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Smart City Pilot in Boston

By Lucas DiLeo
Contributing Writer

The proliferation of mobile sensors and the interest by Cities in utilizing these tools to develop new insights into how cities function and how are used, are driving projects to create models for improved urban services and management. In many cases these are experiments - in term how new technologies can be utilized, how accurate and reliable they are, and what new services or solutions can they support.

Recently, Ms. Nissia Sabri, CEO OF Bitsense discussed a Smart Cities Pilot organized with the Boston Mayor's Office of New Urban Mechanics. The talk was hosted by MIT System Design and Management Program Thinking Webinar Series. Bitsence is a company which monitors human movement and behavior in physical space and uses data and insights to improve cities, architecture, and real estate developments. 

City planners and the business community sponsored this project for Downtown Crossing, Boston's urban shopping core, in order to better understand the flow of pedestrian and vehicular traffic, the quality of the environment, and uses of urban spaces in order to better manage these areas and better serve their constituents.

The first phase of the project entailed identifying the metrics to be collected, the selection, location and support of the sensors, and creating the communication and data collection and integration. 

The sensors were designed to track a number of measurements: environment, including air quality and noise, as well as pedestrian traffic. As the sensor packages were not off-the-shelf, they had to be custom assembled. The decision was to use many specialized sensors located across the study area, as opposed to a single location with multiple sensors. 

Ms. Sabri discussed many of the design issues: The design of the enclosures for the sensors required special treatment; they needed to be tamper proof and weather proof. They had to fit within the environment and not be intrusive. Some were designed with flower pots or other decorations. Placement and attachment to light poles and buildings also had to be addressed. Moreover, as these were temporary installations, they required temporary power, battery recharging, and communication solutions. Solar panels were used - but there were issue of sunlight as well as wi-fi coverage. 

Prior to installing on the streets, the team tested the sensors in the labs where they identified and fixed a number of potential problems, such as RF interference, access to the Internet, and insufficient sun for the solar panels in some areas.

On August 10 of last year the 4 month pilot was launched on several streets Downtown Crossing. A parallel project was also organized in a residential area to provide benchmarks.

Data from the pilot has enabled the sponsors to develop initial insights. For instance noise levels on the streets - and the impact of continual background noise versus areas that saw AM and PM peaks during commuting hours. The authors also noted that nighttime lighting is important - that Summer Street was well illuminated where Winter Street was less illuminated, less welcoming at night. 

The air quality calibration was limited as the project did not use the highest, most expensive sensors. However, the team was able to develop insights into overall air quality trends, such as the level of C0 is higher mid-day than the rest of the 24 hours period. 

Pedestrian traffic was also an area studied. The project indicated fewer people on the streets during weekends - but they tended to spend more time and linger at the stores and shops, as opposed to the work week, where commuters hurrying to and from their offices. 

The organizers are now beginning to think about how to use the sensors and data for future urban managment and planning and modeling - such as for emergency situations. "Data is not the Bottom line, it is the insights you get from it". 

Massachusetts Named Best State by U.S. News & World Report

Massachusetts Named Best State by U.S. News & World Report
Inaugural rankings recognize Commonwealth’s leadership in health care, education

BOSTON – The Commonwealth of Massachusetts has been named the best overall state in U.S. News & World Report's inaugural report. This best state ranking evaluates all fifty states in various categories, with Massachusetts ranked the #1 overall state, #1 in health care, #2 in education and among the top ten for economy and crime and corrections. Massachusetts was recognized for having the most accessible health care and is ranked third for Pre-K through 12th grade education.

“Massachusetts is a great place to live, work and raise a family because of the strength and character of all those who call the Commonwealth home,” said Governor Charlie Baker. “Everyone should be proud that Massachusetts continues to lead the nation in health care access and public education for all citizens, and our administration will continue to build on these accomplishments to bring more economic success to every corner of Massachusetts.”

Governor Baker joined U.S. News & World Report editor and chief content officer Brian Kelly on “CBS This Morning” to discuss Massachusetts top ranking. 
Massachusetts ranked well above the national average as #1 in enrollment for Medicare Advantage Plans, Higher Education Educational Attainment and College Readiness, and No. 2 in Patents Granted and Populations with Fast Download Speed.

