give you an update on the upcoming April 13, 2018 SAUPO conference in Atlanta. 

    [About 2018 SAUPO]: The Symposium on ASIA-USA Partnership Opportunities (SAUPO), the largest Asia business conference in the USA, will be held on Friday April 13, 2018 at Renaissance Atlanta Waverly Hotel & Convention Center. The purposes of SAUPO include information exchange, personal network building, global visibility, and investment in Asia Pacific. It is anticipated that over 400 business leaders, diplomats, non-profit activists, scholars and government officials from Asia, USA and other parts of the world will attend SAUPO in Atlanta.  http://saupo.kennesaw.edu

    2018 SAUPO-Atlanta Confirmed Speakers include: (flyer attached)
    • Landon Van Dyke, Senior Advisor, U.S. Department of State
    • Brendan Tate, U.S. Department of the Interior
    • Jessica Cork, VP, Public Relations, YKK Corporation of America
    • Wade Edwards, Int’l Marketing Director, Habitat for Humanity Int'l
    • Donald Morrissey, Huawei Technologies USA, Inc.
    • Huandong Gao, Sr. Director of Growth, Walmart Headquarters
    • Martin Judge Jr., Chairman, China Arena Football League (CAFL)
    • Glad Cheng, Chairman, China Window Group 
    • Stephen Haverfield, Japan Exchange and Teaching (JET)
    • Shiyu Wang, Chairman, Fargo Fortune Investment Group
    • Frank Su, President, Kids’R’Kids China
    • Nagendra Roy, Senior Director –IT, Aptude, Inc. 
    • Yoshi Domoto, Executive Director, Japan-America Society of Georgia 
    • Qixin Zhang, Chairman, Phoenix City Investment Fund; CPPCC Member 
    • Wendy Lu, Tax Senior Manager, Aprio

    Please contact us for speaking and sponsorship opportunities regarding 2018 SAUPO! http://saupo.kennesaw.edu/sponsors.php
    Dr. May Gao, SAUPO Chair
    Professor of Communication & Asian Studies
    Kennesaw State University 


     2017-12-30 MIT CEO MITCEO 

    麻省理工-清华创新峰会(MTIS) 由麻省理工学院华人创业者协会(Chinese Entrepreneurs Organization)和清华企业家协会(Tsinghua Entrepreneur and Executive Club)共同举办, 致力于集会中美科技工作者, 企业高管, 政府官员, 以及创业者和投资者来探讨创新如何塑造人类社会的未来。

    8:30 am - 6:30 pm

    MIT Wong Auditorium
    2 Amherst Street
    Cambridge, MA 02142




    2018年1月6日 星期六

    08:30 am - 09:20 am

    09:20 am - 09:30 am

    09:30 am - 10:00 am
    主题演讲 - 人类策略
    Prof. Alex “Sandy” Pentland
    麻省理工媒体实验室(MIT Media Lab)创业项目主任

    10:00 am - 10:30 am
    主题演讲 - 中美环境与机会

    10:30 am - 11:00 am
    主题演讲 - 数字化技术成就智能城市
    Prof. Dennis Frenchman

    11:00 am - 12:10 pm
    圆桌论坛 - 人工智能

    Will Knight

    Coach Wei 魏可成
    Project Joy创始人及CEO

    Tao Wu 邬涛

    Xudong Cao 曹旭东
    Momenta.ai 创始人及CEO

    Enhao Gong 宫恩浩
    Subtle Medical联合创始人及CEO
    Polarr 联合创始人

    12:10 pm - 01:00 pm

    01:00 pm - 1:30 pm
    主题演讲 - 新型硬件计算机范式
    Prof. Marin Soljacic

    01:30 pm - 2:00 pm
    主题演讲 - 与金唯智创始人孙中平炉边谈话
    Steve Sun 孙中平
    金唯智(Genewiz Inc.)联合创始人/董事会主席
    (主持人:  Danwei Wang 王丹薇)

