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Celebrate and Learn from Emerging Young Entrepreneurs in Boston

Celebrate and Learn from Emerging Young Entrepreneurs in Boston
SEP 16 | 1-2:30 PM ET 

The Fierce Urgency of Now Festival brings together more than 1,000 diverse, young professionals of color and allies for 30+ transformative events. Organized by City Awake, the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce's young professional platform, this is the ultimate festival to build connections, advance careers, and ignite positive change.

Join us at EchelonSeaport's Innovation Center to celebrate and learn from 6 of Boston's Young Emerging Entrepreneurs who represent different industries, neighborhoods, and backgrounds. 

Meet our Panelists
Mingze Wange CEO + Founder of Hype Dating
Jose Lasalle + Joe Hastry, Co-Founders of florrent
Rachel Domb Founder of Rooted Living
Danielle Johnson, Founder + CEO of SparkFM Online
Dzidzor, Founder of Black Cotton Club

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Workshops & Events
Grow Your Network and Level Up Your Business
SEP 2022
Make Better Decisions with Analytics (Virtual)
SEP 12 | 10:00 AM ET 

Join Bryan Caplan to learn the best practices for customer engagement and understand what lenders look for when reviewing funding requests and how to build a relationship with your financial institution. 
Visit Our Public Workspaces

Our Workspaces Are Designed to Inspire Creativity,
and Make Great Ideas Come to Life. 
75 Northern Ave, Boston, MA 02210

2300 Washington St, Boston, MA


303 Congress Street, Boston, MA

222 Manton Ave, Providence, RI
Community Highlights!

Together We Can Create New Opportunities
for the Next Generation of Entrepreneurs
Cocktails & Conversation with Boston's Young Nonprofit Professionals
SEP 16 | 5:30-7:30 PM ET | WPI

Connect young professionals of color to information about nonprofit management shared by our panelists and connect them personally during the networking session. 
Connect and Thrive with Boston's Young Nonprofit Professionals
SEP 16 | 5:30-7:30 PM ET | WPI

F.U.N. brings Boston’s diverse young professionals together with business leaders, organizations, and their peers to build connection, advance careers, and ignite positive change.  
Grow Your Business with Startup Boston through Networking and Learning
SEP 19-23 

Startup Boston Week is a free, week-long event celebrating, connecting and educating the New England startup community. We're bringing together founders, startup employees, investors, mentors, vendors, everyone who plays a role in helping to both start and scale a company. 
Free Vendor Opportunity for Open Streets Boston - Dorchester Ave 
SEP 24 | 9AM - 3PM

Are you interested in being a vendor for Open Streets Boston? It’s free for businesses and a great way to get products out to the public!
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August 2022 Newsletter

Startup Boston Week is in 47 DAYS!

Grab your free ticket for the Sixth Annual Startup Boston Week.

We're bringing together 3,400+ startup founders, mentors, advisors, employees, students and startup curious folks across 80+ jam-packed sessions all designed to take your career - and startup - to the next level. 

Vote Now - 2022 Community Awards
It's time to vote who the winners will be for Startup Boston's Community Awards!

This is your chance to vote for your favorite nominees in the New England startup community. Categories for awards include: Community Builder of the Year, Startup of the Year, Most Likely To Be the Next Boston Unicorn - and more! 

On The Blog

Startup Resources: WorcLab, Worcester's Business AcceleratorWorcLab is Worcester’s premier business incubator and co-working space of passionate innovators. Tyler Ojala, Community Manager at WorcLab, was generous enough to sit down with Startup Boston to discuss the benefits of the incubator in detail.

Meet an Investor: Gayatri Sarkar - Advaita Capital and She VC: After working for the WWF, Gayatri Sarkar was inspired to pursue a life of values and positive change. She has gone on to work across the spectrum of the technology industry as an employee, founder, consultant, and active investor. We had the privilege to speak to Gayatri regarding her educational background, how it influenced her career trajectory, and what continues to inspire her work.

Navigating the Boston Cleantech Startup Scene: Boston has been a leader in the environmental space for decades - including, but not limited to, cleantech, greentech and climatech. In more recent years, the business world has caught up with the need to create new technologies and ways of powering our world to address urgent priorities around climate change and environmental sustainability. 

For more interviews and rundowns of what is happening in the startup community - view all articles on our blog right here! 
August Startup Events
Some great networking opportunities this month! See what's in store for August:Check out all of our events here!
Are you organizing an event that you want the community to know about? Submit your paid or free event on our website! Click here
Volunteer for Startup Boston Week!
We're looking for people to help out September 19th - 23rd for SBW2022. If you're interested - just respond to this email and our volunteer coordinator will reach out!
Demo Day of Harvard-MIT-Stanford Future Tech Startup Competition

MIT Stata Center, Room 32-123

32 Vassar Street, Cambridge, MA 02138

The Harvard-MIT-Stanford Future Tech Startup Competition, co-hosted by Harvard China Health Club (HCHC), MIT-China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum (MIT-CHIEF) and Chinese Entrepreneurs Organization (CEO), focuses on fields such as biomedicine, artificial intelligence, new materials, Internet of Things, blockchain, financial technology, etc. The competition aims to address the common challenges faced by mankind and solve global problems by promoting the transformation and application of cutting-edge scientific and technological achievements.

