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           (Boston Orange )波士頓劍虹體育會(The Boston Knights Athletic Club)在勞工節期間於加拿大蒙特婁舉行的第74屆北美華人排球邀請賽,奪得銅牌。
今年男女各有69隊參賽,還首度有來自渥太華(Ottawa),溫哥華( Vancouver),以及芝加哥(Chicago)的隊伍參賽。
波士頓劍虹隊一連三日力戰群雄,分別和多倫多飛虎隊,紐約洪青,舊金山天龍等隊過招,一路奮勇打進半決賽,在最後一場比賽中敗給贏得冠軍的舊金山Smash Volleyball俱樂部,才屈居季軍。
一向都很神勇的多倫多Connex A隊,奪得亞軍。

(Boston Orange)The Boston Knights Athletic Club won Third Place for a Bronze Medal Finish in the 74th Annual North American Chinese Invitational Volleyball Tournament, held in the City of Montreal in Canada over the Labor Day Weekend.  This yearly Nine-Man Volleyball tournament was started in Boston’s Chinatown by its original Chinese immigrants and continues to this day. It has grown from the original three host cities (Boston, New York, Washington, DC) to seven from the United States and Canada (San Francisco, Los Angeles, Montreal and Toronto).  However, this year also for the first time, teams from Ottawa, Vancouver, and Chicago participated, and there were 69 Men and 69 women’s teams entered.
The Boston Knights played through three days of intense competition against the Toronto Flying Tigers, New York Freemasons, San Francisco Tien Lung, and others.  They were defeated in the Semi Final Game against the eventual champions, The San Francisco Smash Volleyball Club.  The always powerful Toronto Connex A came in second place.
This year, the Boston Knights also placed second place in the New York Mini Tournament in July, and won the championship of Boston August Moon Festival’s Reggie Wong Memorial Volleyball Tournament.  Reggie Wong was the founder of the Knights in 1961 and was the leader of the sport in Boston as well as the Country.
The Boston Knights Volleyball Team is made up of players who attended High Schools like Boston Latin, Latin Academy, North Quincy, and Newton. They also went on to universities  where many played for their college level teams. Many of their parents grew up in Chinatown, and several of them comprised a large cheerleading contingent in Montreal for the event. The Head Coach is Dr. Robert Guen, who has been involved with the Chinese Volleyball since 1970.  (From Boston Knights Athletic Club)

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