Thursday, October 04, 2018

Governor Baker Announces New Large Venue Security Task Force

Governor Baker Announces New Large Venue Security Task Force
Names panel of experts to develop recommendations to bolster safety and security at large venues statewide

Courtesy of the New England Patriots/Eric J. Adler.

FOXBOROUGH – Governor Baker today signed an executive order to assemble a task force of security experts who will analyze ways to augment safety and preparedness at large venues like sports stadiums, concert halls and convention centers. He was joined by Secretary of Public Safety and Security Daniel Bennett, Undersecretary of Homeland Security Patrick McMurray, Kraft Group Chairman & CEO Robert Kraft, TD Garden President Amy Latimer and several members of the task force at Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, MA.

“Public safety will always be our top priority and forming this task force will inform future decisions to enhance security while maintaining everyone’s ability to enjoy a game, concert or conference,” said Governor Baker. “Tragic events in the United States and overseas have highlighted the need for our state, local and community partners to be focused on large venue security and we look forward to the work this commission will pursue.”  

“We are thankful for the security professionals who do a fantastic job protecting the people of the Commonwealth every day,” said Lt. Governor Karyn Polito. “Like any team at the top of its game, there’s always ways to get better and find new ways to improve preparation, communication, and response.”

“Public safety officials and private venue operators have a shared responsibility to keep our citizens and visitors safe,”said Secretary of Public Safety and Security Daniel Bennett. “The experts on this task force have long and varied experience in safety and security and I know they will present a series of excellent recommendations on ways to enhance security at large venues.”

“Securing a safe environment for our fans to enjoy games or concerts at Gillette Stadium is of paramount importance, and I want to thank the collaborative efforts of our TeamOps and the work they do with all of the local, state and federal agencies to create a plan for every event we host,” said The Kraft Group Chairman & CEO Robert Kraft. “Expanding that collaboration to include all other large venues, first in this state and eventually around the world, is a mission of this task force that I wholeheartedly support. We look forward to sharing best practices and discussions of new technologies to constantly find ways of improving the security we provide.”

“We are proud to be at the forefront of the creation of this task force. As a year-round destination and transit-oriented hub, TD Garden brings a unique perspective and skill set to the task force,” said TD Garden President Amy Latimer. “We look forward to utilizing this platform to its fullest extent to ensure the highest standards of public safety are being met across the Commonwealth.”

By April 30, 2019 the task force will submit to the governor a strategic plan for large venue security that will:

• Identify the safety and security risks facing large venues;
• Recommend standards for planning, training, intelligence gathering and sharing, and interoperable communications;
• Conduct a review of best practices around the world for public-private partnerships in ensuring large venue security; and
• Draft any recommended changes to statutes and regulations necessary to implement those best practices in Massachusetts.

The governor will designate two co-chairs: the Secretary of the Executive Office of Public Safety and Security, and Mark Briggs, Managing Partner of Broadstone Group. Meetings of the task force will occur as frequently as necessary to accomplish the work.

Governor Baker’s executive order defines membership on the task force as follows:

Secretary, EOPSS
Secretary Daniel Bennett
Secretary Executive Office of Public Safety
Undersecretary of Homeland Security
Undersecretary Patrick McMurray
Undersecretary of Homeland Security
Colonel, MA State Police
Colonel Kerry Gilpin
Colonel, Massachusetts State Police
Adjutant General, MA National Guard
Colonel Margaret White
Colonel , MANG
Deputy Fire Marshal
Maribel Fournier
Deputy Fire Marshall
Public Safety Enforcement Professional 1
Jean Challies
Lt. Barnstable Police Department
Public Safety Enforcement Professional 2
Kerry L. Meade
Senior Special Agent (SSA)
Public Safety Enforcement Professional 3
Chief Steve Sargent
Chief, Worcester Police Department
Public Safety Enforcement Professional 4
Chief Tim O. Nelson
Chief, Amherst Fire Department
Public Safety Enforcement Professional 5
Commissioner William Gross
Commissioner Boston Police Department
Public Safety Enforcement Professional 6
Lieutenant Melissa Mullen
UMASS Lowell Police Department
Large Venue Operator Representative 1
Robert Noonan
Chief Information Security Office, MCCA
Large Venue Operator Representative 2
Ms. Amy Latimer
President, TD Garden
Large Venue Operator Representative 3
Mr. Mark Briggs
Managing Partner, Broadstone Group
Large Venue Operator Representative 4
Mr. Peter Nesbit
Vice President/Ballpark Operations, Boston Red Sox
Large Venue Operator Representative 5
Jason Freeman
Six Flags

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