星期二, 1月 31, 2023

昆士市市長Tom Koch發表市情咨文 麻州長Maura Healey出席致意 (圖片)


東波士頓警察局啟用 市長吳弭、警察局長Cox聯袂剪綵


BOSTON - Tuesday, January 31, 2023 - Mayor Michelle Wu today joined Boston Police Commissioner Michael Cox, Chief of Operations Dion Irish, police officers, and community leaders for a ribbon cutting of the new District A-7 police station in East Boston. The new facility (which officially opened last week) on East Eagle Street represents a $29.9 million investment in East Boston’s public safety and community spaces, and was designed following several public meetings to hear the community’s opinions about the project, public safety, traffic, and accessibility. The new facility also includes stormwater management and more energy efficient systems.

“An investment in our municipal buildings is an investment in our City workers and our residents. This new state of the art station provides the working environment our officers deserve and creates a more accessible experience for the local community,” said Mayor Michelle Wu. “I want to thank our Public Facilities Department for seeing this project through and incorporating community input and sustainability into the design.”

“This new District A-7 station is a win for our officers and for the East Boston Community,” said Boston Police Commissioner Michael Cox. “The former station was unsafe and outdated for far too long. The new A-7 is more strategically located and offers modern resources for our officers to better serve the diverse communities of East Boston. We are grateful to Mayor Wu, as well as the City’s operations and facilities teams, for making this a priority. This building brings with it new space for our officers to meet and connect with residents and the business community as we work to build trust and enhance our community policing efforts.”

This new police station will be the first complete new district station in more than a decade. Its location is centrally located in East Boston. The new facility is safer and more code compliant than the old premise which contained antiquated mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems. The officers gain a more efficient space for work and collaboration which provides adequate space for personnel, equipment, and security. The new A-7 facility helps conserve water and prioritizes the use of safer materials to lower exposure to toxins. The mechanical systems are all controlled by a building management system and the lighting is controlled by a lighting control system and occupancy sensors to manage energy use and increase efficiency. 

“We broke ground on this project in October of 2019 to create a modern facility with enhanced community access, improved working conditions, and public art,” said Chief of Operations Dion Irish. “This new station will improve dispatch response times, while providing a sustainable, resilient asset for the East Boston neighborhood and Boston Police Department.”

The building is situated so that the public lobby and community room face the neighborhood with transparent facades and an accessible plaza facing the main intersection. It is entirely accessible to both the community and to staff with dedicated parking.

To complement the construction of the new building, the City commissioned artist Monika Bravo to create a long-term public art project in the community room and main lobby of the building. The artwork, UNUS MUNDUS, consists of mosaics and hanging glass mobiles that mimic the original topography of East Boston, a place that was once five separate islands and now has been covered in landfill to create one neighborhood. Bravo referenced many historical and current images and maps of East Boston in creating the work, embedding some of them in the artwork itself. She also engaged community members and Boston Police officers in a series of workshops to learn more about the project and share their input and experiences. 

“There has been much anticipation about the opening of the East Boston Police Station,” said City Councilor Gabriela Coletta. “I look forward to working in partnership with the community and BPD to continue building trust and ensure that the station is a safe, inclusive, and welcoming space for everyone in the community.”

“I’m so proud of the work Mayor Michelle Wu, City Staff, and the Boston Police Department have done to bring a new police station to East Boston, the first new station in Boston in a decade,” said State Senator Lydia Edwards

"I'm glad to see the new A-7 police station open in East Boston after many years of hard work and collaboration with the community," said State Representative Adrian Madaro. "The new facility will be a more modern, healthy, and centrally located facility for both the officers who work there and East Boston residents."

This announcement builds off of Mayor Wu’s commitment to invest in City workers and infrastructure to ensure all residents and City workers can take advantage of state of the art facilities. Earlier this month, Mayor Wu announced $25 million for a new BCYF community center in the North End. Last year, Mayor Wu announced a Green New Deal for Boston Public Schools, a $2 billion plan to overhaul BPS facilities, including new construction and renovation projects, as well as district-wide upgrades.

