Tuesday, September 12, 2017

City Council President Wu Files“Right to Charge” Ordinance

City Council President Wu Files“Right to Charge” Ordinance
The ordinance aims to expand electric vehicle charging infrastructure in Boston

BOSTON - This week, Boston City Council President Michelle Wu filed an ordinance which would codify the right of Boston residents to install personal electric vehicle charging stations. “Across the country, we are seeing the devastating impacts of superstorms made more destructive and more frequent by climate change,” said President Wu. “It is more important than ever that our residents should be able to take advantage of every tool available to reduce their carbon footprint.”

Under the ordinance, property owners would be allowed to install an electric vehicle charging station without condominium- or homeowners’ associations banning or placing unreasonable regulations on the stations. The ordinance also spells out the rights and responsibilities of station owners, including paying for installation and electricity costs, repairing any damages to common areas caused by the station, and disclosing the existence to potential buyers. It also allows for associations to institute an application for approval process, so long as they process applications in a timely manner and do not impose unreasonable fees.

“Transportation is responsible for approximately 30 percent of greenhouse gas emissions, and electric vehicles are one tool that Bostonians are embracing to reduce their carbon footprint,” said President Wu. “As a City we should be making it easier for our residents to take this step. This draft legislation is aimed at balancing the concerns of condominium- and homeowners’ associations, as well as those of residents who are concerned about climate change. I look forward to hammering out details with all relevant stakeholders through the public process.”

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