“We are proud to be the first state to be named number one overall in the inaugural Best States ranking as we continue to be a leader in the nation across numerous sectors,” said Lt. Governor Karyn Polito. “This honor is a testament of policies and practices that are working and we are dedicated to continuing this progress in every community in the Commonwealth.”  ​

The new Best States rankings and platform was designed to inform people across the country about what is working across the country and includes rankings that measure states overall and in seven different categories: education, health care, government, infrastructure, economy, opportunity and crime & corrections.

The Leading States Index and analytics for the system were produced by McKinsey & Company to inform state government officials on where to focus their efforts and where to make improvements for their constituents

For more information on methodology and complete rankings, please visit:https://www.usnews.com/news/best-states/rankings

Governor Baker, MBTA Celebrate Expansion of The RIDE’s On-Demand Paratransit Service

Governor Baker, MBTA Celebrate Expansion of The RIDE’s On-Demand Paratransit Service
As pilot celebrates 10,000 rides, MBTA extends participation to all RIDE users effective March 1st

BOSTON – Today, Governor Charlie Baker and MBTA Acting General Manager Brian Shortsleeve celebrated 10,000 rides in the MBTA’s The RIDE On-Demand Paratransit Pilot Program with ride-share companies Uber and Lyft, and announced that effective March 1st, the program will be open to all eligible users of The RIDE. Launched inSeptember 2016, the first-of-its-kind innovative pilot has expanded options for 400 customers with disabilities, providing improved flexibility and mobility while reducing fares and overall program costs.

“The success of this partnership with ride-share companies is changing lives and improving reliability for the MBTA’s paratransit customers who rely on The RIDE for their daily travels,” said Governor Charlie Baker. “We are proud the MBTA is expanding this program to all users of The RIDE, and providing individuals with disabilities greater flexibility and convenience that many of us may take for granted.”

Governor Baker highlighted the program’s ingenuity in his 2017 State of the Commonwealth Address last month, sharing the story of a pilot user and the benefits and flexibility the program has offered to customers. The on-demand pilot operates in conjunction with traditional RIDE service, offering reduced fares, lower wait times, faster trips without the need to share rides, and same-day booking (compared to The RIDE’s day prior notice) for RIDE service areas and hours of operation. The program includes options for wheel-chair accessible vehicles and includes access for MBTA paratransit customers without smartphones.

“The partnership with these two ride-share companies has been a game-changer for our paratransit customers,” said Secretary of Transportation Stephanie Pollack. “They have been able to take advantage of transit options which allow them to be spontaneous and travel directly to their destinations.  We believe the success of this partnership with Lyft and Uber will serve as a springboard for more performance-driven improvements."

“This is a win-win solution for our Riders and the MBTA,” said Acting General Manager Brian Shortsleeve. “It’s an example of a way we can partner with best-in-class private companies to drive innovation at the MBTA.”

Governor Baker and Acting General Manager Shortsleeve celebrated the announcement at Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital, where pilot user Joshua Boissoneau is an employee. A para-rower, Paralympic hopeful and RIDE user since 2015, Boissoneau joined the pilot in October 2016 and uses the on-demand service an average of six or more times a week to travel to his office, medical appointments and rowing practices along the Charles River from Brighton.

“Since my first day in the pilot program, I have shared with fellow rowers and friends how impressed I was with the benefits of the program, including reliability, user-friendliness, comfort, convenience and timing,” said Joshua Boissoneau. “The on-demand service has alleviated stress in getting to my medical appointments, work and practice in a timely way. I look forward to remaining an active participant.”

On-demand trips cost customers $2.00, with the MBTA subsidizing the next $13.00 and additional costs being assumed by the customer. The model resulted in an MBTA trip subsidy difference of 71% between traditional RIDE and on-demand trip costs ($9 for on-demand versus $31 using traditional RIDE). The average cost to the customer was found to be $4.38 for a same-day trip (versus $5.25 using traditional RIDE) with customers saving an average of 34 minutes with every pilot trip taken.  

From October 2016 to February 2017, traditional RIDE trips reduced by 18% while total trips taken by the MBTA’s paratransit users (traditional RIDE and on-demand pilot combined) increased by 28%. The overall cost to the MBTA (traditional RIDE versus a combination of on-demand service and traditional RIDE) decreased by 6%. Expanding the pilot is anticipated to increase savings to the MBTA and allow full-scale testing of key pilot elements.