波士頓市長吳弭午夜出巡 為3800萬元聯邦經費數算街頭流浪漢

波士頓市長吳弭和統計活動負責人一起踏進華盛頓街。 (周菊子攝)
          (Boston Orange 周菊子波士頓綜合報導) 波士頓市長吳弭(Michelle Wu130日午夜在市府同仁、志工等人陪同中,沿著華盛頓街巡視,和分佈全市各地45個地區的200多名志工一起,執行波士頓市第43屆的街頭流浪漢人數年度統計。

  包括急救服務局(EMS)局長James Hooley,房屋長Sheila Dillon警察局局長Michael Cox波士頓市長幕僚長朱為婷,經濟機會及包容長Segun Idowu,波士頓市亞裔聯絡員黃楚嵐等,多名波士頓市府首長及工作人員,波士頓環球報、電視台、廣播電台媒體,當晚出發數算前,先在市長的5樓辦公室外接待廳會師。

波士頓市長吳弭和1996年就參與這統計活動的急救服務長James Hooley 交換意見。



波士頓市長吳弭和統計負責人和躺在地鐵站入口處的流浪漢攀談。 (周菊子攝)


              美國房屋及服務部部長(Secretary for Housing and Services)的聯邦房住局資深顧問Richard Cho表示,聯邦房住局要求全美各地市鎮每年1月的某一天晚上,辦理一次某個時間點的流浪漢人口統計。這行動不只是數據,更是從人性角度了解這些人流浪街頭的背後原因,期以最終幫助他們回家,或重新站穩腳步。

波士頓警察局局長Michael Cox (中)也出席支持流浪漢人口統計活動。 (周菊子攝)
   2021年時,聯邦房住局推出「美國之家 (House America) 」計畫,邀請市長,城市及郡縣、部落等地領導,和州長們結為夥伴,經由美國原就計劃法(ARPA),借助「房屋第一」的方法,來處理無家可歸危機。


1月30日晚的流浪漢人口統計,還有救護車到場協助。 (
  在20229月時,波士頓市政府向聯邦房住局 (HUD)遞交了4100萬元補助提案,以期在2024年中,經由聯邦房住局的麥金利流浪漢持續護理計畫,支持波士頓的流浪漢項目。

  波士頓是公共衛生委局局長,以及公共衛生委員員會執行主任Bisola Okikutu表示,無家可歸是公共健康危機,會嚴重增加健康不良風險。




                        (Boston Orange 編譯) 波士頓市今(31)日宣佈,「波士頓報稅協助聯盟( BTHC)」將再度為年收入6萬元以下居民,提供免費報稅服務。

   「波士頓報稅協助聯盟( BTHC)」將在30多個地點提供遠距或現場的報稅服務,幫助波士頓居民最大化的獲得退稅或抵繳優惠,包括「所得稅抵免(EITC)」,「兒童抵稅優惠(Child Tax Credit)。


    波士頓報稅協助聯盟是工人賦能內閣(Worker Empowerment Cabinet)內,打工家庭中心的一部分,自從成立以來,已為大約193000戶人家報稅,協助他們取得34800萬元的抵稅優惠。


    工人賦能中心長Trinh Nguyen表示,聯盟的夥伴和志願者,都接受了國稅局訓練,已連續22年進入地方,為民眾提供免費報稅服務。



Boston Tax Help Coalition to provide remote and in-person tax preparation services at 30 locations to residents earning $60,000 or less


BOSTON - Tuesday, January 31, 2023 - Mayor Michelle Wu today announced that the Boston Tax Help Coalition (BTHC) will again offer free tax preparation services to Boston residents earning $60,000 or less a year. The BTHC and its community partners are providing tax services remotely and in-person at over 30 neighborhood tax sites. Residents can file safely while maximizing their refunds and credits, including the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) and the Child Tax Credit. Tax preparation assistance is available in English, Spanish, Haitian Creole, Cape Verdean Creole, Portuguese, French, Vietnamese, Mandarin, and Cantonese. The schedule can be found by visiting bostontaxhelp.org or calling 3-1-1.  

"Boston residents can save hundreds of dollars per household through the Boston Tax Help Coalition’s free tax preparation,” said Mayor Michelle Wu. “These free, multilingual tax assistance services are available across thirty locations and remotely serve as a valuable resource that supports thousands of Boston residents in maximizing their refunds safely. I encourage every qualified Boston resident to take advantage of this model program.”