The competition will invite well-known independent investors at home and abroad, investment institutions, entrepreneurial predecessors, etc. to participate in the evaluation process, and at the same time, through our own entrepreneurial ecosystem, we will provide the team with a series of advice or services on legal consultation, market expansion, talent recruitment and government docking to help the team enter the next stage of success.

In addition, due to the health policy of MIT, all the attendees are REQUIRED to register the Tim Tickets at https://visitors.mit.edu/?event=0e1ee2a9-4dfa-4e2f-8eba-491709b2d52b

Date & Time: 6:30-9:00 PM EST, 10 May 2022

Event Location: Room 32-123, MIT Stata Center, Cambridge, MA

Zoom Webinar ID: 938 1838 4526

Passcode: 365701

The Attendees, those watching, can do so here:


Demo Day of Harvard-MIT-Stanford Future Tech Startup Competition image
Demo Day of Harvard-MIT-Stanford Future Tech Startup Competition image
Demo Day of Harvard-MIT-Stanford Future Tech Startup Competition image



MITCHIEF 2022-04-17 08:00

【CEO Speaker Series】雷鸣:人工智能创新机遇(讲座 + 1对1闭门交流接受报名中)














  • 19:00-20:00: 雷鸣老师分享

  • 20:00-20:30: Q&A问答环节

  • 20:30-21:00: After party


CEO Office Hour通过一对一闭门交流的形式,让创业团队和投资人进行深入交流。目的是给早期创业团队或正在准备创业的小伙伴们一个向专业投资人直接请教和学习的机会,以获得直接的反馈和帮助。

  • 招募对象:正在创业的团队,地点与赛道不限,生物医疗/人工智能项目优先

  • 活动形式:每个团队可派遣不超过五位代表与雷鸣闭门交流,每个团队预计交流时间为20-30分钟

  • 活动地点:Zoom在线视频会议 


  • 即日起至美西11月30日晚12点:报名阶段,请扫描文末二维码填写报名信息并提交商业计划书(未提交商业计划书视为报名无效)

  • 美西12月1日-12月4日:报名审核阶段,审核通过的团队将收到通知

  • 美西12月5日晚:与雷鸣老师一对一交流,每个团队的专属交流时间将在活动开始前单独通知





Chinese Entrepreneurs Organization (CEO)华人创业者协会由斯坦福大学学生和校友于2008年在美国硅谷创办,旨在连接正在和准备创业的华人,以硅谷为核心,沟通连接海外创投资源。我们坚信科技改变未来,创新带动发展。

CEO成员先后创立了聚美优品 (陈欧)、小红书 (毛文超)、出门问问 (朱祎舟)、Hover Cam (王孟秋)、Alohar Mobile (王辰宇)等优秀企业;也有部分成员加入金沙江创投、 IDG、 FreeS、真格基金等知名投资机构;或者进入Google, Twitter, Coursera等硅谷大型科技企业或新兴科技公司。

13000+    社群成员

50+/年   创投活动

100+/年   重量嘉宾

Getting Inside Innovation

A note from the Harvard Innovation Labs Executive Director
How does a question spark into a powerful idea? At Inside Innovation, our annual celebration of curiosity and connection, Harvard students get a chance to meet peers whose ideas can ignite their own. I'm looking forward to leading a conversation with experts in industries ranging from architecture to art to venture capital who will speak to the importance of creativity and getting out of your comfort zone. If you’re a Harvard student, we hope you’ll join us on October 14! And for anyone curious about building a successful startup, join our Peter O. Crisp Faculty Chair Tom Eisenmann tonight for a virtual fireside chat!

We’re also celebrating Latinx Heritage Month at the Harvard Innovation Labs! For related events and inspiration, check out the What Inspires Us section at the end of this newsletter.

Matt Segneri
Bruce and Bridgitt Evans Executive Director


News Update

Our Largest-Ever Venture Program Cohort



This fall, we're proud to welcome an impressive 576 student teams into our Fall Venture Program. Of those teams, 416 are in our Start It cohort, designed for students developing their ideas into ventures, and 160 are in our Build It cohort, designed for teams further along on their entrepreneurial journeys. Our virtual spaces are back to buzzing, and we’re glad to report that our in-person space is alive again with good work, questions, and connections! What are these teams building?

Learn about the teams!


Venture Teams in the News

Learn about the ventures generating press and rising through the startup scene!
Elevian (Harvard College) - Elevian snags $40M for stroke recovery and age-related diseases, Fierce Biotech

PredictionStrike (Harvard Law School) - PredictionStrike Raises $1.7M for its Sports Stock Exchange That Lets You Buy and Sell Shares in Athletes, AlleyWatch

Coding it Forward (Harvard College) - White House launches US Digital Corps, FedScoop

Flare Jewelry (Harvard Business School) - These Jewelry Brand Owners Hope to Go Out of Business, InStyle

Legacy (Harvard Kennedy School) - With fertility needs in flux, men eye freezing their sperm, The Wall Street Journal

Overjet (Harvard School of Dental Medicine) - Dental startup Overjet scoops up $27 million in Series A funding, MobiHealthNews

Zumper (Harvard Business School) - New York just surpassed San Francisco as the most expensive rental market in the U.S., CNBC


Women-Led Wednesdays

Honoring women founders across Harvard’s student and alumni communities.

