Sunday, January 29, 2017


Mayor Fung’s Statement on President Trump’s Executive Order on Immigration

“As the son of immigrants who came to this country from China to live the American Dream, President Trump's executive order hits me hard and I have concerns. 

“First and foremost, I do support a fair and thorough vetting process for immigrants to get to America legally.  But, I am concerned about the unintended consequences from this executive order.  I'm troubled at the lack of notice for families in transit and for detaining legal green card holders.  People who have been living here legally with Green Cards or followed the rules to work or study in the United States should not be detained or deported based on their religion or country of origin.

“It appears as though this executive order was rolled out quickly, far too quickly in my opinion, and did not go through proper vetting.  We all know how botched roll outs go in this state, and often leads to a lot of anguish and needless suffering.  While I whole-heartedly support sensible reforms, and think we need to strengthen our borders greatly, immigration and national security are complex problems that should not be rushed.”

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