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ABA to debut Magna Carta traveling exhibit at its Annual Meeting Expo in Boston

WASHINGTON, July 31, 2014 — The American Bar Association is joining with the Library of Congress to debut a special traveling exhibit to commemorate the 800th anniversary of the sealing of Magna Carta, Aug. 8 at the ABA’s Annual Meeting Expo in Boston.
The ABA Standing Committee on the Law Library of Congress will unveil “Magna Carta: Enduring Legacy 1215-2015.” Curated by the Law Library of Congress, the exhibit will feature 16 banners, 13 of which reflect spectacular images of Magna Carta and precious manuscripts, books and other documents from the Library of Congress’s rare book collections. The exhibit also incorporates a video, produced by the Library of Congress, showing the Law Librarian and the exhibit curator handling the materials and explaining their significance.
The exhibit was developed both to raise awareness about Magna Carta’s enduring influence and to complement an upcoming Library of Congress exhibition, “Magna Carta: Muse and Mentor,” (Nov. 6, 2014 through Jan. 19, 2015), that will display the Lincoln Cathedral’s 1215 manuscript of Magna Carta.
The principles found in Magna Carta played a fundamental role in establishing the supremacy of the law in our constitutional, democratic society, including concepts embraced by the Founding Fathers in the Bill of Rights. The importance of Magna Carta to American laws and freedoms will be highlighted at the Annual Meeting as Chief Justice of the United States John G. Roberts Jr. speaks to the ABA House of Delegates on the subject Aug. 11 at 11 a.m. The exhibit will give people a better understanding of Magna Carta and its relevance to the modern-day rule of law.
The exhibit will be available for viewing Friday, Aug. 8, 5-7 p.m.Saturday, Aug. 9, 9, 9 a.m.-4 p.m.; and Sunday, Aug. 10, 9 a.m.-2 p.m. In addition to the exhibit, visitors will be able to:
  • Meet David Mao, Law Librarian of Congress.
  • Attend a “pop up” speech by the Rare Books Curator, Nathan Dorn, on Saturday, Aug.9, 9:30- 10 a.m. and 3-3:30 p.m.
  • Discuss the exhibit and the Law Library’s collections with the Law Librarian and Rare Book Curator.
After Boston, the exhibit will travel to public buildings such as courthouses, law schools, universities and public libraries around the United States.  From June 11 to 14, 2015, the exhibit will be displayed in London, England in conjunction with the ABA’s London sessions and rededication of the ABA’s Magna Carta memorial at Runnymede.
The current schedule for the exhibit includes stops in:
  • Indianapolis at the Indiana Statehouse, Sept. 29-Oct. 10, hosted by the Indiana State Bar.
  • Ann Arbor at the University of Michigan Law School, Oct. 1-21, hosted by the Michigan Law School
  • Houston, at the ABA Midyear Meeting, Feb. 6-8, 2015
  • Atlanta, at the Georgia Bar Center, Spring 2015, hosted by the State Bar of Georgia
  • Salt Lake City, April 3-20, 2015, hosted by the Utah State Bar
  • Washington, D.C, at the ABA Section of International Law Spring Meeting, April 29-May 2, 2015, hosted by the ABA Section of International Law
  • Philadelphia, at the ABA Tort Trial and Insurance Practice Section Meeting, April 29-May 3, 2015, hosted by theABA Tort Trial and Insurance Practice
  • London, England, at the ABA London Sessions, June 11-14, 2015
  • Chicago, at the ABA Annual Meeting, July 31 - Aug. 2, 2015, hosted by the ABA Standing Committee on the Law Library of Congress
  • Brooklyn, N.Y., at the Brooklyn Law School, Sept. 14-28, 2015, hosted by the Brooklyn Law School
  • San Diego, at the ABA Midyear Meeting, Feb. 5-7, 2016
For information about hosting the ABA Magna Carta Traveling Exhibit, please contact Elissa Lichtenstein at
For further information about ABA’s “Magna Carta: Enduring Legacy 1215-2015,” visit
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The Law Library of Congress was established in 1832 with the mission to make its resources available to members of Congress, the Supreme Court, other branches of the U.S. government and the global legal community and to sustain and preserve a universal collection of law for future generations. With more than 5 million items in various formats, the Law Library of Congress contains the world’s largest collection of law books and other resources from all countries and provides online databases and guides to legal information worldwide through its website at

 The Library of Congress, the nation’s oldest federal cultural institution and the largest library in the world, holds more than 158 million items in various languages, disciplines and formats.  The Library serves the U.S. Congress and the nation both on-site in its reading rooms on Capitol Hill and through its award-winning website at


Dear All,

It is with great sadness I am sharing with you that Dr. WhaiJen Soo left us. He is an inspiring scientist and leader. No memorial service will be held in the New England area. See more information below. 