Meet Rana Irmak Aksoy!

Harvard Graduate School of Design student Rana Irmak Aksoy is Co-Founder (alongside Ajit Manuel) of Timble, a circular slow fashion network with a focus on repairing, recycling, upcycling, resale, and made-to-order clothing. How does Rana describe her leadership path as an entrepreneur?

Read on to find out!


Venture Profiles

Advancing high-potential ventures that address climate change.

Increasing Energy Access

Energy access is still out of reach for many; in 2019, less than half of Ugandans had access to electricity. Anuel Energy Inc. is changing that by connecting solar merchants and industry-specific lenders with homeowners. What inspired founder Emmanuel Bukenya to start his venture?

Get to know Emmanuel!


What Inspires Us

What made us smile, frown, or think.
Memory and Monuments in Latin America
How do we honor and do justice to a complex history while moving forward? This issue of Revista: Harvard Review of Latin America – an online magazine highlighting the work of Harvard faculty, students, alumni, and Visiting Scholars – focuses on public meaning-making and how our monuments change over time. For our readers, we pose the question: what are some creative ways to remember the past? What place does memory have in innovation?

Connecting Latinx Innovators with Resources
The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) is hosting a Hispanic Innovation and Entrepreneurship Program on October 13, from 1-4 pm ET. They'll cover a range of topics and resources, including “how IP can be a key to your success,” building networks, and discovering “USPTO resources for inventors and entrepreneurs.”

Exploring Landscape and Infrastructure on the Rio Grande/Rio Bravo
Rouse Visiting Artist Zoe Leonard’s photography project Al Rio/To the River observes the interplay between the natural landscape and the infrastructure – including towns, pipelines, border checkpoints, and factories – that runs through it. How can we do better by nature and people along our many borders? Join the free virtual lecture with Zoe Leonard and José Esparza Chong Cuy on October 12 from 6:30-8 pm ET.

How to Diversify (and Strengthen!) Startups
Though diverse founding teams have been shown to be more successful than homogenous teams, startups are still overwhelmingly created by white founders. How can we change the numbers, and create stronger companies as a result? This article in TechCrunch offers suggestions for how legislation and VCs can make a difference.

Latinx Women Gaining Ground in Venture Capital
Latinx women are deeply underrepresented in venture capital, receiving just 0.4% of funding. Learn how these five women are making change in venture capital, starting with who gets funded. We also recommend this Twitter account as a great resource for Latinx VCs!




We celebrate innovators from all 13 Harvard schools who aren’t afraid to exit on the 13th floor.


View our terms and conditions here.

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【MIT-CHIEF Summit Dialogue】AI-Empowered Drug Discovery

MIT-CHIEF Summit Dialogue invites leading scientists and entrepreneurs to discuss the challenges, trends, and issues affecting technology.

About this event

Longtime consumption, high cost, and low rate of success have made drug discovery one of the most complicated technical fields at present. However, the continuous development of artificial intelligence(AI) technology has brought drug discovery into a new hopeful era. This revolutionary combination of AI and drug discovery has attracted significant attention, and a new peak has been brought due to its outstanding performance in the COVID-19 epidemic. The market is witnessing its rapid rise, as well as challenges that follow.

On September 15th, MIT-CHIEF sincerely invites Prof. Connor Coley from the Department of Chemical Engineering of MIT and Dr. Lipeng Lai, co-founder of XtalPi, to discuss the present and future of AI-empowered drug discovery.

【MIT-CHIEF Summit Dialogue】AI-Empowered Drug Discovery Tickets, Wed, Sep 15, 2021 at 8:00 PM | Eventbrite





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TSVC(Formerly TEEC Angel Fund)

- No. -


TSVC(前TEEC Angel Fund),由清华校友在硅谷创办于2010年,是硅谷第一家大陆华人专注于硬科技领域的超级天使风险投资基金。其管理团队由硅谷连续创业者和顶尖科技企业高管组成,基金合伙人与顾问团队均有深厚的专业技术背景。通过独有的平台化运作和清华强大的校友资源,构成世界一流的技术专家团队,TSVC已经成为硅谷投资界业绩最佳,声望最高的早期基金之一。

基金投资领域囊括了企业服务,金融科技,生物医疗科技以及人工智能等。现旗下有180多家企业融资超过5亿美金,10家公司估值超过一亿美元,其中诞生了多家以上1000亿与100亿美元以上的独角兽,包括Zoom,Carta, Iterable, Ginkgo Biowork,Plus AI,Quanergy。

Founded in 2010, TSVC (formerly known as TEEC Angel Fund) is proud to be a leading early-stage venture capital fund in Silicon Valley. Over the past 9 years, TSVC’s 160+ portfolio companies have raised over 500 million USD, with 10 companies' valuation totaling over 100 million USD, and with 6 unicorns (Zoom, Quanergy, Carta, Plus AI and Ginkgo Bio).   

