Tuesday, June 11, 2019

300 Hongkongers Took Street in Boston Against Extradition Bill

300 Hongkongers Took Street in Boston Against Extradition Bill

Today, on June 9, a record high of 1.3 million people in Hong Kong protest against the extradition bill proposed by the Hong Kong government. Clashes with the police broke out at night when people stayed after the march was done. Tear gas bomb, pepper spray, batons and tear liquid were used by the police force on protestors. The government immediately release a statement saying that they acknowledge the major opposition in the society but will proceed to the second and third reading of the bill on June 12, stirring up the heat among the people.

In Boston, eight people went to the opening ceremony of Boston’s Dragon Boat Festival and protest in front of the Chinese embassy representative on stage. Look at Facebook live stream video: https://www.facebook.com/frances.huiwingting/videos/604394776735990/

Boston rally against the bill started in front of the State House as scheduled. An estimated 300 people in black and white shirts attended with signs and posters. Organizer Frances Hui started with updates from different cities and chants like “No China Extradition,” “Protect Hong Kong,” “Safeguard Hong Kong.” Hui delivered a statement written by Uighur Adila Sadir in Boston whose father in Xinjiang has been imprisoned since a year ago. Another Uighur in Boston, Maya Mitalipova, went up to the stage to talk about her experience as a Uighur and how the Chinese government torturing religious Muslims relates to Hong Kong people.

The crowd started walking, through the Boston Common, to the Chinatown Gate with chants in different languages. Hui delivered a speech after arriving the Gate about her feeling after her article went viral and the reason Hongkongers need to speak up in against of this bill. The march ended at 3:45 p.m. peacefully.

“I have heard of people saying, ‘HK’s future is yours,’ or ‘you are the future of HK’ … To be honest, it does put on the extra burden on me that I feel like, why is the future of HK only on me, not on us? Why are people leaving everything to young people? Yes, the future belongs to the next generation, but does that mean it’s only on us to fight against the regime? No. We need every single one of you to do whatever you could. We need each and everyone to tell our friends, “We are from Hong Kong. Hong Kong is different from China and now the government is making us be part of them.” Although the next generation is going to take over the future, you also have the responsibility to make the future bright before you let go.” ––Frances Hui

Global citizens from 29 cities abroad gathered to present a united front in support of their fellow citizens of Hong Kong and have coordinated an unprecedented global protest. Australia had 4,000 people showing up while London had 4,000. 

Pictures and videos of the Boston rally: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1GtwDf7bnFiN80RrhvV1jDraC-_ix08EO  
Explanatory video made by Frances Hui: https://youtu.be/qadY2QMogVM
(Via Frances Hui)

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