麻州州長候選人 - Jay Gonzalez - MA AFLCIO endorsed

$1 billion in new investment in education and transportation. 
That’s my proposal to help make high-quality childcare and preschool affordable for every child and family; fully fund our public schools; make our public universities and community colleges affordable and debt-free; and fix and improve our public transportation, roads, and bridges.  And we’d make this new $1 billion investment without raising taxes on working- and middle-class families. 
Our institutions of higher education add so much to our state, but the richest among them have amassed huge wealth while regular people are struggling to get ahead. I think it’s time we ask institutions with endowments exceeding $1 billion to pay their fair share. 
-- Jay
As President of the Massachusetts AFL-CIO, it was my honor to announce on behalf of our 400,000 members and 750 local unions our endorsement of Jay Gonzalez for Governor. 
Jay knows that government should work for the people, not for the business elite and wealthy special interests. 
The choice in this election is simple. We want a governor who will build up our infrastructure and make Massachusetts a state that values hard work, service and good government. We don’t need another term of Governor Baker's tired tactics, supporting big business and privatizing government at the expense of the public good. 

-- Steve Tolman, President, Massachusetts AFL-CIO
I'm running for Governor to make a positive difference in people's lives, and I believe in the important role government plays in doing so.  One key responsibility of government is to ensure public safety.  I believe we need a government that is proactive in working to keep the public safe from preventable catastrophes, not one that's merely reactive after they happen. The gas explosions in the Merrimack Valley were a tragedy, and we need to make sure we do everything we can to prevent anything like it from happening again. 
Right now, the Department of Public Utilities has only eight pipeline inspectors in a state with more than 21,000 miles of natural gas pipelines. That means each inspector is responsible for more than 2,600 miles of pipelines, the distance from Boston to Los Angeles. That's unacceptable.
We need a Governor who believes in a proactive government. Help us get the word out about our campaign and sign up to volunteer today.

-- Jay
My name is Tram Nguyen and I am a candidate for State Representative running in the Eighteenth Essex district (covering parts of Andover, Tewksbury, North Andover, and Boxford).
When Jay Gonzalez gave me the opportunity to speak with you directly about my race, I knew I had to take it because my race is important to the whole state.
I am running against Representative Jim Lyons, the Republican incumbent who has left his mark on Beacon Hill by spewing hateful rhetoric and backing discriminatory policies. He has voted repeatedly against abortion rights, proposed anti-immigrant legislation, and most recently voted to make sure cruel gay-conversion therapy remained legal here in Massachusetts. His long history of anti-women, anti-immigrant, and anti-LGBTQ stances are a stain on our state and do not represent our values.
Despite all of this, Governor Baker is enthusiastically supporting Lyons and on August 27th the Governor will headline a fundraiser in support of Lyons's campaign. Jay and I want everyone to know just where Jim Lyons and Charlie Baker stand, so we will be protesting outside their fundraiser.
Unfortunately for Lyons, I represent everything he opposes: I am a woman, I am an attorney fighting for the most vulnerable among us, and I came to this country as a political refugee from Vietnam after my father fought alongside American forces. I’m fighting to ensure the people of my district have an advocate protecting their rights and fighting for our shared values.
But we need an ally in the Governor’s office as well. We deserve a Governor who won’t drag Massachusetts backwards, but will stand up for the little guy, the regular people in this state. And that person is not Charlie Baker.

Tram Nguyen, Candidate for State Representative

National Grid has locked out over 1,200 highly skilled, hard working gas workers during negotiations with The United Steelworkers Locals 12003 and 12012-4.

Despite the multinational corporation’s rising profits, nearly $5 billion so far this year, National Grid refuses to pay its workers and has cut healthcare coverage for 1,200 families. This is unconscionable. A company as rich and powerful as National Grid should not put at risk public safety and the healthcare of workers and their families.

Wednesday, I stood in solidarity with these locked-out workers as we marched on Beacon Hill calling for the lockout to end and for fair terms in their negotiations. Click on the image to listen as I offered my support to the union members and called on National Grid to end the lockout immediately.

We need a Governor who will stand up and defend these workers and workers across the Commonwealth who are treated unfairly by corporations.