By investing in forward-thinking ideas and cutting-edge deep technologies as well as partnering with exceptional founders in Silicon Valley’s extraordinary entrepreneurial community, TSVC focuses on vertical areas such as SaaS, AI chips, Fintech, Biotech, Blockchain, and semiconductors.

Our investment philosophy centers on our belief that today’s visionaries will make tomorrow’s reality. In an interconnected world, we seek to stand at the forefront of global technology transformation. From the earliest days through all phases of growth, our mission is to support our entrepreneurs with unique insights and solid technical expertise and to bring them distinctive values along with crucial funding to make their ideas into reality.

Eugene Zhang 

TSVC 创始合伙人,雪城大学电脑工程硕士学位,清华大学无线系(80级)学士及硕士学位


Eugene早年致力于Sun Microsystem中的Sunfire SMP Server Project的开发,其联合开发了行业中领先的硬件 Testbench language Vera,并为现在所有数字系统设计所应用。之后Eugene创立了JEDA Technology Inc,并担任总裁及首席执行官。


2012年Eugene创立了硅谷第一家立足于中美科技圈的孵化器,Innospring(创源科技),并担任创业总裁。2010年,Eugene与清华校友会合伙创立了专注于早期创业投资的风投基金TSVC(前TEEC Angel Fund)。Eugene专注于新兴技术的投资,他的80+的投资组合包括ZOOM, Carta, Ginkgo Bioworks,Quanergy,Iterable,Lex Machina,Trusper,TrustGo, Gaatu,EquityZen,一起作业和兆易创新等。

Eugene Zhang is a Founding Partner of TSVC, a Silicon Valley-based venture capital firm  focused on building and scaling early-stage technology startups. Eugene’s investment focus is emerging technologies and FinTech, and he has led investments in over 70 startups including ZOOM, Quanergy, Lex Machina, Trusper, TrustGo, Carta, Ginkgo Bioworks, Gaatu, EquityZen, 17Zuoye and GigaDevice. He has also served on multiple boards including Gaatu and Tsing Hua Entrepreneur & Executive Club (TEEC).

Eugene has been working in the networking and computing industry for more than a decade in technical and management positions. As a member of the SMP server project at SUN Microsystem, he co-invented the industry’s first hardware testbench language, Vera, which is a part of today’s industry standard SystemVerilog. 

Prior to TSVC, Eugene was the founder and CEO of Innospring, a global cross-border technology startup incubator. In 2002, Eugene founded JEDA Technologies, Inc., serving as President and CEO. JEDA specializes in next-generation system on a chip (SoC) design methodologies and provides electronic system level (ESL) verification automation products for leading edge SoC design companies.

Eugene holds a Master of Science in Communications Engineering from Syracuse University, and a Bachelor and Master of Science in Electrical Engineering from Tsinghua University, Beijing. 

璞华资本(Hua Capital)

- No. -



Hua Capital Management Co., Ltd is organized and founded by an experienced semiconductor industry investment  team with Tsinghua Holdings Co., Ltd. and China Fortune-Tech Capital Co., Ltd.  Its investments focuses on the semiconductor industry and related areas. Hua Capital emphases on professional, international and industrial Chain-focusing investment philosophy. Our team consists of semiconductor industry entrepreneurs from both home and abroad and the core members of most active semiconductor funds, all of whom have more than 20 years’ experience in semiconductor industry entrepreneurship, management and investing. Hua Capital, by availing itself of its all-in specialized experience and industry leadership, will help increase the targeted portfolio companies’ value and synergy to enable them to be the leaders in the semiconductor industry.




张锡盛是美国硅谷和北京中关村的系列创业家,二十多年的集成电路行业创业、运营、投资的经验 。领导璞华团队投资了多个初创企业,成功案例包括:韦尔股份(603501)、博通集成(603068)、晶晨半导体、帝科电子、华大九天等,并担任多家上市公司董事。2002年创办Accelicon,任董事长,在2011年成功出售给世界500强企业安捷伦。张锡盛本科毕业于北京大学,博士毕业于清华大学。曾任东南大学客座教授。

Dr. Xisheng Zhang is founding partner and president of Hua Capital Management Ltd. He has over 20 years’ experience of startup, fund management and investment in US and China. He got BS of EE from Peking University, MS and PhD of EE from Tsinghua University. He also did the Post-doc research in UC Berkley. He is guest professor of Southeast University. 

高榕资本(Gaorong Capital)

- No. -




高榕资本由张震、高翔、岳斌三位创始合伙人于2014年1月创立,专注于早期和成长期投资,重点投资新消费、新技术、医疗健康等创新创业领域。7年时间,高榕资本参与管理的美元基金和人民币基金总额折合约300亿人民币。截至目前,已有19家高榕投资或入股的公司成功IPO,超过30家高榕投资或入股的公司估值超过10亿美元,多家公司成长为各自行业的领军者。其中包括新电商开创者拼多多(NASDAQ: PDD)、致力技术驱动娱乐的互动直播平台虎牙直播(NYSE: HUYA)、中国最大的在线招聘平台BOSS直聘(NASDAQ: BZ)、中国美妆市场引领者逸仙电商(NYSE: YSG)、智能清洁机器人领域领军者石头科技(688169.SH)等。

At Gaorong Capital, we devote ourselves to creating better life through innovation. We are dedicated  in identifying the leading founders and collaborating with them to achieve long-term value. Our vision is to empower humanity to achieve its maximum potential and to bring the futuristic blueprints to life through progressive technology and innovation.

