Monday, March 27, 2017


This week I met with Lewiston homeowners, and together we launched a petition against the tax breaks for the rich that are driving up our property taxes and decimating funding for Lewiston’s city services.

Schools, roads, public safety workers -- our municipal services are the backbone of our community. We shouldn’t be forced to sacrifice them to foot the bill for more tax breaks for the rich. By restoring revenue sharing, we’ll finally receive the $3.6 million that we deserve for investment right here in Lewiston. Join us and sign the petition here.
Sitting around the Grandmaisons’ kitchen table, I heard from seniors, landlords, retired teachers, and young families who were all sick and tired of a tax system that favors the wealthy. I was inspired by their commitment to Lewiston and I’m heartened that our community wants to take things into their own hands by demanding that the state pay its fair share of municipal revenue sharing. Join us.

The last time we launched a petition like this, it was around pay-as-you-go trash. We won that battle less than six months after launching. It’s time to come together again to push back against LePage’s legacy of giving tax breaks to the rich while cutting support to cities and towns like Lewiston. Those kinds of policies just don’t make sense to me, and they don’t make sense for our city.

You can catch up with our whole conversation here, and sign the petition here. And if you have questions, or want to talk more about this, please email me. I would love to hear what you think.


We believe in clean elections, so we’re not accepting any donations over $100. To contribute to our people’s campaign, please click here.

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