Thursday, August 12, 2021

波士頓台灣電影節訂 10月2、3兩日放映6片

          (Boston Orange 編譯)波士頓台灣影展(TFFB)跨入2021年,將以「苦甜(Bittersweet)」為主題,於1023兩日(週六、日)放映6部影片。




「初心」是首映日的壓軸片,是描述名廚江振誠決定關閉兩星米其林餐廳「Restaurant André」的紀錄片,展現為自己所相信的重新來過的勇氣。






波士頓台灣電影節創辦於2019年,是個非牟利機構,由來自世界各地的義工經營,強調對話的把台灣故事集電影帶到北美。經過仔細挑選的影片要向新觀眾展示,在電影,電影製片,影評人,以及觀眾之間創造對話,同時宣揚在台灣、北美社區之間,甚至世界,宣揚文化連接。查詢波士頓電影節更多詳情,可上網https://taiwanfilmfest.org,或是發電子郵件 publicrelations@taiwanfilmfest.org. (更新版)

Taiwan Film Festival of Boston to host in October on the big screen 

BOSTON, Mass. -- Aug. 09, 2021 -- Taiwan Film Festival of Boston (TFFB), a nonprofit organization that emphasizes connection and dialogue through films, will be hosting this year’s festival “Bittersweet” on the big screen over two days in October. The six movies to be screened over the first weekend in October (2nd and 3rd) are: My Missing Valentine (消失的情人節), Heavy Craving (大餓), André & His Olive Tree (初心), Turning 18 (未來無恙), Dear Tenant (親愛的房客), and The Great Buddha+ (大佛普拉斯). 

To kick off the festival, My Missing Valentine (winner of 5 Golden Horse Awards, including Best Original Screenplay), a romantic comedy, explores the mystery of her disappearing Valentine’s day and reminds us to revisit our past moments even if it seems insignificant. 

Heavy Craving (winner of 4 awards), explores the subject of self and social identity though the story of an overweight woman and her struggle to lose weight - how should one balance the choice between control or to indulge? 

André & His Olive Tree, closes the first day of the festival with the documentary about Chef André Chiang’s decision to close his two Michelin star “Restaurant André” and shows us to the courage to start over in what you believe in. 

Turning 18 kicks off the second day of the festival with the story about two girls’ struggle growing up from disadvantaged families, asking if we persevere through the imperfection, can we find happiness? 

Dear Tenant (winner of 3 Golden Horse Awards) tells the story of the tenant who takes care of the son and mother to honor his late partner before he was accused of murder of the mother when she suddenly passes. This film inspires us to see the courageous pursuit of love even if they are misunderstood, blamed, or attacked. 

To close out the festival, The Great Buddha + (winner of 4 Golden Horse Awards, including Best Adapted Screenplay and Best Cinematography) is a dark comedy that presents its characters and their identities through perspectives in monochrome and color, contrasting the bitterness of the lower class against the excess and abundance of the upper class. While last year the festival went virtual, this year the festival is back on the big screen at AMC Boston Common 19. To encourage vaccination and to increase safety for festival attendees, a discount is available for those who are vaccinated and all participants must wear masks throughout the event. This event is subject to changes based on any updates from local, state, and federal mandates. (From TFFB)

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