Thursday, October 19, 2017

Council President Michelle Wu Releases Policy Agenda

Council President Michelle Wu Releases Policy Agenda

BOSTON -- Today Boston City Council President Michelle Wu released her comprehensive policy agenda for tackling income inequality, racial disparities, and climate change in the City of Boston. The agenda lays out a vision for Boston to be an affordable and welcoming home for families of all backgrounds, and a leading city in a time of uncertainty.

“This policy agenda is intended to be a living document that prioritizes my work and invites continued accountability and community partnership,” Councilor Wu said. “We are at a crossroads in our city and around the country, as inequality and climate change grow more visible and more destructive. Boston has always been a shining beacon of hope in the fights for equality and opportunity, so we are called on to lead now more than ever. There’s no time to waste in taking local action to bring about the big changes we need,” she added.

The policy recommendations are grouped around six central concepts: the need to achieve affordability and shared prosperity, create livable streets, plan for inclusive and sustainable development, empower residents to be civically engaged, foster safe and healthy communities, and ensure high quality education for all students. Ideas range from immediately actionable proposals to policy innovations from other cities that Boston should explore.

Wu thanked community leaders and advocates for helping shape the vision and details of the policy agenda. “Across the city, there has been an outpouring of energy to get involved and make a difference. I’ve been lucky to receive ideas and guidance from residents representing various neighborhoods, professions, and walks of life that ultimately resulted in this agenda. Now let’s get it done.”

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