Friday, January 20, 2017

紐英崙中華專業人員協會春節猜謎 1/28

2017 Chinese New Year Riddles Luncheon Party

Chinese New Year Riddle Luncheon (春節猜謎餐會) January 28, 2017, 12pm at Bamboo Restaurant in Bedford.  We are very honored to have 8 local organizations co-sponsoring this event.  That means you'll have a fair chance to meet with your good old friends at the party.  Registration please either click this Eventbrite link

蔡明機 Ming-Chi Tsai, Ph.D.
New England Association of Chinese Professionals

January 28, 2017

Bamboo Bedford (竹葉青) 213 Burlington Road, Bedford MA 01730 Tel: 781-275-5888 Lunch Buffet Begins 12pm

主持人:王世輝醫師 MC: Dr. SH Wang,   袁尚賢博士 Sun-Shine Yuan Ph.D.

Lunch for NEACP and co-sponsor members: $20 Lunch for public:  $25 Child: under 12 years old: $10; under 6 years old: free   Registration required/suggested.  Please visit: 

Contact Info:    NEACP :  Email:  活動: 彭淑敏;  Yafen Kang 
NCKUAA: 新英格蘭成功大學校友會
MJNE: 新英格蘭玉山科技協會
TCCNE: 新英格蘭大波士頓台灣商會
Greater Boston CKHS Alumni Association: 波士頓建中校友會
GBAANTU:  大波士頓區台大校友會
BEINUAA:  波士頓北一女校友會
HAKAA:  紐英倫客家 鄉親會
CCCI: 華夏⽂化協會

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