Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Mayor Martin J. Walsh Speaks to Nonprofits on Collaboration, “Pushing Back” Against Changes on Federal Front

Mayor Martin J. Walsh Speaks to Nonprofits on Collaboration, “Pushing Back” Against Changes on Federal Front

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BOSTON, MA- On Monday, April 9, Mayor Martin J. Walsh addressed a room full of nonprofit leaders in the Boch Center's Grand Lobby, thanking them for their organizations’ contributions to the health and vitality of Boston and highlighting the impact of cross-sector collaborations on the city’s most pressing issues.

In his remarks, Mayor Walsh emphasized building partnerships between the nonprofit, public, and private sectors as a path towards solving some of the city’s most pressing challenges, including homelessness, addiction, affordable housing, and immigrants’ rights.

“We have to use every possible resource we have. When we work together we can be successful. It’s important to build partnerships, and important to do it together,” said Mayor Walsh.

Mayor Walsh also spoke about changes over the past two years happening at the federal level, including the tax reform legislation passed by Congress and signed into law this past December. “We should push back on this tax reform package, which will likely discourage some charitable donations,” he said.

According to a recently-released Massachusetts Nonprofit Network report, the impact of the tax reform bill could include lower the amounts of charitable giving to nonprofits in Massachusetts and across the country.

“Running a nonprofit has never been easy. But now, facing changes on the federal front, the gaps that you’re being asked to fill are bigger than ever,” said the Mayor. “We will need everyone’s skills and hands to collectively move forward.”

In addition to his prepared remarks, Mayor Walsh responded to questions and comments posed to him by audience members representing numerous nonprofits based in the Boston area.

Mayor Walsh was the latest featured speaker in a series of special forums hosted jointly by the Highland Street Foundation and the Massachusetts Nonprofit Network. The forums are dedicated to providing fresh perspectives on issues impacting the nonprofit sector.

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