Part of the Center for Working Families, a department in the Worker Empowerment Cabinet, the Boston Tax Help Coalition has served approximately 193,000 households and returned over $348 million dollars in tax credits and refunds since its creation. The program allows residents to keep more of their earned income and maximizes the impact of their tax credits by eliminating tax preparation fees. Tax preparers assess filers’ eligibility for the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC), a credit for low- and middle-income workers, and the Child Tax Credit (CTC). Both credits greatly reduce poverty for working families by providing a financial boost. As of December 2022, 31 million eligible workers and families have received an estimated $64 billion in EITC with an average return of $2,043 nationwide

"All qualified Bostonians should take advantage of the Boston Tax Help Coalition's free tax preparation in order to maximize their refund and receive the tax credits due to them," said Trinh Nguyen, Chief of Worker Empowerment. "The Coalition's partners and volunteers are IRS-trained and are providing a valuable service to our residents at locations conveniently located in Boston neighborhoods. Congratulations to the Coalition as it enters its 22nd year!"

“Often, receiving a tax refund is people's first step toward household budgeting and building family wealth,” said Urban Edge CEO Emilio Dorcely. “As part of the Boston Tax Help Coalition, Urban Edge has been a trusted and reliable place where hundreds of families in Roxbury and Jamaica Plain can go for free tax preparation and filing services each year. We applaud the City of Boston and Mayor Wu for their citywide efforts in providing this vital service to Boston residents.”

“ABCD is proud to be a longstanding partner of the Boston Tax Help Coalition and kicking off a new tax year with the Mayor and others once again,” said ABCD President and CEO Sharon Scott-Chandler. “Free tax preparation services fight poverty by channeling money directly back into the hands of residents and under resourced communities. People have an opportunity, they don’t often have, to take a lump sum of their hard earned cash and pay off debts or save toward things like buying a house or furthering education. With extraordinarily high food and energy prices today, they are also able to help meet immediate needs like rent and transportation.”

The Boston Tax Help Coalition continues to serve the Disability community through a partnership with Deaf, Inc. and this year is adding a Visually Impaired People (VIP) tax preparation pilot. On Wednesdays in February, the VIP program will provide accommodations to visually impaired residents receiving tax preparation services at the Center for Working Families in Nubian Square. More information can be found at boston.gov/vip-pilot

“The City of Boston prioritizes equity in all of its programs and services, and access for people with disabilities is a key piece of that,” said Boston Disability Commissioner Kristen McCosh. “The Blind/Low Vision pilot program is building on the work we’ve done to ensure that tax prep services are accessible and inclusive of all Boston residents.”

In addition to tax preparation, the Boston Tax Help Coalition connects residents to other free financial services to improve their financial health. Of note, Bank On Boston helps residents identify banking services that are safe, affordable, and non-predatory and the Financial Check-Up provides residents with a one-on-one session with trained Financial Guides who review their credit score and provide personalized credit-building strategies. Boston Saves, the City of Boston’s children’s savings account program, is offering eligible BPS families a $25 incentive into their child's account for getting free tax preparation and a Financial Check-Up through BTHC. More information on the Boston Tax Help Coalition’s free tax services can be found at bostontaxhelp.org


The Worker Empowerment Cabinet (WE) leads the City’s work in advancing the well-being of all working Bostonians in both the public and private sectors by linking worker empowerment policy and programs to create a safe, healthy, and climate resilient city for all. 



AG’s Office Alleged Dealership Charged Higher Prices to Black and Hispanic Consumers; $200,000 Restitution to Be Provided to Impacted Individuals 


BOSTON– Attorney General Andrea Joy Campbell announced that her office has reached a $350,000 settlement with Hometown Auto Framingham, Inc. to resolve allegations that the company engaged in the unfair, deceptive and discriminatory pricing of “add-on” products sold to Black and Hispanic consumers.  


The assurance of discontinuance, filed in Suffolk Superior Court, alleges that Hometown Auto, which operates two car dealerships located in Wellesley and Danvers, charged Black and Hispanic consumers higher prices for “add-on” products in comparison to white consumers. “Add-on” products are extra goods or services sold to a consumer who purchases or leases a car; these include products like guaranteed asset protection (GAP) products, paint protection products, tire and wheel protection products and remote starters.  


“Consumers need to know that their race or ethnicity will have absolutely no effect on the type of service they receive from Massachusetts auto dealerships or the prices they will be charged,” said AG Campbell. “My office is committed to protecting consumers from predatory and discriminatory practices that stand in the way of upward mobility, and we will continue our advocacy to ensure all consumers are being charged for services equally and fairly.”  