Founded by Zhen Zhang, Xiang Gao, and Bin Yue in January 2014, Gaorong Capital is focused on early and growth-stage investments, with a specialty in new consumption, new technology and healthcare. The total current AUM is approximately USD 4.3 billion, including both USD and RMB funds. We have 19 successful IPO portfolios and over 30 projects valued more than USD 1 billion, amongst which, many of them have advanced to be leaders in their perspective industries, including ground-breaking e-commerce platform Pinduoduo (NASDAQ: PDD), interactive live game-streaming platform Huya (NYSE: HUYA), China's online recruitment platform BOSS Zhipin (NASDAQ: BZ), a leader in China beauty market Yatsen (NYESE: YSG), intelligent robot vacuum cleaner company Roborock (688169.SH), etc.




投资领域包括人工智能、企业服务、机器人、大数据、云计算等。负责投资或参与的投资案例包括:高途(NYSE: GSX),深鉴科技(并购退出),极智嘉(独角兽的物流机器人企业)等。

Wang Xin, graduated from the Department of electronic engineering of Tsinghua University with a bachelor's degree and a master's degree. He once served as a project manager in China Mobile headquarters. He joined Gaorong capital in 2014 and is now the executive director of Gaorong capital. Investment fields include artificial intelligence, enterprise services, robotics, big data, cloud computing, etc. Investment cases responsible for investment or participation include: GOTU(NYSE), Geek+, Deephi Tech, etc..

武岳峰资本(SummitView Capital)

- No. -



SummitView Capital's mission is to fund the transformative companies of the 21st century that will modernize entire industries. Our strategy is clear and definite: provide innovative ideas and technologies with the resources – whatever it takes – to commercialize big opportunities.

We are currently managing several funds located in Shanghai, Beijing, Jiangsu Province, Zhejiang Province, United States, etc. Since our inception in 2011, we leverage our powerful network among governmental, corporate, and personal relationships across the world to commit across the full life-cycle of high-tech equity investments. Our core investment areas include: Information Industry, Advanced Manufacturing, Green Tech & Clean Tech, Precision Medicine, and Cultural Creativity.

We know that complex problems in need of creative solutions are increasingly evident in our shifting world. The emerging industries that we have been concentrating on are facing a future quite different from their past. Now it is an excellent time to combine the capital, technologies, people, and government policies to build these evolving industries.

In addition to capital, our teams of investment professionals have deep expertise in their industry sectors, with business and operational experience in the markets in which they invest in. Meanwhile, we are constantly establishing world-class corporate partnerships to help our portfolio companies grow into major players in the global market. It is our goal to successfully commercialize the technologies that will change the world.




2016-2018年,曾于麦肯锡大中华区历任初级咨询顾问、资深咨询顾问、初级项目经理,服务世界500强客户10余家,在企业战略、并购尽职调查与投后整合管理、业务转型、组织架构、营销与大数据分析领域积累了丰富的项目经验。2016年前,曾任职于国开新能源集团、美国Evans Analytical Group公司、美国Tigerlabs Venture老虎基金、美国能源部Brookhaven国家实验室(BNL)、美国能源部普林斯顿等离子体物理实验室(PPPL)。赵澎博士被聘为清华校友三创大赛创业导师,并曾荣获2018年中国新材料资本技术峰会新材料产业杰出青年投资人。现负责新材料、先进制造、泛半导体电子、化工及生物医疗方向。参与投资项目40+,包括多种技术路线的电池产业链、碳素材料、精细化工和大化工、新材料检测与服务、可穿戴设备、基因测序和生物医药临床器材的研制开发等。

Dr. Peng Zhao graduated from Tsinghua University in 2007 and got his Ph.D degree from Princeton University. Being a professional industry builder, he has 10+ years R&D experience and investment exposure on advanced materials, chemicals, energy and semiconductor. And he is deeply passionate about commercializing the technologies that could change the world.

复星锐正资本(Fosun RZ Capital)

- No. -



Fosun RZ Capital was founded in 2013 and is headquartered in Beijing and Shanghai. As an equity investment institution rooted in China, with a global layout and industrial resource advantages, Fosun RZ Capital focuses on investment in technology, and new commerce industries, bringing complete support and capital to the portfolio companies. Fosun RZ Capital is empowering portfolios with resources in the four major sectors of Fosun's health, happiness, wealth, and smart manufacturing, promoting industrial synergy, helping portfolios maximize their potential, and achieving leap-forward and international growth. U.S. investment cases include several upcoming listed companies: Grubmarket, Snapsheet, Uhnder, etc., and Israeli investment cases include upcoming listed companies: IRP, etc.


