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            (Boston Orange 周菊子波士頓報導)為有心從政卻無經驗者鋪路的麻州從政學堂(Commonwealth Seminar)新學期訂1月17日截止報名。
           麻州從政學堂是一個由私人贊助,旨在為有心者,尤其是來自少數族裔社區的有心者打開從政大門的非牟利組織。成立近10年來,已有超過1200名畢業生。波士頓華埠民眾熟悉,曾任麻州參議會議長助理多年,也在麻州經濟發展部門做過主管的李超榮(Leverett Wing),兩年前接手當主任。

Just wanted to let you know that applications for our next Commonwealth Seminar Session are now being accepted (deadline next Tuesday).

We *JUST* surpassed the 1,200 graduate/alumni milestone in December, and we're excited to embark on another year of educating community, business, and non-profit leaders about the "ins & outs" of government.

"Three Great Reasons to Join the Seminar" are detailed in the email, below...  Once a week, for six weeks, students will learn about the legislative & budgetary processes, lobbying & advocacy, press/media relations, and get the unique opportunity to meet legislative leaders & staff.

So please pass this along to anyone and/or any organizations you think might benefit from our unique, intensive program.

- Leverett
Executive Director - The Commonwealth Seminar

Commonwealth Seminar Update
January 12, 2017
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Seminar Applications 
Due Next Week 
(Tuesday, January 17th)


Just a reminder that the application deadline for admission for our next Seminar session is one week away - Tuesday, January 17th)

The six sessions are scheduled for:
  • Thursday, January 26th (5:30 - 8:15pm)
  • Thursday, February 2nd (3:15-5:15pm)
  • Thursday, February 9th (5:30 - 8:15pm)
  • Thursday, February 16th (5:30 - 8:15pm) 
  • Thursday, February 23rd (5:30 - 8:15pm) 
  • Thursday, March 2nd (3:15-5:15pm)                   
    Graduation! ~
Location in Boston TBA (times subject to change)

Why Join the Commonwealth Seminar?

State Representative Tackey Chan addresses the most recent Seminar class at their Graduation, in November
The Education:
We provide our students a unique opportunity to meet & learn from top policymakers and leaders in their respective political fields.

During our six-week program, you'll spend one evening a week in interactive seminars with Administration officials, legislators, legislative aides, lobbying professionals, and media experts.

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Members of the most recent Seminar class ("The Ground Shakers") strike an impromptu (... but impressive!) pose after class, in the State House
The Network 
(Over 1,200 alumni strong & growing) With over 1,200 graduates since its inception, the Seminar is fertile ground for meeting & networking with professionals and activists with similar interests.  

Seminar graduates come from incredibly diverse backgrounds and are top & emerging leaders in their fields, communities and neighborhoods. 

You'll also have access to unique job opportunities through our revamped, and constantly updated, Commonwealth Seminar Jobs Section.

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The Camaraderie: 
Members of the Commonwealth Seminar Class of 2015/16 at King's Bowling Alley in Boston
You'll have a great opportunity to strike up wonderful friendships with your classmates which you'll take with you long after the Seminar is over.

We've hosted reunion events for two of our 2016 Seminar classes, and plans are in the works for a larger Alumni Reunion and professional development & networking opportunities for all 1,200+ Seminar alums. 

About the 
Commonwealth Seminar

The Commonwealth Seminar is a privately funded program with the mission of opening the doors of the State House. It is an intensive training program focused on teaching diverse leaders how the Massachusetts Legislature really works. Top state legislators, legislative staff, media members, and administration policymakers will introduce seminar participants to the Legislature and state government generally. By giving an insiders' view of the process, our goal is to encourage diverse leaders to become effective advocates and to pursue careers in public service. 
Who Should Apply? 
We are looking for leaders from communities of color and immigrant communities; and people working to directly benefit them. We place a high value on creating a seminar class that is diverse racially, ethnically, and geographically. 
Successful candidates for the Commonwealth Seminar will have a basic understanding of state government and a clear desire to use the skills learned through the seminar to make positive change. 
Acceptance to the seminar is decided through a competitive process. Commonwealth Seminar staff and advisers will make all final decisions about the makeup of the seminar. 
More Information and Application 
Please be prepared to make a compelling argument in the application about how you fit into the Commonwealth Seminar's target student profile. For more information, and to download an application, please visit the Commonwealth Seminar website
In This Issue
Application Deadline - Next Tuesday (Jan. 17th)
Why Join the Seminar?
What is the Seminar?

Help Us Recruit! 
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Please forward this email to anyone who might be a good match for the Commonwealth Seminar! 
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