In 2018, the AG’s Office began an investigation into discriminatory pricing of “add-on” products at Massachusetts auto dealerships, including Hometown Auto. The AG’s Office determined that Hometown charged higher prices to its Black and Hispanic consumers for the same “add-on” products sold to white consumers. The AG’s Office alleges that Hometown’s conduct violated the state’s Consumer Protection Act, which prohibits unfair or deceptive acts and practices in trade or commerce. 


Under the terms of the settlement, Hometown has agreed to pay $350,000 – $200,000 of which will be allocated to provide restitution to harmed consumers – and to enact several business practice changes in order to decrease the likelihood of pricing disparities in the future. Some of these changes include: 


·       Providing staff training on implicit bias and the obligation not to discriminate when pricing products.  

·       Requiring disclosure of “add-on” product pricing to provide transparency on the price of any add-on product offered to consumers. 

·       Improving oversight of “add-on” product pricing by implementing a standardized pricing policy for “add-on” products that limits when and why staff may deviate from such prices and requires documentation and oversight for pricing deviations.  

·       Providing compliance monitoring information to the AG’s Office concerning   future “add-on” product sales.      


This matter is part of an ongoing investigation into Massachusetts auto dealerships concerning the pricing of “add-on” products. In September 2022, the AG’s Office announced a lawsuit against Jaffarian Volvo Toyota, of Haverhill, for charging Black and Hispanic consumers hundreds of dollars more, on average, than white consumers for “add-on” products. 


This matter was handled by Deputy Division Chief Mychii Snape, Assistant Attorney General Schuyler Daum, and Paralegal Sky Karp of the AG’s Consumer Protection Division with assistance from Assistant Attorney General Jonathan Burke in the AG’s Civil Rights Division.  

Statement on Decision by a Special Legislative Committee to Seat Kristin Kassner in the House of Representatives

Statement on Decision by a Special Legislative Committee to Seat Kristin Kassner in the House of Representatives

BOSTON - Massachusetts Democratic Party Chair Gus Bickford released the following statement today following a decision by a special legislative committee to seat Democrat Kristin Kassner in the Massachusetts House of Representatives. The decision to seat Rep-Elect Kassner is weeks in the making which follows a recount of the November election that she won by one vote. Following court rulings affirming the win, Massachusetts Speaker of the House Ronald Mariano convened a special state legislative committee to undertake a review of the race and the recount. 

“We join in congratulating Rep-Elect Kassner as she prepares to be sworn in as a member of the House of Representatives. While there too often are attempts to undermine the validity of our electoral process nationally, Massachusetts has once again proven that our system works and is beyond reproach. We also express our gratitude to all the election officials, volunteers and others, who were committed to ensuring this process was done with professionalism and integrity.” - Gus Bickford, Chair, Massachusetts Democratic Party

華埠主街慶新春 中華貿易大樓內擺出文化村 (圖片)


星期一, 1月 30, 2023

波士頓慈濟人文學校慶兔年 小朋友猜謎功力超強博讚嘆


的學生們。 (周菊子攝)

               (Boston Orange 周菊子波士頓報導) 波士頓慈濟人文學校以「慈悲行善福滿門、智慧處事德傳家」為主題,
2位嘉賓出席春節聯歡會。 (周菊子攝)
122日在貝德福 (Bedford)高中,分表演,新年民俗及文化,闔家團圓飯等3個環節,盛大舉辦春節聯歡活動,逾百人攜家帶眷來到,過了一個非常充實的早上。


幼幼班及幼大班小朋友表演。 (周菊子攝)


表演活動主要為演唱,有幼幼班和幼大班的「恭喜、恭喜」,一年級的「捲花炮」,二年級的「新年咚咚鏘」,另外有4名同學自彈自唱的「Show &Tell」,以級8年級同學報晨間訊息的短片。表演節目部分的最高潮為7

7年級高鄭傑老師的妻女,蔡佩姍和高翊齊主持「猜燈謎」遊戲。 (周菊子攝)
司儀魏寧、廖子恆等8年級學生擔任這次年會所有環節的主持人。 (周菊子攝)






表演活動結束後,全體出席者點心燈。 (周菊子攝)

波士頓慈濟人文學校校長彭淑敏 (右)和教務主任柳品貝(左)指出今年的慶祝新春活動,
全由8年級學生當主持人。 (周菊子攝)
波士頓慈濟人文學校學生家長黃湘霏在文化展示環節中,負責竹筒回娘家攤位。 (周菊子攝)

波士頓慈濟人文學校慶新春,請各年級老師上台說祝福話。 (周菊子攝)