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MFA 賀建館150週年 2月1日出席農曆新年慶會 可得一年免費會員

Boston Orange波士頓美術博物館(MFA)為慶祝建館150週年,並期許更多人能更接近藝術,走進該館,刻正舉辦各項活動。21日的慶祝農曆新年活動,將給入館訪客免費註冊成一年會員的機會。
波士頓美術博物館建於187024日。該館為慶祝建館150週年,安排有一系列活動。為鼓勵更多人進博物館,接近藝術美學,將在該館的11各年度社區活動和三個季節性的波士頓美術博物館深夜秀 (MFA Late Nites)中,給到訪者免費註冊成為會員一年的機會。
波士頓美術博物館館長Matthew Teitelbaum表示,向前展望,波士頓美術博物館必須因應博物館在社會中角色的不斷改變,在成為一個真正包容機構上更加努力,並致力於以新的緊迫感因應時代問題。
波士頓美術博物館從1870年創建到成為一個全球性收藏機構的擴展過程,將在慶祝150週年的為期一年展覽中做重點展示,包括展現在歷史上強大,卻被誤解的尼羅河上王國的現在的古代努比亞(Ancient Nubia Now)”,翁氏家族收藏的中國繪畫:家庭及朋友,明(1368-1644)(1644-1911)兩朝大師作品,以及和倫敦皇家藝術學院合作的”Lucian Freud:自畫像等等。
在慶祝150週年的這一年期間,波士頓美術博物館推出各種會員計畫,以鼓勵更多人和該館建立更深厚關係,包括在該館的11個年度社區慶祝活動和三個季節性MFA Late Nites中,提供註冊成為第一年免費會員的機會;推出作品由該館收藏,刻仍在世藝術家可終生入場免費的福利,在MFA150週年期間和該館合作的藝術家,可得一年會員資格的獎勵等。

Enhancing the Power of Art and Artists with a Renewed Focus on the Community in Which We Live
BOSTON (September 12, 2019)—The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston (MFA), announced today a slate of initiatives for its 150th anniversary in 2020, driven by a deepened commitment to inclusion, community and generosity. The yearlong celebration aims to bring more people closer to art and the MFA—signaling aspirations for the Museum’s future.
“The MFA’s 150th anniversary is a moment to honor our past and, more critically, anticipate our future. The Museum was founded with a spirit of generosity and belief in the power of art and artists—values that remain among the pillars of today’s MFA,” said Matthew Teitelbaum, Ann and Graham Gund Director. “As we look ahead, we must also address the changing role of museums in society, amplifying our efforts toward becoming a truly inclusive institution and committing to a new sense of urgency in engaging with the issues of our time.”
A group of Boston’s civic leaders created the Museum in 1870 as a public place for discovery, the enjoyment of art and celebration of artists. Since then, the MFA has grown to house a global collection, which will be highlighted during the 150th anniversary year in exhibitions ranging from Ancient Nubia Now, shining a light on the powerful, yet historically misinterpreted kingdoms on the Nile, to the Weng Family Collection of Chinese Painting: Family and Friends, featuring works by some of the greatest masters from the Ming (1368–1644) and Qing (1644–1911) dynasties, to Lucian Freud: The Self-Portraits, organized in partnership with the Royal Academy of Arts in London. In its 150th year, the Museum will also forge deeper connections with the local community, launching a free first-year membership program—an invitation to everyone to make the MFA their own. Throughout 2020, the Museum will engage community members and local artists as co-creators on various opportunities for convening and celebration, from a teen-curated exhibition of 20th-century art by artists of color from the Americas to a community mural project—initiatives that lay foundations for future ambitions.
The 150th Anniversary Celebration is sponsored by Bank of America.
Free Memberships for Community Members and Artists
The MFA will introduce a variety of membership initiatives during its anniversary year, in an effort to invite and engage a wide range of audiences to build deeper relationships with the Museum:
·        Signup opportunities for free first-year memberships will be offered to visitors at 11 annual community celebrations and three seasonal MFA Late Nites taking place in 2020. These memberships will allow access to the Museum for a full year. 
·        The MFA will inaugurate an ongoing program of lifetime admission benefits for all living artists represented in its collection, as well as gift one-year memberships to artists who partner with the Museum on exhibitions, programs and events during the anniversary year.
·        Additional benefits will be offered throughout the year to existing members in appreciation of their ongoing support—such as allowing them to bring more friends and family to the MFA—further empowering these longtime supporters as ambassadors for the Museum in their own communities.
For nearly two decades, the MFA’s annual community celebrations—expanded in the fall of 2019 to include Latinx Heritage Night and Indigenous Peoples’ Day—have featured activities and performances that represent the art, history and global influences throughout Greater Boston. All of the community celebrations, as well as the MFA Late Nites—seasonal after-hours celebrations introduced in the fall of 2017—are co-created with valued community partners, artists and performers, highlighting external perspectives and local expertise. The free first-year membership initiative will invite all attendees of these popular events to return to the MFA often and with others, with the goal of fostering a sense of belonging at the Museum year-round. The full schedule of signup opportunities in 2020 includes:
·        Martin Luther King Jr. Day, January 20, 2020
·        Lunar New Year Celebration, February 1, 2020
·        Nowruz, March 18, 2020
·        MFA Late Nites, April 3, 2020
·        Memorial Day, May 25, 2020
·        Juneteenth, June 17, 2020
·        MFA Late Nites, June 2020
·        Highland Street Foundation Free Fun Friday, Summer 2020
·        ASL Night, September 2020
·        Latinx Heritage Night, September 2020
·        Indigenous Peoples’ Day, October 12, 2020
·        MFA Late Nites, October 2020
·        Diwali, November 2020
·        Hanukkah, December 2020

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