Sunday, February 05, 2017


Newton Mayor Setti Warren, Former Mayor David Cohen, Police Chief David MacDonald, and 18 City Councilors Announce Single “Welcoming City” Draft Ordinance

Newton, MA – After several weeks of collaboration to find common language, a single Welcoming City Ordinance has been filed with the Newton City Clerk’s office for City Council consideration. 

All parties believe that this collaborative proposed ordinance accomplishes the shared goals of affirming Newton as a safe and welcoming city for all regardless of immigration status as well as codifying the current community policing approach.

The ordinance states, “The City of Newton has long derived strength from its diverse community, including those who identify as immigrants. Through the City’s commitment to social justice and inclusion, one of the City’s most important objectives is to enhance relationships with all residents, including immigrants, and to make all residents, workers and visitors feel safe and secure regardless of immigration status. We believe it is critical to reaffirm in this ordinance, the City’s commitment to fair treatment for all.”

Please find the proposed Welcoming City Ordinance attached.

Co-docketers of the item include:

              Mayor Setti D. Warren

              Former Mayor David Cohen
              Chief David MacDonald
              Council President Scott Lennon
              Council Vice President Cheryl Lappin
              Susan Albright
              Jake Auchincloss
              Richard Blazer
              Barbara Brousal-Glaser
              Deborah Crossley
              Victoria Danburg

Ruthanne Fuller
Jay Harney
Ted Hess-Mahan
David Kalis
Marc Laredo
Alison Leary
Rick Lipof
Emily Norton
John Rice

Amy Sangiolo

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