Friday, December 30, 2016

Quincy Saves Program a Success More than 900 Quincy Households receive Energy Upgrades

Quincy Saves Program a Success
More than 900 Quincy Households receive Energy Upgrades

In 2016, Quincy Saves helped nearly 1,000 families save energy and money at home.  The City of Quincy kicked off this program last January with the goal of completing 701 home energy assessments. The Quincy Saves program surpassed this and many more energy efficiency goals in October, including insulating over 200 homes, replacing 100 older heating systems, etc.. Final numbers will be tabulated soon.

Reducing energy and greenhouse gas emissions is a priority for the coastal community of Quincy, where rising sea levels and increasing severity of storms have a strong impact.  Participants lowered their electricity and gas use and their bills, and helped slow the advance of climate change.

Quincy Saves thanks all of the households who helped to lower Quincy’s impact on our environment through this program. Each home benefitted from a no-cost Mass Save Home Energy Assessment, which offers free LED light bulbs, programmable thermostats, and rebates toward high impact projects, including up to $2,000 toward insulation.

How much energy has Quincy Saves conserved this year? Simply switching out old light bulbs for more efficient bulbs has saved more than $200,000 total for city residents. This measure alone has reduced Quincy’s greenhouse gas emissions in an amount equivalent to taking 200 cars off the road for a whole year!

“While the yearlong Quincy Saves program is officially over now, I continue to encourage all households to get a Mass Save Home Energy Assessment soon.  Reducing energy use, lowering your impact on the environment, and saving money are always a good idea.” says Shelly Dein, Quincy’s Energy and Sustainability Director. “Households who had home energy assessments in the past should have new assesssments done every few years because technologies change as do the conditions in your home as weatherstripping wears out and heating systems age.”

The City of Quincy, in partnership with Homeworks Energy and the non-profit HEET, would especially like to thank those in our community who graciously hosted our Quincy Saves outreach table many times throughout the year. Their generosity made this program possible and made a real difference in the community:
·        Good Health Natural Food
·        New York Mart
·        Thomas Crane Library
·        Kam Man Food
·        Eastern Bank
·        Stop & Shop
·        Star Market
·        Mignosa’s Fruit Basket
·        Quincy Farmers Market
Do you want to save energy at home and save money? It is not too late to make a difference by signing up for the ongoing Mass Save Home Energy Assessment program at or by calling (781) 305-3319.

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