星期二, 4月 12, 2022

第126屆波士頓馬拉松賽慶祝女子參賽50週年 波士頓市長吳弭提醒民眾注意安全

波士頓市長吳弭 (Michelle Wu)。

(Boston Orange) 波士頓市長吳弭 (Michelle Wu) 和波士頓體育會 (BAA)會長Tom Grilk,以及波士頓市警察局總監Gregory Long等人,今 (12) 日中午在市政府大樓聯袂宣布第126屆波士頓馬拉松賽的相關安全措施。

波士頓市消防局局長Jack Dempsey,急救服務局長 James Hooley,街道長 Jascha Franklin-Hodge,緊急管理長Shumeane Benford,麻州地鐵局 (MBTA)警察長Kenneth Green

波士頓體育會 (BAA)會長Tom Grilk。



波士頓警察局總監Gregory Long。
波士頓體育會會長Tom Grilk表示,今年的波士頓馬拉松賽有大約3萬人參賽,分別來自美國的50州,以及將近100個國家,還會有大約1萬名志願者餐與協助各項事務。在6個月之內舉辦2場馬拉松賽可說是前所未有的事,大波士頓會議展覽中心估計這比賽可為波士頓帶來大約2億元經濟效益。


波士頓地鐵警察長Kenneth Green。
Gregory Long說明,在波士頓馬拉松賽舉行期間,會派便衣警察散佈馬拉松賽的各個角落,跑步現場一帶將安排有安檢,觀賽者最好把背包,滑板等大件物品留在家裏,後灣區一帶會有監視器。民眾遭遇緊急狀況可以撥打911電話,或跟蹤@bostonpolice的推特帳號,以瞭解最新的比賽安全相關事宜。


波士頓緊急救服務長James Hooley。

波士頓市街道長Jascha Franklin-Hodge。

波士頓消防局局長Jack Dempsey。

波士頓緊急管理長Shumeane Benford。


BOSTON - Tuesday, April 12, 2022 - Mayor Michelle Wu today announced public safety preparations to ensure a successful weekend as the City of Boston prepares for athletes and visitors ahead of the 126th Boston Marathon. The Boston Marathon is the world’s oldest annually held marathon. This will be the first Boston Marathon held on Patriots’ Day since 2019 after being canceled in 2020 and moved to October in 2021 due to the pandemic. This year’s race will also mark 50 years since the women’s division was first featured at the Boston Marathon. Thirty thousand participants from all 50 states and nearly 100 countries are expected to run the Marathon and nearly 10,000 volunteers will take part in the event. 

“The Boston Marathon showcases our city and communities on the world stage, and I’m overjoyed to welcome this tradition back this April,” said Mayor Michelle Wu. “This year we also celebrate the 50th anniversary of the first official women’s field. Our public safety and first responders have been hard at work to ensure a safe, healthy race. Congratulations to all of the athletes, and see you at the finish line!”

“Two Boston Marathons in six months is unprecedented, but we are delighted to hold the 126th edition of the race on its Patriots’ Day date again with the support of Mayor Wu and the City of Boston,” said President & CEO of the B.A.A. Tom Grilk. “The 2022 Boston Marathon will inject more than $200 million into a Greater Boston economy that is still recovering from the pandemic, and we are honored to do our part in the reopening of society.”

Public Safety

·       Boston Police Department (BPD) will have uniformed and undercover officers along the marathon route.

·       Cameras will be active along the Boston portion of the Marathon route, and observation points will be set up around the finish line area in the Back Bay to monitor the crowd.

·       Spectators are encouraged to leave large items such as backpacks and strollers at home. These items are not banned; however, individuals may be subject to search.

·       Call 9-1-1 in an emergency situation and follow @bostonpolice for race safety updates.

·       Boston Fire will have walking patrols along the course to respond to incidents. Patrols can call-in additional assets, utilizing the alleys and adjacent roadways to the course. Air quality monitoring will also be carried-out along the route.

·       Boston Fire will stage its specialized units for Tech Rescue, HazMat, Decon, and additional apparatus at strategic locations on both sides of the course.

Emergency Medical Services

·       Boston EMS will have enhanced medical coverage, including additional personnel in the field, dispatch and special operations. 

·       Units will be deployed along the Boston route and in the finish line area, ready to serve anyone requiring medical assistance, including runners, spectators and volunteers. This will include EMTs and Paramedics working on ambulances, bikes and carts, as well as in medical stations. 

·       Through close coordination with medical volunteers, Boston EMS works to treat and release as many people on scene as possible, which is intended to mitigate the impact to the hospital system. 

·       Boston EMS plans to increase the number of ambulances citywide to ensure there will be no disruption in services to residents.

Street Closures & Traffic Advisories

Please see the traffic advisory from the Boston Transportation Department.

·       Vehicle traffic will be prohibited and parking will be restricted on many streets in Boston in the days leading up to the Boston Marathon and on Monday, April 18, 2022.  

·       Using the MBTA to travel to and from Boston on Marathon Monday is strongly recommended. Detailed information on MBTA service can be found at www.MBTA.com.  For a faster return trip, the MBTA advises riders to purchase a round-trip rather than a one-way ticket.

·       On Marathon Monday, Newbury Street and Huntington Avenue outbound will be closed to vehicle traffic to allow easier spectator movement in the area.

·       Visitors are encouraged to take advantage of the City’s Bluebikes program.

·       Read all posted signs and variable message boards carefully.

Emergency Communications

·       The City’s Emergency Operations Center will be open on Monday to monitor the races. The EOC will be staffed by our City departments, state agencies and our non-profit partners to coordinate the City’s operational plan. Additionally, the EOC will monitor the weather, maintain situational awareness regarding the various Marathon events, respond to any resource requests from public safety and manage family reunification if needed.

·       Boston EMS, Police, Fire, and the Office of Emergency Management will have personnel assigned to the multi-agency coordination center at the Massachusetts Emergency Operation Center in Framingham.

·       BPHC will have staffing at the Dispatch Operations Center and Central Medical Emergency Dispatch (CMED) Center where ambulance to hospital communication throughout metropolitan Boston is coordinated.

·       Sign up for AlertBoston to receive emergency notifications from the City at boston.gov/emergency. Alerts are available in the following languages: Arabic, Chinese, Cape Verdean Creole, French, Haitian Creole, Portuguese, Russian, Somali, Spanish, and Vietnamese.

Public Health

·       The BAA (Boston Athletic Association) and City of Boston have worked together this year to ensure the safety of all participants, staff, volunteers, and spectators.

·       We strongly encourage everyone to practice personal responsibility for the 126th Boston Marathon. Guests traveling with athletes and spectators cheering on participants are encouraged to take efforts to mitigate the spread of COVID-19.

·       These efforts may include:

·       Being fully vaccinated 

·       Getting tested for COVID-19 prior to any travel 

·       Only using B.A.A. provided course nutrition in lieu of accepting hydration or food from spectators 

·       This is an entirely outdoor, open-air event. It is encouraged, but not required, to wear masks.

·       Individuals who are not fully vaccinated are at higher risk of suffering severe illness or death from COVID-19 infection.

·       Any participant, volunteer, or spectator exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19 should stay home.

To get vaccinated, find a location near you on boston.gov/coronavirus.