Wednesday, December 12, 2018

A Conversation on Innovation & Gentrification 12/13

A Conversation on Innovation & Gentrification:
The Future of Boston and Learning Lessons from Seattle and San Francisco
Boston is considered one of the most innovative cities in the world. What are the consequences of being so innovative? How do we work together to responsibly and inclusively grow our regional economy? Similar cities such as Seattle and San Francisco are struggling to work together to solve issues caused by such rapid growth. 

Join us in an honest conversation with experts - advocates, developers, brokers and academics - who will discuss what's occurring in Boston and how we can work proactively and collaboratively to make Boston innovative and inclusive.

Opening Remarks:
Paul Lee, Board President, ACDC; Board Member, The Boston Foundation
Orlando Watkins, Vice President for Programs, The Boston Foundation
Damon Cox, Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Angie Liou, Executive Director, Asian Community Development Corporation
Jon Frisch - Partner, T3 Advisers 
Dr. Karilyn Crockett - Lecturer of Public Policy and Urban Planning, MIT; Author, People before Highways
Kyle Gross - Northeast Director of Strategy, WeWork

Sheena Collier - Director of Economic Opportunity, Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce; CEO, The Collier Connection
Event Details
Thursday, December 13
11:30am - 1:00pm
Lunch will be provided.

  • 11:30am Check-in & Lunch
  • 11:50am Panel Discussion followed by Q+A

Special thank you to the Boston Foundation for providing the event space and lunch!

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