    02:00 pm - 03:10 pm
    圆桌论坛 - 从实验室到改变世界

    Dawei Shen 沈大嵬
    Waylens Inc. 联合创始人及CTO

    Bin Lu 卢斌
    Cambridge Electronics Inc. (CEI) 联合创始人及CEO

    Tim Ren 任铁耕
    Figur8 联合创始人/CTO

    Yichen Shen 沈亦晨
    Lightelligence 联合创始人及CEO

    Jing Zhang 张靖
    ZSFab 联合创始人/CEO

    03:10 pm - 04:20 pm
    圆桌论坛 - 风险投资

    Jinlin Wang 王金林
    Tsingyuan Ventures 管理合伙人

    Reed Sturtevant
    The Engine 管理合伙人

    Pei Qi 祁培
    Brain Robotics Capital 执行合伙人

    Lei Yang 杨磊

    Yizhe Wang 王毅喆

    04:20 pm - 05:30 pm
    圆桌论坛 - 健康医疗

    Gregory Huang

    Steve Sun 孙中平

    Michael Jin 金学成
    Tsingyuan Ventures 管理合伙人

    Shirley Liu

    Shuqi Chen
    IQuum (已被Roche收购)首席执行官

    05:30 pm - 6:00 pm
    主题演讲 - 金融科技
    Jerry Wang 王金龙

    06:00 pm - 06:30 pm
    Networking Time


    Alex ‘Sandy’ Pentland
    Toshiba Professor of Media Arts and Sciences
    Director, Human Dynamics Lab
    Director, MIT Media Lab Entrepreneurship Program
    "7 Most Powerful Data Scientists in the world"之一
    谷歌, AT&T, Nissan和联合国秘书长咨询委员会创始成员


    Dennis Frenchman

    孙中平(Dr. Steve Sun, Ph.D)
    艾达康医疗科技责任有限公司(Admera Health, LLC.)首席执行官

    Marin Soljacic
    MIT物理系教授,  Witricity及Lightelligence联合创始人

    王金龙 (Jerry Wang)


    清华企业家协会(TEEC,英文全称为Tsinghua Entrepreneur and Executive Club ) ,是由清华校友创办的、倡导创新和创业的组织。TEEC的宗旨是“受助、互助、助人”,即通过互相支持,互相帮助,互为资源,为会员创业和发展提供舞台;同时,为有潜力的新一代清华校友企业家创新创业提供帮助和支持。TEEC会员创办和管理的数百家企业中,有约 100家公司在国内外资本市场成功上市。TEEC会员创办的公司得到了大多数知名VC/PE的投资,已经获得的VC/PE资金总额数千亿人民币;TEEC会员发起或参与管理的私募股权基金规模也已经达万亿人民币规模。
    麻省理工学院华人创业者协会 ( MIT Chinese Entrepreneurs Organization,MIT CEO) 是在麻省理工学院校方支持下成立的非营利组织,由MIT学生和校友以及波士顿周边的杰出学生学者、年轻创业者、职场人士成立。MIT CEO致力于帮助麻省理工学院及周边的华人创业者建立世界级的企业,创造中国高科技企业与麻省理工学院及周边高新科技的长期对接机制,构建优质投资机构与波士顿地区华人创业者的高效对接交流的平台。有意愿加入我们并参与MIT CEO日常运营请发送邮件到mitceo@mit.edu咨询。



    Momenta.ai(https://momenta.ai/) 致力于打造无人驾驶的“大脑”。Momenta通过基于深度学习的感知算法,高精地图和数据主导的运动规划算法,使得自动驾驶正在成为现实。Momenta由一群来自清华,麻省理工学院,普林斯顿大学的顶尖计算机视觉与机器学习专家创立。团队中包括了Faster R-CNN和ResNet算法的作者。团队成员获得了ImageNet 2015, MS COCO Challenge 2015和ImageNet 2017等知名挑战赛的冠军。Momenta至今已经融资超过5000万美金,融资方包括创新工场,真格基金,蔚来资本,戴姆勒集团和顺为资本等。

    Mass Ave Capital是一家位于波士顿专注于投资A及Pre-轮的风险投资公司。公司以“美国技术,中国市场”为核心理念,帮助进入拓展中国市场,推动技术和市场的深度融合。公司目前已投资项目4个,包括Gigavation, Meta, Oculii, Sentenai,涉及信息安全,增强现实,自动驾驶,人工智能等领域。联系微信:szwuxin。