Customers interested in applying to the expanded pilot can learn more and be directed to sign up for Uber or Lyft accounts at www.mbta.com/paratransitpilot. After the MBTA verifies customer eligibility, further instructions and access to the program will be sent via e-mail from Uber or Lyft within 1-2 weeks of sign-up. Once contacted by Uber or Lyft, customers can book trips via a smartphone mobile app. Lyft also has a phone call-in option and a limited number of Uber customers can utilize Uber-provided smartphones for use on a limited basis specifically to book trips.

The pilot is a part of a larger transformation of the RIDE to improve the customer experience and reduce the cost of service.  Other initiatives include centralizing its call and dispatch functions and soon offering a revamped taxi subsidy pilot.

For more information regarding the pilot, please visitwww.mbta.com/paratransitpilot.




2017226日,华裔科学家、加州理工学院喷气动力实验室(JPL)研究员何宇滔博士创办的非营利组织LEAP在加州大学洛杉矶分校内举办第二期导师日(Mentor’s Day 2.0)活动, 邀请来自各行业的“大牛”导师们,与来自南加州地区知名学府的近百名优秀中国留学生见面,从相互交流中,挑选和合适的导师和学生。希望为留学生提供就业、专业成长、职业发展、领导力,以及情商和生活等方面的提供最贴身和贴心的专业辅导。
紧接著的“壁炉边论坛”邀请来自第一期的导师和学生,分别介绍自己和导师的互动和所得。 来自洛杉矶加大的学生李泽涵表示,导师提供的意见往往具有一定的建设性,同时开始学会与不同的人建立友谊。沛普丹大学研究生毕业的高天宇表示,导师制是一个很好的经历,通过与导师的互动,可以避免一些错误。他的导师来自半导体行业,和自己的专业完全不同。但是他和导师基本上每个星期都见面、聊天、咨询各类的问题。 他建议同学们,找到自己的导师后,要保持沟通、聆听和学习。(Keep communicating, be good listener and student) 。
有别于为留学生提供的简单服务,这种导师制方式,也可称为师徒制。导师和学生的接触就不仅仅是在活动上的简短见面和互动,通常导师和学生的互动成为日常生活的一部分,随著双方互动的加深,在话题和思想上会有更多的交流和分享。DataFrameWorks公司副总裁Doug Schafer表示,他在担任导师起见,每周与学生的互动时间有56个小时。

LEAP是专注为留学生提供服务的一个非营利组织,旨在帮助年轻的亚裔美国人与来自亚洲目前在美国学习或工作的年轻人的专业成长和职业发展。LEAP推动以导师制方式为留学生提供精细化服务,在华人非营利机构中起到了良好的启发和带动作用。 (AACYF洛杉矶讯)

NAAAP to Host Symposium on Championing the Cause of Employee Resource Groups

NAAAP to Host Symposium on Championing the Cause of Employee Resource Groups

BOSTON, MA – The National Association of Asian American Professionals will host the Employee Resource Group Leadership Symposium on March 3rd as part of the association’s annual leadership training program, taking place in Boston this year. Bringing together leaders of Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) across the U.S. and Canada, the symposium presents a unique opportunity for members of NAAAP as well as the public to learn about effective ways to champion the cause of their organization’s ERGs.

An impressive lineup of speakers from diverse functions and industries will discuss key issues for successfully running ERGs, such as how to gain support, grow visibility, and utilize ERGs to advance professional development. In addition, participants will network with ERG leaders, diversity managers, and executives from both local and national companies, and engage in compelling conversations through a unique action-planning breakout session.

The symposium will take place on Friday, March 3rd in the Theater Ballroom of Courtyard Boston Downtown from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Learn more or register for the event online: https://academy.naaap.org/erg-symposium.

CAPAC Chair Judy Chu’s Statement on Kansas Shooting

CAPAC Chair Judy Chu’s Statement on Kansas Shooting

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Last Wednesday, two Indian men were shot, one fatally, in Olathe, Kansas in what is currently being investigated as a possible hate crime. In response to the shooting and subsequent death of one victim, CAPAC Chair Rep. Judy Chu released the following statement:

“I am heartbroken by the senseless shooting in Kansas that took the life of Srinivas Kuchibhotla and injured Alok Madasani.  Although we are still awaiting additional facts from the ongoing investigation, I am deeply troubled by reports that the shooter yelled ‘get out of my country’ and harassed the victims with racial slurs before opening fire.

