星期四, 5月 10, 2012

董事長樂團+紅花樂團 5/14 Wonder Bar舉行

“Passport to Taiwan” celebrates Taiwanese American Heritage

Passport to Taiwan 是目前在美國舉辦最久, 參加人數最多的台灣活動. 過去十年以來, 均在紐約最熱鬧的Union Square 廣場舉行, 吸引數萬人參加. 活動帶給紐約客及觀光客舞台表演, 美食小吃, 手工藝品等不同面向的台灣文化. 在第十一年的開始, 擴大舉辦, 與鄰近城市合作, 包括華盛頓DC 及波士頓.


***Purchase at Door (On Show day): 18 USD

“Passport to Taiwan” is the largest of its kind in the US. Now in its 11th year, the event has many new additions that will entice New Yorkers to discover the abundance in Taiwanese American heritage. This year, P2TW expands its territory, from New York, to close-by cities, Washington D.C. and Boston.


This year in Boston, P2TW has invited 2 Taiwan-rooted bands to perform in Wonderbar (http://www.wonderbarboston.com/) The two bands respectively represent Taiwan Local Rock and Taiwan Pop Rock.

The Chairman(http://www.facebook.com/chairman.taiwan)

Formed in 1997, has released 8 albums, and received numerous domestic and overseas awards. The Chairman is famed for its particular Taiwanese local rock and roll style and has dominated the Taiwan music industry for years. The Chairman has been nominated and won awards including Golden Melody Awards and Golden Indie Awards in Taiwan. They were also invited to perform at 2011 Taiwan Heritage Night at the Mets Citi Field, the first Taiwan live band to perform at any Major League Baseball.

http://youtu.be/73odcDgyiMo 眾神護台灣
http://youtu.be/su2u5j8vYMY 愛我你會死

Red Flowers (https://www.facebook.com/RedFlowerBand)

Emerging band Red Flower straddles the murky line between pop and indie band. Red Flower Band was found in 2005 and since then, two tracks have become TV drama theme songs including “Love Second Time Around” makes a nod to 1980s happy-go-lucky rock, while “Pillow Talk” veers into atmospheric slow rock redolent of Coldplay.

http://youtu.be/slRMmxKF0fw 第二回合我愛你
http://youtu.be/cqlkrGigIvY 黑夢
http://youtu.be/R-W2NmLww_0 安全感

