Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Ms. HotSauce to Launch Boston’s First Black Female Owned Digital Radio Station “Spark FM.”

Ms. HotSauce to Launch Boston’s First 
Black Female Owned Digital Radio Station “Spark FM.”
Station will focus on the inclusion, passion and professionalism that many other Bostonian platforms lack and overlook.

BOSTON - Boston Radio Personality Danielle “Ms. HotSauce” Johnson announced today she will be launching a new radio station planned as a platform for urban voices and talent. The station will specifically cater to Boston’s under-served and under-represented urban community.

In Boston, Black radio personalities and creatives born in the city have long felt shut out, ignored, and overlooked by establishment media sources. Through the help of a community kickstarter, also launching today, Ms. HotSauce aims to rectify this wrong and create a station that will invest in the community, provide a platform for young Black talent, and offer mentorship opportunities as well as advertising space for Black businesses. 

“Launching the first Black female owned digital radio station in Boston has been sparked by my unadulterated passion for radio and my experiences as an on-air personality here in the city,” said Ms. HotSauce. “I’m grateful to have the support of my community in this venture, and although I will be the ‘captain of the ship,’ I know that the vessel will not sail without the wisdom, skill, passion, promotion and financial backing of the collective community that I am doing this for. Together, we will provide a platform that allows the voices of the community to be heard and valued.”

The Kickstarter campaign, linked here, will partially cover the costs of equipment and a state-of-the-art facility that Bostonians can feel proud of and that will represent the artistic creativity and skill of Boston’s diverse community and culture. Spark FM will formally launch on April 20, 2020, and information about upcoming kickoff events can be found at www.sparkfmonline.com

Danielle Johnson, 36, has been working in Boston radio for almost a decade. Johnson is a radio personality, event host, and entrepreneur who started her journey in 2009 as an intern for an independent media company. She is the Broadcast manager at GRLZRadio.org a non profit for inner city teen girls interested in media broadcasting. She has served as a radio personality on Boston's urban radio station 87.7, and founded the podcast and event series Henny and Hotwings. Most recently, Johnson hosted a morning show on Boston's multicultural radio station, Big City 88.5FM, as her on-air personality, Ms. HotSauce.

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