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My name is Sophia Cheung, and I am an undergraduate researcher working with the Computational Psycholinguistics Lab at MIT. The Eyetracking Team is looking for Native Chinese Speakers who are learning English as a 2nd language to be a participant of our study. I was reaching out to see if the Greater Boston Chinese Cultural Association would be able to reach out to students/people in the area that are eligible for the study, or if you have a FB page, could GBCCA post the ad listing on your FB page? If not, would it be possible to recommend mailing lists or FB groups to post on?

The ad for the opportunity is below:
Be part of an eye-tracking study at MIT // $30 pay!
MIT is currently running an exciting new study that will increase our understanding of how humans read and process language. We are looking for native speakers of Japanese, Chinese, Portuguese, Spanish, and Arabic speaking English as a second language, beginner to intermediate English level, and age 18 to 45. The experiment involves reading sentences in English and takes about 1.5-2 hours to complete. You will receive $30 for your participation! 
If interested, please contact us at



Thank you very much!

Sophia Cheung

MIT Class of 2022
Mechanical Engineering

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