This Mother’s Day, the Taiwanese American Community of Greater New York brings traditional delicacies, international rock stars, environmental art, and authentic handicrafts to the spotlight, celebrating Taiwanese American Heritage Week at Union Square North on May 13 from 12pm to 5pm. The month of May is also the nationwide “Asia Pacific American Heritage Month”, signed into law in 1992.
The event, named “Passport to Taiwan”, is the largest of its kind in the US. Now in its 11th year, the event has many new additions that will entice New Yorkers to discover the abundance in Taiwanese American heritage.
Several bands headlining this year in Taiwan’s famous Spring Scream music festival will reunite on the New York stage. The chart-topping, epic Taiwanese band, “The Chairman” that mixes traditional temple elements into Rock ‘N’ Roll, along with Taiwanese pop-rock boy band “Red Flower”, locally grown Erhu progressive rock band, “Hsu-Nami”, Canadian beat-boxing, genre bending, hip-hop quintet “Three Sheet”, and West Coast based alt-rock band, “Johnny Hi-Fi” will keep the energy high and the crowd dancing. Also joining them on stage will be local garage band, “Gigaherb.”
Taiwanese Contemporary Artists in NY will showcase their creations with different themes and materials. A driftwood sculptor, Mr. Siki Sufin with his sculptures made from driftwood will join us from Dulan, a small town in the east of Taiwan.
Ten talented Taiwanese traditional craft masters will also be on site to demonstrate skills ranging from creating curious creatures out of melted sugar, to rolling and shaping of edible dough figurines. Some of these skills are rare to find even in Taiwan today.
Any Taiwanese event is not complete without Taiwan’s most famous highlight of all; food. There will be several Night Market style food stalls to satisfy everyone’s appetite. Cool off with a shaved ice or bubble tea, and tickle your taste buds with a bamboo tamale, oyster pancake, or yummy Taiwanese style burger.
For more information, please check www.p2tw.org
一年一度的「Passport to Taiwan」活動即將來臨了!這個慶祝美國國會在一九九九年所頒定為慶祝台美傳統週所設立的活動今年的活動將於五月十三日母親節當天登場。地點在人聲頂 沸的的Union Square北側,主辦單位希望民眾一起帶著媽媽作夥來到活動共渡母親節。今年除了還是會有滿足大家的胃口的小吃,另外還有許多特別的內容。
今年台灣觀光局主打「旅行台灣、就是現在」(Time for Taiwan),也是本屆活動的主題。因此,活動內容特別以觀光局所劃分的區域為台灣的觀光做宣傳。觀光局紐約辦事處也會在現場,將有許多紀念品贈送。
來自台東都蘭的漂流木雕刻家希巨蘇飛(Siki Sufin)將展示他的作品,材料都是從山上因水土保持問題而流落到平地的木材,他也賦予這些曾堵塞港口的木頭新生,重新為他們講故事。其所屬的都蘭山劇團也會帶來原汁原味的部落表演。
台灣的董事長樂團及紅花樂團剛在台灣與紐約的Hsu-Nami樂團和加拿大Three Sheet樂團環島演出。這一次這些樂團將在紐約重聚,再次將他們的Hello Taiwan巡迴搬到紐約來。另一個紐約地下樂團Gigaherbs跟Johnny Hi-Fi也將出場。還有那位在地鐵吹奏台灣歌曲的黑人樂手也會來到場獻藝,他其實中文講的也不錯。董事長及紅花也將於5/14日至Boston、5 /17日在東村DROM、5/19在華府、5/20於費城進行巡迴演出。
身處藝術之都的紐約,現場也將有當代藝術家展演。他們將以「勇敢新視界」與「關愛地球」兩主題策劃,特別共襄盛舉參與本年活動。「勇敢新視界」是由 五位紐約臺灣女性藝術家協會會員參與。胡農欣的人肉壽司行為表演以人體扮演壽司提出移民文化的議題,林文文的我的美麗新世界界互動表演挑戰人的慣性行為, 丘琬琳所設計的的十二生肖飾品進行裝置與化妝表演。瑪沙葛蘭姆的舞者謝筱婷,謝筱瑋與舞團還有陳南呈大提琴搭配的現代舞,將在舞臺與當代藝術區演出。
「關愛地球」的部份有兩位藝術家,楊金池將三萬回收瓶自空中掉下砸在他的頭上,這是他七月二十八,二十九日在皇后美術館的行為表演前的預展,林世寶 將收集廢棄手機與電話未來組裝成一部汽車,希望民眾參與提供不用的日常科技用品。活動中也將會有許多的手工藝攤位,有許多少見的文創產品,等著大家來挖 寶。
而Passport to Taiwan在5/13日結束之後馬上就會南下。今年首次與華府方面合作,十九日將參與在Pennsylvania Avenue上舉辦的Fiesta Asia,主辦單位希望可以將此作法形成固定模式,讓資源共享,以讓活動效果加倍,使得更多美國民眾可以認識台美人。
活動舉辦多年以來,因為昂貴的各項成本,雖然都不曾收支平衡,但也都靠著僑胞的捐助,一年一年的舉辦下去,本年度也不例外。主辦單位期待大家繼續的 支持與參與。捐款請寄Passport to Taiwan, 13744 Northern Blvd, Flushing, NY 11354 支票抬頭TAA-NY。
  • A-Pou’s Taste Cart 阿婆的味道
  • Bamboo Tamale 燒肉粽
  • Formosa Capellini 大腸麵線
  • Oden (Fish Cake) 黑輪甜不辣
  • Sliced Bao 割包
  • Crystal Meatball 肉圓
  • Rice Tart 碗稞
  • Oyster Pancake 蚵仔煎
  • Dracula Popsicle 豬血糕
  • Sausage 烤香腸
  • Formosa Ragu over Rice 滷肉飯
  • Hakka Delicacies 落湯臍 米台目
  • A-Chung of Flushing 法拉盛阿忠
  • “ English” Stew 英文滷味
  • IRIS Tea & Bakery
  • Bubble Tea 珍珠奶茶
  • Ice Cream Wrap 潤餅冰淇淋
  • Aiyu Drink 愛玉冰
  • Shaved Ice 刨冰
  • Taiwan Tourism Bureau 台灣觀光局
  • China Airlines 中華航空公司
  • Fang Gourmet Tea 芳茗軒
  • Beautiful Orchids 美麗蘭花
  • Videos of Taiwan 台灣影音館
  • Straw Weaving 草編
  • Creative Taiwan 台灣文創品
  • Artists 藝術家
  • County of Yunlin 雲林主題館
  • Hakka Crafts 客家文物
  • Aboriginal Crafts 原住民工藝
  • Performers Products 演出團體商品
  • Pineapple Cake 鳳梨酥
  • Tzu-Chi Foundation 慈濟基金會
  • Health Plus Amerigroup 加健
  • Cultural Center of TECO-NY 紐約華僑文教服務中心
  • Village Voice 村聲報
  • FAPA & FAPA-YPG 台灣人公共事務會及專業青年團
  • IW Group
  • TAP-NY 台美專業青年協會
  • Aboriginal Crafts 原住民工藝
  • GrowNYC
  • iPower!
  • FTCCNY 大紐約區台灣教會聯誼會
  • TACEC 美東台灣人夏令會
  • Meet me in NY 紐約見


Since the initiation of the “Passport to Taiwan” festival in 2002, it has become the most important event for the Taiwanese American and the Mandarin Speaking community in the New York Tri-State area.
Tremendous resources have been gathered in order to make the event successful. The festival has since become the largest outdoor Taiwanese event in the entire United States.
Please join us for a day of festivities. This is a test!
We want feedbacks!! Please use Contact Form to let us know what you think about the festival!