    波士顿清华校友会成立于1976年。自成立以来,校友会一直致力于服务在波士顿地区学习、工作和生活的清华校友(包括北京清华大学和新竹国立清华大学)。林家翘、李诗颖等著名华人科学家都先后担任过校友会会长。波士顿地区现有约2000名清华校友, 分布在学术,教育,生物,制药,电子,信息,金融服务,建筑设计,法律服务等多个行业。

    The Inaugural MIT-Tsinghua Innovation Summit

    Saturday, January 6th, 2018
    MIT Wong Auditorium
    MIT-Tsinghua Innovation Summit (MTIS) is a one day conference aiming to bring together entrepreneurs, executives, investors and academic leaders from both US and China to discuss how innovation is going to shape the future of human society.
    We will discuss the future of AIHealthcare and Fintech with startup founders among us and investors from BostonSilicon Valley and China.
    There are limited tickets available, and most are sold-out. Please register early to secure your spot to meet with awesome speakers, guests and audience.
    MTIS is organized bTsinghua Entrepreneur and Executive Club and MIT Chinese Entrepreneurs Organization.
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    08:30 am - 09:20 amRegistration & Breakfast

    09:20 am - 09:30 amWelcome Address

    09:30 am - 10:00 amKeynote: The Human Strategy
             Prof. Alex "Sandy" Pentland, MIT Media Lab

    10:00 am - 10:30 amKeynote: Professional Growth In China and US (中美的环境与机会)
             Ping Wu, Founding Partner, SummitView Capital; former Co-Founder/President, Spreadtrum Inc. (NASDAQ: SPRD)

    10:30 am - 11:00 amKeynote: Future City Enabled by Digital Technology
             Prof. Dennis Frenchman, Director, DesignX, MIT School of Architecture

    11:00 am - 12:10 pm: The Race for AI
    Moderator: Will Knight, Senior Editor at MIT Technology Review

    • Coach Wei, Founder/CEO,  Stealth AI Startup; Founder, Yottaa
    • Tao Wu, Principal Data Scientist Manager, Microsoft
    • Xudong Cao, Founder/CEO, Momenta.ai
    • Enhao Gong, Co-Founder/CEO, Subtle Medical; Co-Founder, Polarr 

    12:10 pm - 01:00 pm: Lunch Break

    01:00 pm - 01:30 pm: Keynote: New Hardware Paradigms for Computing
             Marin Soljacic, Professor of Physics, MIT; Founder, Witricity and Lightelligence 

    01:30 pm - 02:00 pm: Fireside Chat with Steve Sun
             Steve Sun, Founder/CEO, Chinese All Digital Publishing Group Co. Ltd.
             Host: Summer Danwei Wang, Financial Journalist, Tencent America

    02:00 pm - 03:10 pm: From Lab to Changing the World
    Moderator: Dawei Shen, Co-Founder/CTO, Waylens Inc. 

    • Bin Lu, Co-Founder/CEO, Cambridge Electronics Inc. 
    • Tim Ren, Co-Founder/CTO, Figur8 Inc. 
    • Yichen Shen, Co-Founder/CEO, Lightelligence Inc.
    • Jing Zhang, Co-Founder/CEO, ZSFab Inc. 
    03:10 pm - 04:20 pm: VC Investment
    Moderator: Jinlin Wang, Managing Partner at Tsingyuan Ventures 

    • Reed Sturtevant, General Partner, The Engine at MIT 
    • Yizhe Wang, Managing Director, China Everbright Group
    • Pei Qi, Managing Partner, Brain Robotics Capital
    • Lei Yang, Managing Director, NLVC
    04:20 pm - 05:30 pm: The Future of Healthcare
    Moderator: Gregory Huang, Editor, Xconomy 

    • Steve Sun, Co-Founder/Chairman, Genewiz, Inc. 
    • Shirley Liu, Professor, Harvard Medical School
    • Shuqi Chen, CEO/Chairman, IQuum (Acquired by Roche), SVP, Roche
    • Michael Jin, Managing Partner, Tsingyuan Ventures; Founder of Multiple High Tech Companies
    05:30 pm - 6:00 pm: Keynote: The Future of FinTech
             Jerry Wang, Founder/CEO, Haitou Global 

    06:00 pm - 06:30 pm: Networking Time
    An invitation to D▪IF Global Innovation and Entrepreneurship Contest for AI and Big Data Challengers
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