“Unfortunately, this attack is yet another example of the proven uptick in hateful violence targeting South Asian, Muslim, Sikh, and Middle Eastern communities that we have seen since November’s election. These abhorrent acts of violence are unacceptable and must end.

“My thoughts are with the families of Srinivas and Alok, as well as Ian Grillot, who was injured in his courageous attempt to stop the gunman. I call on President Trump to denounce this tragedy and to condemn other incidents of hate taking place across our country. I also urge the U.S. Department of Justice to investigate this incident as a hate crime. All people – regardless of race, religion, or national origin – deserve to feel safe and welcome in the United States.”



此次中国科大代表团将由校长万立骏领队,工程学院院长陆夕云,信息学院院长吴枫,生命学院院长薛天, 管理学院院长余玉刚参加,
人力资源部、国际合作部等相关部门负责人陪同。此次代表团阵容不可谓不重量级, 展示出了中国科大招贤纳才的诚心与决心!

地点:Hyatt Regency Cambridge, President's Ballroom A(on the first
floor), 575 Memorial Dr, Cambridge, MA 02139

报名网址: https://goo.gl/forms/kpEXqMQLldJH6RZu1


联系人: 人力资源部副部长黄方教授,rcb@ustc.edu.cn, 电话:0551-63602550








中国科学技术大学人才项目/USTC Recruitment Programs







林全出席高雄228追思 稱政府為團結推轉型正義

林揆:弭平228歷史傷痛 落實轉型正義 讓民主持續深化與成熟





一、   「政黨及其附隨組織不當取得財產處理條例」已於去(105)年810日公布施行,行政院也隨後成立「不當黨產處理委員會」。到今年215日止,已收到292件檢舉及陳情案,對於符合該委員會職權的個案,都已經立案調查。

二、   政治檔案的解密公開:政治檔案為國家保存了民主歷程的重要紀錄及資產,但仍有許多威權時代的檔案沒有公開。行政院去年已核定「政治檔案清查、徵集與整理計畫」,預計3年內完成政治檔案的清查、徵集、整理等作業。目前檔案局所徵集典藏的檔案,已全部解密,並自31日起陸續進行內容分析、索引編製及數位化工作,有助於政府及民間後續推動轉型正義研究、文物保存、以及教育等相關工作。

三、   為彰顯言論自由的重要性,並紀念鄭南榕先生對推動民主自由的貢獻,行政院於去年129日核定,從今年開始,每年的47日訂為「言論自由日」。





















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Governor Baker, MBTA to Celebrate 10,000 Rides in Paratransit Pilot Program

Governor Baker, MBTA to Celebrate 10,000 Rides in Paratransit Pilot Program with Uber, Lyft
Will announce future of innovative partnership delivering RIDE customers on-demand service

BOSTON  On Feb. 28th in Charlestown, Governor Charlie Baker and MBTA Acting General Manager Brian Shortsleeve will celebrate the 10,000th ride provided by the MBTA’s The RIDE On-Demand Paratransit Pilot Program with ride-share companies Uber and Lyft, and make an announcement regarding the program’s future. The pilot is delivering on-demand service for approximately 400 individuals with disabilities and providing reduced fares, lower wait times and faster trips.

Governor Baker, Acting General Manager Shortsleeve and executives from Uber and Lyft will welcome pilot customer Joshua Boissoneau to celebrate the 10,000th ride. Boissoneau, who travels frequently to medical appointments and remains an active para-rower, has used the pilot since its launch to travel to and from rowing practice along the Charles River in Brighton and to his place of work at Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital in Charlestown.

Last September, Governor Baker visited the Perkins School for the Blind to launch the MBTA’s first-of-its-kind innovative pilot with Uber and Lyft. The pilot provides customers same-day booking compared to The RIDE’s day prior notice and has found MBTA trip subsidy differences of 71% ($31 for traditional RIDE service versus $9 for on-demand) with an average $4.38 cost to customers for a same-day, on-demand trip (same-day trips for The RIDE cost $5.25). Governor Baker highlighted the program’s ingenuity in his 2017 State of the Commonwealth Address last month, sharing the story of a pilot user and the benefits and flexibility the program has offered to customers.

