Thursday, June 30, 2016

Quincy more than 65% toward 2016 Energy Efficiency Goal

Quincy more than 65% toward 2016 Energy Efficiency Goal
Quincy– The Quincy Saves Program announced that they have already exceeded 65% of their goal of having Quincy residents complete 701 home energy assessments by December 2016.  If the City’s goals are met, the City will earn $40,000 from National Grid towards a community project.  With 473 assessments already completed, the team is well on their way to accomplishing their goals, but the City still encourages every Quincy resident to get a home energy efficiency assessment.
The assessments are provided at no-cost to eligible Quincy residents, and result in reducing residents’ energy bills. The work during the 701 assessments will collectively save over $500,000 in energy bills for those residents over the 10 year average lifetime of the installed measures. The impact of the work will reduce Quincy’s greenhouse gas emissions by an amount equivalent of taking 58 cars off of the road each year.
“Every resident who gets a home energy assessment is a winner.  They will personally reap the benefits of saving energy which helps keep their household costs down, and they will contribute towards reducing the energy needs for the City.  After installing energy efficiency measures, many find their homes are more comfortable, and they are saving money.  Collectively, we’re reducing emissions that are a public health problem and contributor to climate change, “ says Shelly Dein, Quincy’s Energy and Sustainability Director.
The City of Quincy is partnered with the nonprofit organization HEET (Home Energy Efficiency Team) and HomeWorks Energy, a leading home performance contractor providing the Mass Save no-cost Home Energy Assessments.
During the assessment, the HomeWorks Energy Home Energy Specialist will install energy saving devices such as LED and CFL lightbulbs, programmable thermostats, faucet aerators, low-flow showerheads, and energy efficient plug strips at no cost. The assessment also includes an evaluation of insulation levels as well as a test of the home’s heating and cooling systems for safety and efficiency.

The Quincy Saves program ends in December 2016.  Call now to get your assessment and contribute to the energy efficiency and overall well-being of the City of Quincy.   Contact HomeWorks Energy at 617.885.9889 or visit to schedule your no-cost home energy assessment.

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