Friday, June 14, 2019

"反送中" 40香港人波士頓街頭靜坐抗議

Around 40 Boston Hongkongers Sat-in in the middle of Downtown Crossing

Standing in global solidarity with Hong Kong’s current protest around the Legislative Council, around 40 Boston Hongkongers follow the student and worker strike to sit-in on Wednesday at the pedestrian zone in Downtown Crossing. They all dressed up in black attire and white ribbons. They laid out their banner to collect signatures from pedestrian and distribute leaflets to draw people’s attention on the issue.

Joining us were U.S. citizens and HK students from different colleges, including Boston University, Emerson College, Boston College, Berklee School of Music, Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology. We all live in different cities.

On June 9th, more than a million people took the streets of Hong Kong in peaceful opposition to the newly proposed amendment, joining demonstrators in 29 cities across the world in global solidarity. However, later that evening, unarmed protesters in Hong Kong were violently attacked with tear gas bombs and pepper spray at the hands of the Hong Kong Police. Ignoring the obvious opposition to the proposed law, Hong Kong’s Chief Executive Carrie Lam refused to withdraw the extradition amendment and announced the second reading of the bill on June 12th.

As we watch events unfold on the news, it’s easy to feel hopeless and helpless to see our city and our fellows to be crushed under the heel of a government that seeks to curtail freedom in exchange for control. We don’t a bright future of HK if this law is passed, but we can be certain that the basic principles of liberty will not be served by a government that seeks to undermine inalienable human rights. (From organizer)

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