Jay Gonzalez

I am proud to write on behalf of the International Union of Painters and Allied Trades District Council 35 (District Council 35) and our 4,000 members in Massachusetts to offer our Union's enthusiastic support of Jay. Throughout his career, Jay has fought to protect workers' rights and give everyone access to a good job at a living wage. If elected Governor, Jay will be an unwavering advocate for workers and families, too many of whom are being left behind by Charlie Baker.

Governor Baker has failed to stand up and defend workers’ rights for too long, most recently refusing to support legislation to curtail wage theft that is happening across our State. Jay has supported such measures, and has marched alongside union brothers and sisters to advocate for these policies to become a reality.

But Jay can’t make a difference on this and so many important issues impacting our lives without our help. That’s why we’ve committed to working with him to knock on doors, talk to our friends and neighbors, and volunteer across the state to help him share his message of leadership and change.

Jeff Sullivan, Business Manager and the Secretary-Treasurer of IUPATDC 35

PETITION: Demand that Charlie Baker DENY National Guard resources to Trump's efforts to rip families apart
Today is Father's Day and I am grateful that I will have the opportunity to spend some time with my family.  I'll call my father and spend time with my kids.
But in the last few days, my thoughts have been with the families who are being ripped apart at our southern border by Donald Trump's immigration forces. Mothers and fathers are being torn away from their children who are then locked in cages - by our own federal government.  The United Nations has condemned Trump's policy of separating families.
It's sickening.
And worse yet, Charlie Baker has committed our state's resources to help carry out the Trump administration's efforts at the border. Governor Baker's commitment of Massachusetts National Guard personnel and equipment might have been before the horrific family break-up policy was in full-swing, but it's not too late for the Governor to do the right thing and withdraw support.
That is why I am asking the Governor to reconsider his decision and to withhold any resources that he previously committed to help Trump's immigration forces. And I am hoping you will join me in signing on to a petition demanding that Charlie Baker deny National Guard resources to Trump's efforts to rip families apart.
Our voices are stronger and louder together.  Please sign the petition today and share it far and wide.

AFT Massachusetts, representing 25,000 educators from all across Massachusetts, is incredibly proud to announce our endorsement of Jay Gonzalez for Governor!
Jay will be a fierce advocate for our students and teachers on Beacon Hill. He knows that the status quo isn’t working for Massachusetts students, and he has an aspirational vision for an education system that gives every student the resources they need to succeed.
It’s clear to me that Jay is not afraid to dig in on day one, paying attention to the nuts and bolts of how we can lift up our students and move forward a progressive agenda across the Commonwealth. Through his strong support for the Fair Share Amendment, he’s outlined a plan to fully fund our schools and libraries, fix the broken Foundation Budget, and make our public colleges affordable again.
In order to win the primary and beyond, we need to spread Jay’s message to voters across the state. The public school employees, higher education faculty and staff, and public librarians who make up AFT MA will be out there talking to our neighbors about Jay’s vision, and we need your help.
Please join AFT MA members knocking on doors and talking to people in your neighborhood.
Thank you,

Beth Kontos, AFT MA President

Week after week it becomes more and more clear that Massachusetts needs a stronger leader in the Governor's office, and I believe the right person for the job is Jay Gonzalez.  Jay has a vision of what our state can be and what it needs to be if we are to progress educationally, socially and economically. Plus he has the experience and knowhow to move from a good policy idea to effective action.
Jay isn't afraid to be bold and to respond to hard questions with intelligence, candor, and compassion. Jay is forthright on the issues that affect our lives—like supporting a $15 minimum wage and paid family and medical leave. He doesn’t hedge his bets or wait on the sidelines. He is a true leader, which our incumbent is not.  As the Boston Business Journal recently editorialized, Charlie Baker’s “answers are vague, his stance evasive” on the November ballot questions. As they put it, “the absence of Baker’s voice on such important issues strikes us as an abdication of leadership.”
They are right.  We are the birthplace of the American Revolution, leaders in education, business, and technology, and pioneers of civil rights. We do not and should not just wait and see what is coming down the pike. We act, solve problems, and make progress.
Charlie Baker hasn't delivered.
Jay Gonzalez will.