Wally Wang 



Wally Wang先生负责复星集团在北美、欧洲和以色列的高科技投资,加入复星前,Wally创办人工智能安全公司获数百万美金融资并入选Plug and Play全球孵化器。在创业前,Wally曾任硅谷AI明星企业DataVisor副总裁负责中日韩以及东南亚市场,并曾帮助全球知名可穿戴品牌Misfit进入中国及印度并成功以2.6亿美金被收购。Wally职业生涯起步于微软搜索广告产品经理,曾是YC孵化的Pebble Watch的创始数据科学家。投资方面,Wally作为Venture Partner帮助华创资本成功投资了硅谷多个百倍回报的天使项目。Wally先生曾就读于纽约大学斯特恩商学院的博士,拥有清华大学自动化学士学位,是Carnegie Mellon University计算机学院的访问学者,UC Berkeley天台加速器,Alchemist加速器导师。

Wally Wang – Head of U.S. Investment, Fosun RZ Capital  Data Scientist and Entrepreneur turned Venture Capitalist, managed technology investments for Fosun Group in US and Israel. Co-founder/executive in four top venture capital-backed Silicon Valley startups with three acquisitions. Worked a stint at Microsoft Bing Ads. Pursued PhD at NYU Stern Business School, Visiting Scholar at Carnegie Mellon University. 

清苗基金(Sinovel Angel Fund)

- No. -


清苗天使基金由邓锋倡议并和陈大同、沈向洋、李峰、邵晓风、李军共同发起,旨在帮助和培养新一代华裔青年在海外创新立业。清苗合伙人及志愿团队参与基金对青年创业者及其企业的支持、服务和孵化。基金管理人承诺将一定比例的投资收益用于赞助华裔青年公益项目。目前已投资 Stratodyne, Butlr 等项目。


The Sinovel Angel Fund, initially envisioned by Deng Feng, co-founded by Chen Datong, Shum Heung Yeung, Li Feng, Charles Shao and Jun Li, aims to cultivate a new generation of overseas Chinese youth with aspirations to found venture businesses. In addition to investment funding, Sinovel partners and volunteer to encourage, support and incubate young entrepreneurs and their enterprises. The fund is committed to dedicating a portion of investment returns towards social impact projects led by Chinese youth.

By nurturing the talented seeds of young Chinese American entrepreneurs, innovative ideas will take root and blossom into impactful global enterprises. Current portfolio include Stratodyne, Butlr etc..


Charles Shao



清华大学电子系(80级)学士、硕士;曾任北加州湾区清华校友会会长(1996)、清华高铁中心执行主任、斯坦福大学定位导航授时中心(SCPNT)顾问;深度参与并组织应用多项中国高速铁路系统研发项,曾获中国铁道科学技术壹等奖(2009); 1997年起先后加入NetScreen,ServGate, EPIN,Easyway创始团队,在光通讯技术、网络安全、大型工业控制系统、超大型在线交易平台、IOT等领域有一定经验。

GP of Sinovel Angel Fund; TSVC partner;  BSEE, MSEE of Tsinghua University; President of THAA-NC in 1996; A seasoned entrepreneur and senior executive with start-up enterprises in NetScreen,ServGate,EPIN and Easyway. Managed multiple R&D/Engineering projects for China high-speed rail system; First prize winner of Rail Technologies Awards by China Railway Society. 




清华大学研究员,校友总会理事;清华大学自动化系(80级)学士、硕士;新泽西州理工学院(NJIT) 计算机系博士。曾任北加州湾区清华校友会会长,清华大学信息技术研究院院长等。2000年开始从事天使投资,成功案例包括展讯、兆易等。

Professor at Tsinghua University and board director of Tsinghua Alumni Association; BS and MS of Automation Department of Tsinghua University; Ph.D. of CS of New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT). Former President of THAA-NC, Dean of Research Institute of Information Technology, Tsinghua University. Active in angel investment since 2000, portfolio includes Spreadtrum, Gigadevice, etc..




北美清华校友会联合会(简称联合会)(英文名称:North America Federation of Tsinghua Alumni Associations,英文缩写:NAFTHAA)于2017年9月正式成立,并被美国联邦税务局审核批准认定为符合501(c)(3)免税条款的非营利机构。联合会是由北美地区各大清华校友会组成的非营利、非宗教和非政治性联合团体,会员单位是北美各地区的清华校友会。联合会旨在传承母校清华大学的文化;组织与协调跨北美地区的校友活动,促进北美各校友组织之间的交流与合作;支持和帮助北美各校友组织的发展,并通过北美各校友组织,为北美校友在生活、学习、工作和职业发展上提供帮助。







Gain insight from industry leaders on innovation and entrepreneurship!

About this Event

Dear Participants,

We are delighted to inform you that the 2021 Berkeley Chinese Alumni International Association (BCAIA) Innovation & Entrepreneurship Forum will be held on Sat, April 17th, via Zoom from 6:00-9:00pm PST; Beijing Time: Sunday, April 18th, 9:00 am-12:00 pm.

BCAIA, a CAA Berkeley Outstanding Alumni Club of the Year, was formed to facilitate business, cultural, and academic ties between UC Berkeley, Silicon Valley, and Greater China.