This pilot is a part of a larger transformation of The RIDE to improve the customer experience and reduce the cost of service.  Other initiatives include centralizing its call and dispatch functions and soon offering a revamped taxi subsidy pilot program.

一亞裔女子在昆士卡拉OK店遇刺 警方籲目擊者協助

昆士市警方表示,226(週日)大約凌晨12:30分時,警員因為一名女子被刺,趕到位於昆士道217號的爵士月(Jazz Moon)卡拉OK吧。警方趕到時,一名亞裔男子開輛深色SUV廂型車,正離開停車場。

昆士警察呼籲任何在現場,把事件用手機拍照或錄影下來了的目擊者,撥打電話617-479-1212和昆士警察偵查組(detective bureau)連絡,也可使用MyPD應用程式來遞交訊息,並保持匿名狀態。

On Sunday, February 26, 2017, at approx. 12:30am, Quincy Police officers were dispatched the Jazz Moon Karaoke Bar, 217 Quincy Avenue for a female who had been stabbed. A dark color SUV, being operated by an Asian male, was exiting the parking lot while officers were arriving on location.

The officers entered the establishment and observed a female on the ground surrounded by a large amount of blood. Officers preformed life saving measures on the female victim, who had been stabbed over five times. The female victim had lost a large amount of blood. Witnesses to the incident have described the suspect as an Asian male with a dark knit hat and three quarter length coat, possibly green or multi colored. The suspect was armed with a knife that was not recovered at the scene. The victim taken to BMC and is in critical condition. Victim is a 43 year old Asian female.

The Quincy police is asking any witnesses who may have been there and have cell phone pictures or video of the incident to please contact the Quincy Police by dialing 617-479-1212 and asking to speak to the detective bureau. You may also submit a tip using our MyPD app. You can remain anonymous.


Multistate Amicus Brief Argues Companies that Purchase and Collect Defaulted Debt Are Subject to the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act

            BOSTONIn her efforts to protect consumers from unlawful debt collection practices, Attorney General Maura Healey joined a multistate amicus brief filed in the United States Supreme Court arguing that debt buyers who purchase defaulted consumer debt and attempt to collect it are subject to the federal fair debt collection law.

            “Debt buyers purchasing defaulted consumer debt for pennies on the dollar, only to turn around and pursue consumers using unlawful and harassing collection tactics should be subject not only to state law, but also federal law,” AG Healey said. “It is vital that states have all the resources at their disposal to protect consumers from unscrupulous debt collectors.”

            The amicus brief, led by the Oregon Attorney General’s Office, supports the petitioners in Henson v. Santander Consumer USA, Inc. The brief argues that a company that regularly purchases and collects delinquent debts is a “debt collector” subject to the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). Debt buyers who purchase defaulted consumer debt are, from a consumer’s perspective, no different from debt collectors who do not own the debt. While debt buyers can and should be able to pursue lawful means of debt collection, the law should protect consumers from abuse and deception by such companies.

The FDCPA established a uniform nationwide floor to protect consumers from, among other things, “unscrupulous debt collectors who harass consumers from another State.”

As Congress recognized in enacting the FDCPA, abusive debt-collection practices contribute to “personal bankruptcies, to marital instability, to the loss of jobs, and to invasions of individual privacy,” inflicting irreparable injury not only on individual consumers but on their families and communities as well.

AG Healey’s office regularly receives consumer complaints about debt-collection abuses and has taken legal action against a number of debt collection companies. In September 2016, the AG’s Office announced that Ditech Financial, LLC, a national mortgage servicer, paid $1.4 million and agreed to strengthen its policies over its alleged abusive debt collection practices that affected more than 5,000 borrower accounts in Massachusetts. In December 2015, AG Healey sued one of the largest debt collection law firms in Massachusetts, Lustig, Glaser, & Wilson, P.C., and its two owners, alleging that the firm repeatedly sued consumers for debts they did not owe or were inaccurate.

Attorneys general involved in today’s amicus brief include Oregon, Alaska, California, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Hawaii, Illinois, Iowa, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Mississippi, Minnesota, Montana, New Hampshire, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, Washington, and the District of Columbia.


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NAAAP to Host Symposium on Employee Resource Groups
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Re: 馬總統與學生座談
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