What a week last week!
I was so honored to receive major endorsements by organizations across Massachusetts that are committed to fighting for strong, progressive leadership. Progressive Democrats of Massachusetts and Progressive Massachusetts both announced their support for our campaign and their commitment to helping us win this fall.
My friend, former State Treasurer Steve Grossman, who had been a supporter of his long-time friend and neighbor Setti Warren, announced that he is now supporting our grassroots campaign.
And on Saturday, our campaign was the decisive winner in two straw polls at Democratic events in Methuen and the Outer Cape.
Momentum is building, my friends.
We proved that on Wednesday when we delivered 12,000 volunteer-collected signatures to the Secretary of State’s Office to qualify our campaign for the ballot. It is my name that will appear on the ballot, but you continue to demonstrate that this is YOUR campaign.
We’re working hard as we approach the Democratic State Convention, now less than one month away. We’re continuing to reach out to delegates to earn their support, and we’re talking to our friends and neighbors. We’re spreading our message of Aiming High and rejecting the status quo.

Aim High,

I am writing to today to let you know that Progressive Massachusetts, a statewide grassroots organization is proudly supporting Jay Gonzalez for Governor!
At Progressive Massachusetts, we are committed to a vision of shared prosperity, racial and social justice, good governance and strong democracy, and sustainable infrastructure and environmental protection. 
We need allies in the Corner Office who believe in building a better health care system. Who will fight for workers and support a $15 minimum wage and paid family and medical leave. Who will create a fairer tax system. Who will help transition us to a clean energy economy. Who will invest in the public education and public transit systems that are the bedrocks of our economy. And who will fight for so much more for everyday people. 
Jay Gonzalez is just the person for the job. In endorsing Jay, our members cited his experience, his passion for public service and his commitment to progressive values that make Massachusetts a great place to live. 
Jay is the one in this race who can beat Charlie Baker this fall and we’re proud to go to work to make that happen. 
Jonathan Cohn
Statement from Jay Gonzalez on Mayor Warren's Decision to End His Campaign for Governor
I want to thank Mayor Warren for his contribution to the race for Governor, and for highlighting the important issue of economic inequality. It was a pleasure spending time with Setti over the last year on the campaign trail. I appreciate the sacrifice he and his family have made in the name of public service, and I wish them all the best. I also want to thank his enthusiastic supporters. I ask for their support so that together we can make Massachusetts a leader again and make a meaningful difference in people's lives.
Dear Chutze,
Nearly a year ago, I stood in front of the house where I grew up--and the house where I live now with my wife and two young children--to ask you to stand with me and take back the Corner Office. I got into this race because I believe that economic inequality is the defining challenge of our time and we've got to take it on. Since then, I've visited over 160 communities across Massachusetts to talk to people about the need to raise new revenue to fix our broken transportation system, fully fund our public education system, and knock down the opioid epidemic.
We've done so much together. We've built up a dedicated and hardworking campaign staff and signed up thousands of volunteers. I've been honored by the endorsements of Gov. Mike Dukakis, Sheriff Steven Tompkins, Mayor David Narkewicz, Rep. Solomon Goldstein-Rose, VoteVets, the Collective PAC for Black Candidates, and many others. Our grassroots campaign has continued to grow--and Massachusetts Democrats have shown that they are ready to take on the status quo on Beacon Hill. 
One thing has always stood in our way. Even though we raised a lot of money from small-dollar donations, raising the kind of money we need to build a grassroots campaign that can take on Charlie Baker has been our biggest challenge from Day 1. Today, I have come to the difficult realization that this challenge is insurmountable. The money just isn't there to run the kind of campaign I want to run. After talking to my wife Tassy, I have decided to withdraw from this race.
I have always told myself that we could beat Charlie Baker by following Gov. Patrick's advice: stand up for what we believe and organize our communities. I'm proud that we stayed true to our beliefs, but at the end of the day, grassroots campaigns cost money and it just wasn't there for us.
I've been a public servant for my whole life. For me, running for governor was an extension of the career I started at the Clinton White House and continued through Sen. John Kerry's office, a deployment to Iraq, and eight years as mayor of my hometown. Though this effort was unsuccessful, I still believe in my heart that I have the capacity to help people. I will continue to look for new ways to serve. 
Until we meet again, thank you.

