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Seeking firms with expertise in program design, 
IT security and privacy

BOSTON - Monday, January 23, 2017 - Mayor Martin J. Walsh today announced the release of a Request for Proposals (RFP) to assess the demand and study the feasibility of implementing a municipal ID program in Boston, including an evaluation plan. A municipal ID program would enable Boston to issue ID cards to its residents, many of whom face barriers to obtaining government-issued forms of identification.

"We are committed to creating a more inclusive and accessible city for all Bostonians," said Mayor Walsh. "This RFP will allow Boston to determine if a municipal ID program would be beneficial to our residents, particularly the elderly, students and immigrants who may not have access to traditional means of identification like driver's licenses. This study will help us best serve all of Boston's residents."

The RFP seeks a consultant to develop possible program designs that incorporate the latest technology standards in IT security, privacy and confidentiality as well as integrate efficiently with existing City services. The City will determine if a municipal ID program is possible, and if so, what option best meets the needs of Bostonians and fulfills Mayor Walsh's mission to create a more welcoming and equitable city.

Proposals must be submitted by February 28, 2017 through the City's Supplier Portal.  A final proposal will be selected by the end of March. The City expects the selected consultant to begin working immediately, and to conduct the study within a six month timeframe.  

"A municipal ID program is an opportunity to improve the lives of the City's most vulnerable residents, while providing tangible benefits for all Bostonians," said Felix Arroyo, Chief of Health and Human Services. "This study will help us better understand how to tailor a potential program to the needs of all Boston's residents."

A successful and viable municipal ID program would be an opportunity for the City of Boston to help residents more fully engage in civic life by increasing their access to city services, banking options, the City's renowned cultural institutions, and more. Municipal ID programs are also designed to increase public safety by giving residents a means of interfacing with law enforcement officers with confidence, thus promoting lasting relationships of trust between public safety officials and the communities they serve.

For more information about the Boston Municipal ID Feasibility Study, visit the City's Supplier Portal: and access EV00003956.

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