Friday, December 08, 2017


The Asian American Commission welcomes Jenny Chiang as Interim Executive Director!
BOSTON – This fall, the Asian American Commission’s former Executive Director, Bora Chiemroum, ended her three-year term. It is our pleasure to introduce AAC’s new Interim Executive Director, Jenny Chiang. She will continue to build upon the foundation that Ms. Chiemroum so effectively built over the past three years. We are confident that Ms. Chiang will successfully assume these responsibilities in addition to her unique contributions to the betterment of AAPI communities throughout the Commonwealth.

Ms. Chiang is a second generation Taiwanese American. She first got involved in the AAPI community after taking Asian American Studies at UMass Boston; it was an explorative process that revealed the inequities faced by the AAPI community and offered a space that fostered a sense of leadership. She continued her exploration through community organizing in Chicago’s Chinatown as an AmeriCorps VISTA at the Coalition for a Better Chinese American Community.
Ms. Chiang furthered her education with a Master of Social Work degree at Boston College, focusing on Macro Intervention, with a determination to improve systems affecting the AAPI community. She has worked alongside community leaders in her work with UMass Boston, the Boston Public Health Commission, and the Asian Task Force Against Domestic Violence (ATASK). Ms. Chiang has been dedicated to advocating for undocumented immigrants, supporting AAPI health equity, and encouraging youth leadership and civic engagement.

波士頓 - 麻州亞美局在行政主任Bora Chiemroum 三年任期告滿,今秋卸任後,現覓得新人蔣如婷(Jenny Chiang)暫代主任一職。
蔣如婷(Jenny Chiang)是第二代台裔美人,在麻州大學波士頓芬校選修亞美研究課程時,開始接觸亞裔太平洋島民社區,既看見了亞太裔社區所面對的不公平,也日漸培養出領導力。她後來到芝加哥華埠,經由美國志工(AmeriCorp) VISTA項目,加入更好的華美社區聯盟,經由組織社區工作,繼續探討相關議題。
Jenny Chiang後來進了波士頓學院,取得社工碩士學位,專注於宏觀角度的干預,決心要改善影響亞太裔社區的體系。她在麻州大學波士頓分校,波士頓公共衛生局,以及亞太裔反家庭暴力小組等機構工作時,都曾和社區領袖一起共事。一直以來她都致力支持無證件移民,亞太裔在健康上的平等,並鼓勵青年培養領袖,參與公共事務。

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