On March 12, 2018, I lost my son, Brian, to an opioid overdose.
Brian was a talented and passionate battle rapper who worked with and inspired people across the country. He worked in retail and took pride in brightening a customer's day.
But he was also a person who had spent years trying to beat his addiction, while managing mental health issues including anxiety and depression.
Sadly, I know I am not alone in the devastation of losing my son to the heroin and opioid epidemic in Massachusetts.  Countless families are grieving the death of children, parents, siblings, friends and other family members who’ve been lost to this disease.
I can’t sit back and hope it gets better. Along with many others, I am demanding action. Our Governor must act with a greater sense of urgency, life-saving urgency, to end this epidemic.
Today, Jay Gonzalez has issued a plan that I believe goes a long way towards addressing the many gaps in our current approach to this crisis. His plan helps reduce the stigma of substance use disorder, treating it like the disease it is. He proposes investing more in educating our young people to help them avoid the drug trap. And he recognizes that many of those struggling with substance use disorder have underlying and co-occurring mental health issues that our system must address.
There are parts of his proposal that I know people, myself included, will find controversial. But we are a state in crisis, and we have to be willing to do all we can to put an end to this epidemic.
This is the kind of leadership we need in Massachusetts. It’s the kind of leadership Brian needed and countless others deserve.

Like many of you, I joined with young people from across the country this weekend to lend my voice to the chorus of Americans demanding more action to put an end to gun violence.
I marched from Roxbury to the Boston Common with alums from Marjory Stoneman Douglas in Parkland. I talked with many people who are tired of living in fear, including young activists who are fighting for the future of their generation.

We need to stand up and fight with them. That’s why I've called for a ban on the manufacture of assault weapons here in Massachusetts. I was disturbed to learn that the assault weapon used in Parkland was made right here in our state.  These weapons of war are banned here in Massachusetts, and they should be banned everywhere.  So why should we allow them to be made here?  As long as Trump and Republicans in Congress continue to do the bidding of the NRA and oppose a federal assault weapon ban, we need to do everything we can here in Massachusetts to keep these weapons from killing more kids.
I've also put forward a series of other proposals for reducing gun violence in Massachusetts. Take a look.
Join us in this call to end gun violence.
Aim High,
Our campaign has grown quickly since the end of caucuses. What we saw at caucuses was nothing less than a grassroots wave, and Team Setti has harnessed it. 
This is why our March 31st deadline is so important. We are growing our team from top to bottom in order to channel this grassroots momentum into November, and we need your help. 
This is a matter of sustaining our team. In order to support the volunteers that have joined Team Setti since the end of caucuses, we need the simple things: printed literature, rally signs, printed walk packets, even snacks. 
These are all cheap on their own, but Team Setti has grown into a major statewide campaign. These small purchases add up.
We need $4,681 to pay for what our growing campaign needs. Can you help us get there?
With your help, we’ll sustain our growth all the way to victory in November. 
-- Setti 

Organizing is important. 
There are 2,137 precincts in Massachusetts. To win this state, you need a captain getting out the vote in every single one. 
That is what I did when I ran for governor in 1974, and that is what Setti is doing now. 
Organizing this type of ground operation takes time and resources. Time to recruit and retain all of the volunteers you need cover the entire state. Resources to hire organizers and support the infrastructure of a massive grassroots campaign.
That is why I need you to donate, now.
Help us organize in every corner of the Commonwealth. Donate now. 

A new poll out this morning shows that Charlie Baker can be beaten. 

The survey just released by WBUR is the first public survey to take a deeper look at Baker's numbers--and it proves what we've been saying all along. Compared to the craziness coming from the White House, many people don't personally dislike Baker, but most people don't think he is doing a good job managing the most important issues we face in Massachusetts.

  • Just 37% of Massachusetts voters think Baker is doing a good job tackling the opioid crisis
  • Only 32% think Baker is doing a good job making our roads and highways better
  • A slim 29% say Baker is doing enough to bring down the cost of health care
  • Merely 29% believe Baker is improving the MBTA

Most of the people who don't disapprove of Baker don't really know much about his record. Here's how one of those people put it to WBUR:

"I can't say, 'Wow, what an outstanding guy, what a great job he's done... He's articulate — and that's pretty much it."

What a ringing endorsement.

This poll shows that we're on the right track, but it also points to our biggest challenge. We have to build a grassroots campaign that can talk to voters in their communities about Setti Warren's record and Charlie Baker's failings. If we can give voters a clear choice in November, then we will win.

-- John Walsh, Chief Campaign Strategist

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