Monday, February 13, 2017

Newton hires Ann Berwick as co-director of Sustainability

Announcing Hire of Ann Berwick for Co-Share of
Newton Director of Sustainability

Newton, MA – The City of Newton has hired Ann Berwick to share the City’s Director of Sustainability position with Andy Savitz.  Both Ann and Andy will work half time, making this a true job share.

Some of the highlights of Ann’s career include: serving as Chair of the Department of Public Utilities under Governor Deval Patrick, president of the New England States Committee on Electricity, Commonwealth’s Undersecretary for Energy, and Chief of the Environmental Protection Division in the Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office.  Ann will complement and strengthen the efforts that Andy Savitz has already initiated. 

The City has a robust sustainability agenda, which Ann and Andy will continue to implement and expand.  Some of the current items on the agenda include: energy saving programs for both businesses and homes, climate change vulnerability assessment, low-income solar and potential other municipal solar projects.  Other items for exploration are: community choice aggregation, opening up selected streets on Sundays in the spring and summer for non-vehicle activities, addressing gas leaks, and an electric vehicle initiative. 

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