Wednesday, August 07, 2019

翁萬戈家族收藏中國書畫 MFA10/12起展第一批

           (Boston Orange 周菊子編譯)波士頓美術博物館(MFA)將於20191012日至202089日,展出翁萬戈所捐贈183件中國書法,繪畫收藏品中的第一批。

這第一批贈品展覽,將以家庭,朋友為主題,約有20件大師傑作來自翁萬戈所捐贈的禮物。展覽亮點為明朝(1368年到1644)及清朝(16441911)年間,在中國藝術品中展現出書法、繪畫和人類親密關係的大師作品,例如描繪沈周和朋友在家鄉一代與友同遊的蘇州風景畫冊(14841504) ,文徵明寫給妻兒,展現了在藝術家正式作品中一般見不到的情緒的九封家書(1523年之後)”,描繪權傾一時鹽商和藝術收藏家的安歧在他的花園中肖像(1698),是王翬和焦秉貞這兩名當年宮廷藝術家合作繪製的。展覽中最近期的作品是由翁萬戈自己繪製的手軸,萊溪居優雅聚會(Elegant Gathering at the Laixiju Studio)”,紀念了包括六名全世界最受人尊重中國畫歷史學家1985年在他家的聚會。


OCTOBER 12, 2019–AUGUST 9, 2020
Weng Family Collection of Chinese Painting: Family and Friends
In 2018, the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston (MFA), received the largest and most significant gift of Chinese paintings and calligraphy in its history: the Weng Family Collection, comprising 183 objects that were acquired by and passed down through six generations of a single family. In October 2019, the MFA will open the first in a series of three exhibitions celebrating the landmark donation made by Wan-go H. C. Weng, a longtime Museum supporter and one of the most respected collectors and connoisseurs of Chinese painting in the U.S.
Featuring approximately 20 masterpieces from the gift, the first installation explores the theme of family and friends. Among the highlights are works by some of the greatest masters from the Ming (1368–1644) and Qing (1644–1911) dynasties, which demonstrate the close association of painting and calligraphy with human relationships in Chinese art. The intimate Landscape of Suzhou Sceneries (1484–1504) album describes Shen Zhou’s travels with friends around his home region, while Nine Letters to Home (after 1523), written by Wen Zhengming to his wife and sons, portray an emotionality not usually seen in the artist’s more formal works. Depicting a powerful salt merchant and art collector,Portrait of An Qi in His Garden (1698) is a collaboration between two friends, Wang Hui and Jiao Bingzhen, both celebrated court artists of the day. The most recent piece in the exhibition is a handscroll painted by Wan-go H. C. Weng himself, Elegant Gathering at the Laixiju Studio (1990). The contemporary work commemorates a momentous gathering of friends—including six of the world’s most respected historians of Chinese paintings—held at the collector’s home in 1985.

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