Kind regards,

Lisa Kang
President of Monte Jade

Begin forwarded message:


Soo, Whaijen A global biotechnology and pharmaceutical leader as well as beloved father, husband, and son, died on July 28, 2014 at age 64 in Manchester-by-the-Sea. Born and raised in Taiwan, Whaijen received his B.S. in chemistry from National Taiwan University before moving to San Francisco where he received his Ph.D in Biochemistry from UC-Berkeley and his M.D. from UC-San Francisco. In a thirty-year career at Roche, Biogen, and Shire, Whaijen led the research and development of innovative drugs to help patients fighting HIV/AIDS, hepatitis, influenza, cancer, multiple sclerosis, and many other diseases. Most recently, he was the Managing Director of the Supra Integration and Incubation Center (Si2C), a subagency of the Taiwanese government dedicated to accelerating Taiwan to the forefront of the global biotechnology industry. Whaijen is survived by his wife Ellen of 38 years, his son Jevan and daughter Jennifer, his son-in-law Ryan, his mother Jan Hun, his brother Hwaili, his sister Olivia, and a circle of friends around the globe who will carry his spirit and passion for international travel, sailing and hiking, and unusual cuisines with them. Funeral arrangements were for immediate family, but there will be a memorial gathering in northern California in the fall; please for details. In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, dedicated in memory of Whaijen Soo, at
Published in The Boston Globe on July 31, 2014
- See more at:

抗議墮胎緩衝地帶 聯邦廢 麻州保

麻州和聯邦最高法院為墮胎診所的“緩衝地帶(buffer zone)”槓上了。
最高法院七月初時裁定,麻州需廢除緩衝地帶法。麻州州長派區克(Deval Patrick)昨(三十)日簽署參議會S2283號法案,保護民眾進出提供墮胎服務醫療護理場所的安全。
高齡七十七歲的“營救行動(Operation rescue)“成員,反選擇(anti-choice)倡議者麥卡倫(Eleanor McCullen)等人,促使美國最高法院裁定廢除“緩衝地帶”,尤其是麻州的規定抗議者不得闖進婦女醫療護理場所進出口的35英尺之內。
            麻州州長派區克(Deval Patrick)表示,他為自己能簽署這一法令,持續保護婦女及醫院或診所員工進出生育護理場所的安全,感到驕傲。
            為回應最高法院的決定,派區克加入了婦女的醫療護理支持者聯盟,和麻州總檢察官柯克莉(Martha Coakley),麻州參議會議長泰瑞莎穆瑞(Therese Murray),麻州眾議會議長狄樂歐(Robert DeLeo),麻州計劃家長聯盟(Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts)執行長華姿(Marty Walz),麻州支持選擇行政主任阿木森(Megan Amundson)等人,一同起草了該法案,期以在個人言論自由,以及人們的進出墮胎服務場所權力之間,取得平衡點。


            錢朵樂(Harriette L. Chandler)。(菊子攝)


七月廿九日晚的中華公所董事會議,議程有九項。首兩項為社區陳情。第一宗為介紹中華公所圖書館,第二宗原定由亞美社區發展協會介紹喜露街50 號的發展設計,但該會未派人出席,反倒是昆士高中校長張可仁利用機會,說明該校有機會獲得25好地段,建新校址,請中華公所支持該校留在華埠。
亞美聯誼會申請加入中華公所一案,甄雲龍應中華公所職員要求出席。甄雲龍說明, 中華公所要求該會交出所有會員的電話號碼,但電話號碼屬於個人隱私,他才未同意繳交。








中華公所設圖書館 僑社支持捐款一萬六千元




Wednesday, July 30, 2014

中華成棒在屋斯特比賽 洪慧珠開球

中華成棒培訓隊來紐英崙的移地訓練,七月廿八日晚在即將升任駐美副代表的洪慧珠開球下,為屋斯特世界棒球系列(Worcester World Baseball Series)揭開序幕,以四比零大勝屋斯特勇心隊(Bravehearts)。
            中華成棒隊昨(廿九)晚繼續在麻州屋斯特市和紐英崙精英明星隊(New England Elite All-Stars)對壘,今(三十)晚移師到布洛克頓(Brockton)的鐘聲球場(Campanelli Stadium)和蔓越梅聯盟明星隊(Cranberry League All-Stars)比賽,預定八月一日啟程返航。
            當晚在場的勇心隊工作人員透露,自從屋斯特龍捲風隊(Worcester Tornadoes)在2012年解散後,屋斯特就一直沒有球隊,直到2013年九月,藉由屋斯特聖十字學院的合作,25名隊員中,有一半為本地球員,一半從全美各地大學棒球隊中徵選來,才重新組成屋斯特的唯一球隊,加入未來大學棒球聯盟,並於2014年(今年)六月開始第一季比賽。他們還指出,該隊取名勇心,並採用心臟做隊徽,就是因為屋斯特座落於麻州中部,向有麻州中心之稱。
            現年三十四歲的屋斯特勇心隊東主,Creedon and Co.公司副總裁John Creedon Jr.和未來大學棒球聯盟負責人(commissioner)霍爾(Chris Hall)都有心拓展球隊的國際經驗,七月廿八日的球賽,正好成為屋斯特世界棒球系列(Worcester World Baseball Series)首場比賽。
John Creedon Jr.指出,中華成棒隊 在國際棒球聯盟排名中高居第四,僅次於美國,日本及古巴,屋斯特勇心隊有機會和中華成棒隊比賽,對教練,球員,都是很好的磨練。希望將來能推動更多合作。