Friday, October 12, 2018


(MA) On October 21st, Sunday, TUFTS Vet School Professor Dr. Allen Rutberg will give a talk at Summer Star. Attendees will hear about his lifelong passion for wild horses and how he is able to help them.  He will also bring his intern Vet School graduate student Aubrey Specht to talk about her firsthand experience with wild horses.
(麻州)夏日星辰野生動物保護園將於10月21日(週六)下午2點起,舉辦講座,邀塔芙茨大學獸醫學院教授Allen Rutberg分享他這一生對野馬的熱情,以及他如何幫助它們。Rutberg教授的研究所實習生,Aubrey Specht也將分享他和野馬相處的經驗。

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