BIEF cultivates a resourceful entrepreneurial startup network for UC Berkeley alumni, students and friends/supporters to connect, collaborate, and build successful next-generation startups to make positive changes across the globe without borders. We also have partnerships with ZGC Development Group and INSEAD which we share best practices and insights in entrepreneurship and US/China Collaborations.

This event will showcase Berkeley and SF Bay Area’s innovation & entrepreneurship ecosystem. You will have the opportunity to build a strong startup community composed of leaders and professionals, engage a global network of entrepreneurs affiliated with UC Berkeley, and network with industry experts and tech professionals.

We hope to see you there!

Event agenda

  • Opening & Remarks- 15min
  • Keynote 1 (15 min)- Research Innovations & Global Cooperation- Dr. Randy Schekman, 2013 Nobel Prize Winner in Medicine/Physiology
  • Keynote 2 (15 min)- Latest Innovations in the Fight Against COVID 19- Dr. Cheng Liu, CEO & Founder of Eureka Therapeutics
  • Keynote 3 (15 min)- Global Innovation Platform- Sophia Dou, ZGC Capital Corp.
  • Break- 5 min
  • Keynote 4 (20 min)- Fireside Chat: The Making of a Super Unicorn- Dr. Reynold Xin, Co-Founder, Databricks; Richard Chan, Ironfire Ventures (moderator)
  • Keynote 5 (20 min)- Fireside Chat: The Future of Growth- Nick Wakefield, Facebook Head of Growth Data Engineering; Simon Zhang, Co-founder & CEO of GrowingIO
  • Break- 5 min
  • Panel- (30 min)- Berkeley Global Entrepreneur Network- How to Succeed as Entrepreneurs; Kai Mai (BCAIA SV Chapter, COO of Petoi); Ran Bi (BCAIA Beijing); Joe Zhao (Founder/ CEO of Aiator); Russell Saito (Berkeley Club of Japan, Director of Asia, Chia Network); Claudia Lin (Founder and CEO of JADE Biomedical)
  • Conclusion & Networking


Randy Schekman

  • 2013 Nobel Prize Winner in Medicine/Physiology
  • Professor in the Department of Molecular and Cell Biology at University of California, Berkeley
  • Investigator of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute

Cheung Liu

  • CEO/Founder of Eureka Therapeutics
  • Former Principal Scientist at Novartis

Sophia Dou

  • Vice President of ZGC Capital Corp.
  • Co-Founder of Reading Technology, LLC

Reynold Xin

  • Co-Founder, Databricks
  • Top contributor to the Apache Spark Project

Richard Chan

  • Founder of Ironfire Ventures
  • Mentor at Microsoft Ventures in Beijing

Nick Wakefield

  • Facebook Head of Growth Data Engineering
  • Former Head of Data and Analytics at Nextdoor.com

Simon Zhang

  • Co-founder & CEO of GrowingIO
  • Former LinkedIn Sr. Director of Business Analytics


Chuck Ng

  • President of Berkeley Chinese Alumni Int'l Assoc. (BCAIA)
  • President of Asia Society Young Leaders Group

Christina Zhong

  • Co-President of BCAIA Ambassadors Program

Vanessa Auyong

  • Co-President of BCAIA Ambassadors Program

Howard Li

  • Vice President of External Affairs

Marshall Li

  • Vice President of Operations

Jennifer Chen

  • Vice President of Marketing

Claire Liu

  • Vice President of Internal Affairs

And thank you to the BCAIA Ambassador Team!!


  • ZGC Development Group

Supporting Partners

  • Senator Rex Zhang
  • Senator Samuel Peng
  • LEAP Career Development Forum
  • Tsinghua University
  • Peking University
  • Shanghai Jiao Tong University
  • Fudan University
  • University of Science and Technology of China
  • Zhejiang University
  • Chinese People Union
  • Berkeley Chinese Students And Scholars Association
  • Chinese Graduate and Postdoctoral Scholars Association
  • University of California, Davis
  • Cal Alumni Association
  • Calstartup.network
  • SVForum 100
  • RAVV
  • Skydorm
  • TSVC
科技与人文的融合| 旅美科协波士顿分会2021年会


Zoom ID:964 0184 5891



炉边谈话18期:素研实验室 线上教育的新探索


炉边谈话是MIT CEO的主要活动形式之一。主要形式是以知名创业者嘉宾在主持人引导下进行对话,以及和观众问答互动,以分享创业故事和经验,帮助小伙伴们增加对领域的了解,促进行业内部的交流。本期炉边谈话18期,我们非常荣幸的邀请到了素研实验室团队。素研实验室在探索线上科研教育的新模式,将会为大家分享他们的心得。






1. 分享(50 min)

- 素研的创业故事 –如何选择了线上教育市场

- 一群“清高”的博士,如何被市场“再教育”

- 如何找到合伙人

- 如何建立强大的多方社群,让公司的利益融入社群利益中


2. 现场互动 (30 min)


李卓璇博士,素研实验室CEO。法国中央理工大学通用工程师学位,清华大学材料系硕士。MIT 机械-管理交叉学科博士,斯坦福管理科学与工程系博士后研究员。深圳共享智能家居科技有限公司创始人、设计总监。

