Friday, March 10, 2017

曾莉涵音樂會 3/26

Soprano, Li-Han Lily Tseng, Concert / 女高音 曾莉涵 音樂會

Songs from Far Away / 遠方有歌聲
Location / 地點:First Church in Boston / 波士頓第一教堂, (62 Marlborough St. Boston, MA 02116, MBTA Arlington Station) 
Time / 時間:3/26/17 (Sun)4:30PM
Performers / 演出人員:Soprano, Li-Han Lily Tseng / 女高音 曾莉涵
                                   Pianist, Daniel Jepson / 鋼琴家 吉丹
                                   Viola, Chen Lin / 中提琴家 林蓁
                                   Cambridge Chinese Choral Society / 劍橋合唱團

Program / 曲目: 
Three Kazakh folk song / 三首哈薩克民歌 --- Swallow, Fair Maiden from afar,  Under the silver moonlight /  燕子, 在那遙遠的地方, 在銀色的月光下
Three Chinese Love songs  / 三首中國情歌  --- Blue Flower, At the Hillside Where Horses Are Running, The Streams Flows / 藍花花,康定情歌, 小河淌水
Four Art songs in Chinese / 四首中文藝術歌曲 --- Over the snow for wintersweet, Azalea, The rose is everywhere in May, Autumn Night / 踏雪尋梅, 杜鵑花, 五月裡薔為處處開, 秋夜
Four Choir Songs in Chinese / 四首中文合唱曲 --- Over the snow for wintersweet, Red Bean Song, Swallow, Dance of Youth / 踏雪尋梅, 紅豆詞, 燕子, 青春舞曲
Three Arts songs in Chinese poetry --- Red Bean Song, Prelude to water melody, Lyrics to the Adagio of Resonance /  紅豆詞, 水調歌頭, 聲聲慢
Two nostalgia songs in Chinese / 兩首中文思鄉歌曲 --- Nostalgia, It'll be me / 思鄉, 那就是我

Soprano 女高音/ Li-Han “Lily” Tseng 曾莉涵
Soprano Li-Han “Lily” Tseng received her Doctor of Music Arts in vocal performance from The University of Alabama and Master of Music degrees in voice performance from Longy School of Music of Bard College and Taipei National University of the Arts.
Dr. Tseng is an active performer in chamber music, choir, recital and opera. She was an assistant accompanist for the Adult Chancel Choir and the principal accompanist for the Children’s Worship Arts Choir at First United Methodist Church at Tuscaloosa, AL. With years of performing experience, Tseng’s wide-ranging interests and expertise include working with professional musicians, adult avocational singers at all levels, and young singers. Tseng’s performance experiences included with the University of Alabama Opera Theatre, University Singers, the Contemporary Ensemble, and Ethos, a newly-formed professional choral ensemble in residence at First Methodist Church of Tuscaloosa. Recently, she has performed the role of Patience in Patience with University of Alabama Opera Theatre (UAOT), The Foreign Woman in The Council (UAOT), The Witch in Hansel and Gretel (UAOT), and Mrs. Discobbolos in Mr & Mrs. Discobbolos with the UA Contemporary Ensemble.
Dr. Tseng has experience teaching private voice and piano students in addition to teaching musicianship lab and accompanying undergraduate and graduate students studying voice. Tseng’s teaching is based on a comprehensive approach to the training of students and incorporates strong technical skill-building for all kind of music genres. Now, Dr. Tseng is a resident singer at The First Church in Boston, voice and piano faculty member of New School of Music (Cambridge).

        女高音曾莉涵聲樂博士畢業於阿拉巴馬大學音樂系,先後畢業於Longy音樂學院與臺北藝術大學的聲樂研究所。曾博士是一位活躍的歌唱家,致力於室內樂、獨唱、合唱、歌劇的演出。現在曾博士擔任波士頓第一教堂的常任歌唱家,並任教於波士頓的New School of Music EKS Studio

Pianist 鋼琴家 / Daniel Jepson 吉丹
            Pianist Daniel Jepson holds a Masters degree and a Graduate Performance Diploma from The Boston Conservatory, where he studied with Max Levinson.  He received the school’s Community Service Award in 2009.  Daniel has performed at Harvard’s Paine Hall and numerous other venues in the Boston area, and has participated in several international competitions.  As a scholarship recipient at the Toronto Summer Music Academy in 2009, he performed at University of Toronto’s Walter Hall, and studied with internationally-renowned performers such as Andre Laplante and Anton Kuerti.  An active collaborative pianist, he has often accompanied prize-winners at concerto and vocal competitions.
        鋼琴家吉丹畢業於波士頓音樂學院,並獲得鋼琴碩士學位和演奏文憑,師承 Max Levinson。吉丹在校期間,曾獲得音樂院的 Community Service Award並且曾在哈佛的潘恩音樂廳以及波士頓的許多地方演出過,更是非常積極的參與國際音樂比賽。2009年獲得多倫多夏季音樂學院的獎學金,在多倫多大學的Walter 音樂廳演出,並跟隨國際知名的演奏家Andre Laplante Anton Kuertivm學習。現在吉丹是個非常活躍的鋼琴合作藝術家,經常與大賽得獎者一同演出,也是許多聲樂比賽的常任鋼琴合作藝術家。

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