发表多篇国际顶级会议、学术杂志科研文章,担任多个学术杂志审稿人。曾担任MIT 创业孵化器Sandbox 导师,MIT Teaching and Learning Lab本科生科研计划研究员。2020至今担任Stanford-Thai Research Consortium 《创新型创业》课程讲师。





素研实验室 线上教育的新探索



谈话分享(50min)+ 在线问答(30min)


    北京时间:2021年1月16日 9:00 -10:30

    美西时间:2021年1月15日 17:00 - 18:30 

    美中时间:2021年1月15日 19:00 - 20:30

    美东时间:2021年1月15日 20:00 - 21:30














【About MIT CEO】


麻省理工学院华人创业者协会(MIT Chinese Entrepreneurs Organization, MIT CEO) 是由MIT和Harvard等校的学生和校友,以及波士顿周边的年轻创业者、职场人士成立的非营利组织,致力于帮助麻省理工学院及周边的华人创业者建立世界级的企业,创造中国高科技企业与麻省理工学院及周边高新科技的长期对接机制,构建优质投资机构与波士顿地区华人创业者的高效对接交流的平台。


想加入MIT CEO日常交流群,请加小助手微信号:mitceoassistant,注明‘’拉群‘’。


【MIT中国创新与创业论坛】2021 创业大赛正式启动!!!







(MIT-CHIEF) 第十届商业计划书大赛

Business Plan ContestBPC














为什么参加MIT-CHIEF 2021年度商业计划书大赛?































A:点击问卷网链接完成报名,需要提供:姓名,项目名称,学校/组织,联系方式,项目简介(中英文),参赛主题,创业阶段,以及一份商业计划书(Business Plan 或者 Pitch Deck)。
A:得益于线上比赛的便利,我们欢迎来自全球的优秀创业团队报名参加今年的 BPC。无论你是身在海外还是深耕国内市场的创业者,我们相信BPC都会是你创业路上一次绝佳的机会!
A:今年的申请采用滚动报名的方式,希望考虑报名的团队尽早提交申请(截止至美东时间217日)。申请截止后,将由MIT-CHIEF 的团队进行团队初审,通过初审的20支队伍将于美东时间218日收到邮件通知。嘉宾评审将从这20支队伍中筛选出5支进入决赛环节。我们将于31日邮件通知进入决赛的团队,MIT-CHIEF公众号也会对这五支优秀的团队进行推送宣传。

麻省理工学院中国创新与创业论坛(MIT-China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum)由麻省理工学院中国学生学者创立,至今已十年,是北美历史最悠久、最专业的由高校学生组织的中国创新创业论坛。扎根于世界创新创业的殿堂之地麻省理工学院,秉承中国血脉,致力于开拓世界科技创新思想与创新产业投资的交融发源之地,塑造辐射全球的创新生态圈。

MIT-CHIEF 商业计划大赛
‘创业实务’系列第3讲 - 初创公司及个人的财务税务规划





MIT CEO努力打造一个创投社区,全方位的帮助创业者和想要进入创投领域的朋友们。在过去的2个月里,MIT CEO为大家带来了一系列讲座,从不同角度为创业者提供资源和帮助:有转化科技成果资源途径介绍的‘From Lab to A Startup’, 也有搭建公司法务框架的‘创业法律系列讲座’等等。在本系列‘创业实务‘’系列中,我们已经举行了专利法律讲座,和创业心理学讲座。现在我们推出‘创业实务’系列讲座的第3讲:初创公司及个人的财务税务规划。



此次讲座旨在帮助想创业的小伙伴/早期创业者了解如何在公司成立初期更加合理的规划公司的财务架构,处理公司及其创始人的财务管理和税务申报,本期我们邀请到了实操经验丰富的注册会计师 Claire Mao毛翠萍女士来给大家讲解和答疑。



讲座(40 min)

- 初创公司 (Startup) 税务和财务的注意事项

- 小型公司2020年度的税务规划

- 2020年度个人税的一些变化和更新

- 个人税年底的税务规划

Q&A (30 min)



毛翠萍(Claire Mao), 美国注册会计师,拥有9年会计师事务所经验,主要致力于帮助个人和小型企业解决税务和财务相关的问题。已累计为20余家初创公司处理报税财务业务,数百名私人用户处理个人税务问题,获得广泛好评。    

在税务方面包括为客户提供税务申报,咨询,规划,以及协助处理客户收到的税务通知和审查 (Tax Notice and Audits)等。在财务方面,包括为客户提供财务咨询,财务系统的维护,预算管理,以及财务报表的编制,审查和审计等。

Claire拥有丰富的针对小型初创公司 (Startup) 的财务和税务经验。她最引以为豪的事情之一就是陪伴着很多小型初创公司的客户一起成长壮大。



创业实务’系列讲座3 - 初创公司及个人的财务税务规划


    中文,Zoom Webinar链接在活动前邮件通知


美东时间:12月21日周一 20: 00 – 21: 15

美中时间:12月21日周一 19: 00 – 20: 15

美西时间:12月21日周一 17: 00 – 18: 15